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  1. demon x angel/human
    • school
    • slave x master
    • futuristic/ medieval
    mythical peeps
    • school
    • slave x master
    • war
    gifted/ super peeps
    • school
    • war
    • futuristic
    normal slice of life shiz

    forbidden love shiz(romeo and juliet forbidden! no incest or anything lol))

    anything else you can suggest!

    lemme know if anything strikes your fancy :D
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  2. Kind of interested in the school options. Gifted/super could do. What do you mean by "mythical/school?"
  3. like elves,demons,genies, warlocks, necromancers,etc all going existing and in that scenario,going to a school
  4. I'm picturing succubus sluts/cheerleaders, necromancer goths, and environmentalist elves all attending high school. Could probably do that. Again, that or the super one. What kind of mature were you planning on making this? I mean in like the plot/sex balance.
  5. well sex scenes are always amazing but i like a lot of plot to balance it out
  6. Okay, what sort of plot were you thinking of? I mentioned the idea of using elves or succubi. For a genie I see fun stuff like altering reality for the day in ways that would be kinky or funny.

    That idea actually sounds fun. What if it's like a mostly normal high school where one of the students is a genie and someone else finds out? They can have her granting all sorts of wishes that lead to bizarre classes and hi-jinks.
  7. altering reality would also need to have some major drawbacks then to keep the plot interesting tho if thats okay with u
  8. Well of course. And just because it's a genie, doesn't mean she has to alter reality for the other person's benefit. Like maybe one day, to mess with him, she switches the genders of everyone in school, but they're still wearing the clothes they usually do. She'll think it's hilarious, but the other will be very uncomfortable.

    And drawbacks, let's see: it only lasts for a few hours (like 6 or something) would be one. Maybe there'd be certain limits to the genie's powers, things she couldn't do. Maybe there are some wishes she has to grant and some she's not allowed to. I can't think of anything at the moment, but something like that.

    I noticed in your RP resume that you only play males. I guess that means I'm the genie?
  9. genies are dudes too XD but the genie could also be physically exhausted each time they do alter reality as well just so it isn't like an abusive thing. and this one is really iffy but maybe people can not be affected by the same wish more than once?

    anyway if u want to play the genie okie dokie...thread or pm?
  10. I can do both, but I prefer threads. I'm not really sure why - maybe just because the reply boxes are larger, so it feels like I can put more down.
  11. lol ok so college guy finds a genie...never played that before...this should be fun lol
  12. Yeah...How do we end up meeting? More specifically, how would he find out she's a genie? Are we going to do the cliche lamp thing or is she like a student and he sees her doing magic or something?
  13. Why is he dressed like a 17th century pirate? You know what, never mind. Let me see if I can find a pic...
  14. cuz i used that pic for a 17th century pirate rp >.>

    ANYWAY! i just liked how he looked instead of my normal pic which is kinda just scary goth dude sitting on a windowsill that happens to be leaking blood everywhere cool emo dude.jpg
  15. Yes...pirate is much better.
  16. lol modern clothing pirate :P
  17. would love to do a Gifted roleplay with you!
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