Ideas for Quickfire RPs



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So recently I've had some ideas and characters thought up, figured I'd ask around here if you guys would be interested in either a Cowboy Bebop, or a Black Lagoon or, if neither, something about Star Wars, but I don't have any clear ideas as of now, since I don't know if anyone would even be interested as of now.

We could come up with a system for character sheets and stats, or maybe just try and be good writers and make things intense with the power of WRITING!
I'm always about the power of WRITING! >:d

Star Wars and Cowboy Bebop, both things I enjoy. >:3 Dunno what Black Lagoon is though.
Cowboy bebop, eh? *slicks back hair*

Go on?
Black Lagoon is awesome... in idea. never seen or read it. Basicly think Cowboy Beboop but modern day.