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  1. So i got thi idea in my head that i wanted to do a Vampire Rp. i been wanting to do one for a long time now but no one seems to want to do one with me well kinda. but i have other idea's too xD

    1. -Dracula - Hellsing you know with that hot sexy Beast of a vampire Alucard

    2. -Wolf Demon- Mc goes to a cabin up in the mountains for the holiday and gets lost in the Wood after a bad snow storm but a Wolf finds her with his pack and takes her back to his cave she wakes up to find out that wolf is a demon. she tries yo get back to cabin but he tell her she cant because of the deep deep snow but also of mating season but he keeps that away from her knowing but as time pass they fall in love and he saves her from his brother who is the leader of another pack. (think kinda like Inuyasha demon wolf)

    3. -Lucifer- alright I may not have a idea or plot but I have a pic for Lucifer I want this Rp to be Dark, horror, Romance, and other things as well

    4. -Berserk- Oh how I would LOVE to Rp this one lol. So the plot is that MC has been the best of friends with the Black swordsman but the thing is she has been in love with him since she was a kid and as theym both of them grown up her bond with him only grows more but that day when the eclipse happen she had to stay behind only because the skull knight didn't have any move to take her but also no one knew she was alive until she breaks through from the void and goes looking for Gut but little did she know how much has happen for the 4 years she had been away.

    5. -Trigun- this is the same ish with Berserk she been friends with Vash for a LONG time (but if you want we can think of something together on this one)

    6. - Fullmetal Alchemist- alright so this one I really want to do I mean, who doesn't right? Lol anyways any one who love's that anime, the idea is MC is from this timeline but some how she gets sucked into the world of anime well more like in the FMA world and she tries to find a way to get home with the help of a every unlikely friend and the Elric brother's.
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  2. o/ Heyo, if you dont mind I'm kind of interested in a few of these.
  3. lol oh yeah which one?
  4. Either Lucifer or Red Riding Hood
  5. lmfao alright hmm well let do Red riding hood and if that don't work out we can do Lucifer
  6. I'm highly interested in the Vampire rp and the Wolf Demon one :)
  7. lol lets do the wolf demon one xD
  8. ok :) you can PM me to start planning it out, unless you want to plan in a thread. either way is fine with me :)
  9. Please don't eat me! I'd be interested in the Vampire one and/or the Red Ridinghood one, if you like :x
  10. lol I wont eat you I swear but lets do the Red one ^_^
  11. yaaay more update's
  12. Pm me if you want to talk about our rp lol
  13. Updates....ish
  14. do you have any more rp ideas because id love to rp with ya :D
  15. Yeah I mean we can thing one together xD
  16. send me a pm so we can talk about some rps.