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  1. Hello, just wanted to put out some possible Group RP ideas for you guys~ If you want to incorporate your own plot bunnies or ideas I'm all for it~

    Idea 1:

    If you read my Spirit Summoning RP idea, you'll understand where I got this. But this excludes the summoners. Basically, when a person dies their whole life flashes before their eyes and they enter a state of analysis in Purgatory. There, a person is then assigned which location they will be sent to. The Heavenly Spirits are given a choice, to either remain a Heavenly spirit and spend the rest of eternity within the golden clouds. Or they can return to Earth as an angel and eliminate the literal beasts that a person's sorrows, terrors, nightmares, and psychological traumas. The Demonic spirits are not given a choice; they have to fight these monsters whether they like it or not.

    Basically, angels and demons have to work together and fight the monsters that is a person's mental illness/phobia/traumatic experience. The more they give a person "Hope", the stronger they become regardless if they're an angel or demon.

    Idea 2:

    Basically a prison like, high tech academy for delinquents. But nothing like Juvenile Hall. For this, I'm talking about an academy with students that were affiliated with gangs, murder, drugs, mafias, none of that "Aggravated Assault" stuff. The goal of the academy is to rehabilitate these students and send them on their merry way into life. If one student steps out of line, they only have so many chances before the school has legal permission to execute them.

    (I have another academy idea but for royals, where they learn to become proper. Meanwhile their parents are arranging marriages and setting things up for their child when/if they graduate)

    Idea 3:

    (I will add this idea. I have this written down but I lost it)
  2. This is super cool! How has it gotten no attention?
  3. The first one sounds fun.
  4. I made the first one with summoners in the Sign ups. Still a W.I.P for the timelines, but characters can be made.

    The other ideas I have may be arranged if there's more interest.

    Summoners of Vieniss |
  5. I'll check it out tomorrow or later.
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  6. I love the first one. If this goes, I would enjoy it greatly.

  7. Both plot ideas seem pretty great in my opinion.

    I think I might post a few CS on the thread for the Summoners one. ​
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  8. I'm gonna have to remove my interest in this thread. I currently have an unexpectedly busy schedule...
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