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  1. Hello!

    Things to know:

    - If you only play as females, we're not compatible as rp partners.
    - I'm always willing to double up.
    - Be creative and willing to contribute to the plot.
    - Open-mindedness is key to getting along well with me.

    What I want to RP:

    Doctor Who

    1. I have an OC that is Rose's half-sister, so this would be a bit of an AU. I've been itching to play her. As for who you could play, who you play depends on what genre you'd prefer. If you play Nine or Ten, it would be adventure and romance. If Jack, it would be friendship and adventure. If Mickey, it would be friendship, adventure, and possibly romance. If Jackie or Rose, it would, of course, be family.

    2. The TARDIS takes the Doctor to an alternate Earth. Just like when Ten first goes to Pete's world, the TARDIS is almost completely dead except for a little bit of power. When it's fully charged, the TARDIS leaves without the Doctor. This alternate Earth has frequent encounters with aliens and it's humans are always on the search for anyone that isn't human. The majority of humans are in favor of killing or imprisoning aliens whether or not they pose any threat to Earth and its inhabitants. The Doctor is caught by an organization that experiments on and imprisons aliens. My character works for a very different organization that provides rescue and protection for peaceful aliens and fair trial for non-peaceful ones. She and several other members of the organization break into the place where the Doctor is being held to rescue him and a couple of others that had been captured that day. The Doctor decides to begin working for the organization that rescued him knowing that he is stuck there indefinitely and my character helps him adjust to life in this strange world.


    1. My character is the most troublesome student in her senior English class. She is late everyday despite that her previous class is only two doors down the hallway. The girl makes sarcastic/rude remarks each time her teacher calls on him to participate. She always acts like she hates her teacher, but she actually has a major crush on her English teacher. The teacher reluctantly offers some private tutoring to try to help her raise her failing grade and soon realizes that the student is much easier to get along with when it’s just the two of them. She starts to fall for her teacher even more, and the teacher even begins to become romantically interested in the young woman. The teacher can be female or male.

    2. My character is a high school senior and has been in a romantic relationship with her math(or whatever subject you want your character to teach) teacher for several months. She is now pregnant and breaks up with the man because she had it set in her mind that he’ll reject her anyway. When her parents find out she’s pregnant, they kick her out. She drops out of school and gets a job. Fast forward one year and she is struggling to maintain an apartment, working two jobs, and caring for her infant son. She hasn’t seen her former lover since she ended it. He slipped into a deep depression and lost his job. He’s now on medication and getting better, but he just can’t get his former student and lover off his mind. He’s unaware of her situation and goes to her parents’ house asking to see her. Her younger brother is still in contact with her and gives him her new address, but doesn’t mention that she has a son.


    1. My female character and your male or female character have been married for just over a year. They are deeply in love and their lives are seemingly near perfect. Both of them have their dream job and they have a nice house. Your character loves how his/her life was turning out and didn’t think anything could possibly destroy his/her happiness. As long as he/she had his/her wife, he/she would be happy. He/she noticed that she had been coming home later than usual a couple times a week without explanation, though he/she didn’t think anything of it until he/she listened to a voice-mail message from a man/woman that he/she didn’t know meant for his wife. He/she confronted his/her wife about it, but she was extremely vague. This worried him/her. The next time she came home late, he/she greeted her with several questions. She became defensive and wouldn’t really answer any of his questions. He/she decides that the only logical explanation for her recent behavior is that she’s cheating on him. In truth, it’s far more complicated on that. Will she be able to face her true past in order to undo the lies she’s told to the lover of her life? Or will she allow her husband/wife to believe that she’s been unfaithful so she doesn’t have to tell him/her the truth?

    2. Our characters have been married for seven years and are madly in love. Things haven’t always gone smoothly for them, but they get through every rough patch together. Your male or female character has major anger issues and there’s only one method of calming him/her down. A simple touch from his/her wife is all it takes to get him/her from wanting to rip someone’s head off to being completely peaceful. She has stopped him/her from hurting someone many times. One particular night, she isn’t there to stop him/her and he/she kills a man. The man he/she killed happens to be a very wealthy and important criminal. A friend of theirs helps them get out of the country after their house is broken into and one of the dead man’s “associates” tried to rape and then kill my character. The man he/she killed was quite powerful and part of a large criminal network. That network has now decided that they will stop at nothing to get revenge. Your character and his/her wife have fled to America. They’ve taken American accents and now go by different names. The criminal group knows that they’re in America and are actively searching for them. The two can never stay in the same place for more than a couple days. Adjusting to life on the run is difficult, but they aren’t that bothered by it as long as they have each other.


    I saw the movie and am starting on the books, and I now am on a desperate search to find someone to play Jeanine Matthews for my female OC. Yes, this would (eventually) be a romance. It will be a rather dark romance though, but I want them to still care deeply for each other. I'd like to have my character be a lot younger than Jeanine. My character will have been Erudite born, but transferred to Dauntless. To complicate things, I'd like her to be divergent. Her parents were good friends with Jeanine, and she was quite close with her before she went to dauntless. Jeanine and my OC were so close that they chose to still see each other often despite now being in different factions. My character is doing her best to keep her being divergent a secret. Jeanine's angry with her. She had seen her test results which were Erudite, and she was sure she knew the girl nearly as well as the girl knew herself. She couldn't understand why she left Erudite. We'd start out just before her aptitude test. I'm willing to double as any canon of your choosing.
  2. I like the teacherxstudent, probably could do the second one than the first. That is if it's still open.
  3. Alright. We can do the second teacherxstudent one. Mind PMing me?
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