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  1. Here are a few plot ideas that can be worked on or done. I posted a few here before but I thought I'd try again.

    Who Are You?
    MC is lost and doesn’t know where they are or how they got there. YC finds them on the side of the road and decides to help. There’s no rhyme or reason for it but YC takes MC home. Helping bring MC back to health YC decides to try and find out who this person is and bring back those lost memories.

    MC is on the run for his life for a crime he didn’t commit. He runs into YC and begs for help. It’s been years since they’d met and out of the blue MC is asking for help. Will YC bring him into the police or will YC help this poor unfortunate who is desperate and pleading at their doorstep.

    Interested the moment
    End of the world aftermath
    College life
    Fantacy adventure of some sort
    Horror story
    Haunted House

    Personal Body Guard/Prince or Princess

    *If there's any pairings you're interested in that's not here let me know. :)

    I do not do fandom's
    In some parings I'd like to be sub...not really in a dom mood...

    Sci-Fi: From this image…(Taken)
    They were stranded on a desert planet. No way off, no hope of survival. They were the lost ones, the forgotten people cast out of society because of their blood ties or political standing. The government of old had been overthrown and the protections once allotted to them were disbanded. Their fate had been decided; leave on desert planet (Insert name here) to die.

    There are many dangers on this planet, some from within. The object, survive and find a way home to take back what was theirs.

    (This is just a small plot idea that can be tweaked or completely ignored whichever one works.)

    Sci-Fi 2: From this image
    For some reason I thought space pirates when I saw this...don’t know why…but I would be up for that.

    Modern: business people meet at work…
    College life…
    Don’t really have any plots to go with these unless something comes to mind for you.

    Horror?: Something with ghosts if you want to try that.
    Fantasy horror? I’ve never done one but it might be interesting.
    Haunted Castle…
    Murderer on the loose…
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  2. Holy shit! That first image with the ship makes me think of a story idea I've had for a while! It reminds me of the ship wreckage on my desert dimension of Coruu.
  3. Want to PM me? I'd love to hear it. :)
  4. I wouldn't mind Role Playing with you but what type of gender role plays do you do. A few sound interesting. I depending on type would not mind role playing. I role play ether straight or yuri.
  5. I play any gender. No real preference. :) Which one did you have in mind?
  6. I like the idea a Witch x Human. Prefer Yuri. As far as what all it is and types we can discuss
  7. Want to PM me? We can discuss plots and Ideas there. :)
  8. I'll have to do that after my two classes.
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