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  1. I have several ideas that I have been playing with here lately and to save time and space I am going to post this one thread with all my ideas and if any interest you just speak up or message me.
    Well here it goes!

    Category One; WWE
    Dean Ambrose x Paige ( One on One)

    Dean Ambrose x Aj Lee (One on One)
    Wrestlemania based (GROUP)

    Category Two; The Walking Dead
    Daryl x Beth (One on Ono)
    Daryl x Carol (One on One)
    Whole group as well.

    Category Three; Anime
    Inuyasha ( Open for anything)
    Sword Art Online/Kirito&Asuna/ (One on One)
    Full Metal Alchemist (One on One & Group)

    Category Four;
    Vampire x Werewolf ( One on One)
    Vampire clan vs Werewolf pack ( Group)
    Vampire clan vs Vampire clan ( Group)
    Werewolf pack vs Werewolf pack ( Group)
    Witches vs Vampires ( Group or One on One)
    Witches vs Werewolves ( Group or One on One)
    Witches vs Ghosts (Group or One on One)
    Good Witches vs Bad Witches (Group or One on One)
    Witch hunters vs Witches ( Group or One on One)
    Vampire x Humans ( Group or One on One)
    Werewolves x Humans ( Group or One on One)
    Ghosts x Humans ( Group or One on One)
    If I missed anything you like let me know!

    Category Five; Fantasy
    To make this category easy I'll just say I'll do almost EVERYTHING fantasy based.
    Elves, however are my favorite.
    (Group and One on One)

    Category Six; Fandoms

    I'll do any of these and more, if I missed any that interest you let me know.
    (Group and One on One)
    Fast and Furious
    Harry Potter
    Celebrity x Fan
    Celebrity x Celebrity
    The Walking Dead
    Harley Quinn
    Hunger Games
    Disney movies
    Alice in Wonderland ( Twister version)
    Percy Jackson
    Star Wars
    Lord of the Rings

    Any others you're interested in ask about!

  2. I may be interested in a fantasy Rp.
  3. I would be down for an AU Hunger Games with fancharacters, or something with Star Wars. Batman, Disney and Harry Potter could also work for me!
  4. I'd love an elf rp! CX
  5. I might be interested in anything in category 3 or 4
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