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  1. I've been thinking up a character in my head for a while now, and while I like how they are turning out, and I plan to have an rp with them in it, I'm not quite sure about a proper setting to put them in.

    The character is Lyall Raske, a soft spoken young man who finds himself turning into a demon (or some other magical entity, he isn't exactly sure.) At the time of the rp, he has subtle fangs and claws, as well as black eyes. His natural eyes are blind, but he carries a magical lantern that allows him to see souls and soul-like entities (such as magic that would animate a golem.) His inability to properly see makes him seem like an easy target, but his other senses, enchanced by both demon magic and natural adaptation, as well as demonic strength, allow him to be somewhat capable. Lyall, However, is nowhere near the end of his transformation, and he has no idea what it will bring.
    (The character's personality is more developed than this, but this is just a quick summary.)

    Any ideas for a setting, or questions about Lyall, would be appreciated. This would be my first roleplay in a while, and to want to make it good.
  2. Well I am not saying i´d be interested yet but, seeing none replied to you, I might aswell lend you some input if that is okay with you.

    It sounds from what you´re saying that Lyall is a bit capable in multiple areas, perhaps it would be nice to know a bit more of him and maybe his overall personality.

    As for the lantern and this capacity to see or expose spirits and magic could hold some actual strength for a plot/setting device. I picture him living in a mundane world ,where, strange ocurrences take place and not many can tell what it is. However, those who wield this special lantern are capable to pear into a world which is normally concealed to the naked eye, a whole new deep world and lifeforms that you wouldn´t have imagine to see. Perhaps take the anime/manga "Mushishi" where "Mushi" co-exist with the mundane world but are hardly perceived and as a consequence affect their surrounding in negative ways.

    Perhaps Lyall and those who venture with him are aware of this and act as a sort of companie or team which handles this "otherwordly" affers.
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  3. Lyall Raske is generally polite, and prefers to use formal speech, often trying to get the point of what he is saying out quickly. He doesn't like relying on others as much as he has to... and is always trying to see if anything can cure his blindness. While not entirely scared of his own transformation into a demon, he isn't exactly fond of it either, in fact, he should have a pair of horns, but he files them down to the point where they can't be seen, his explanation for this went as follows;

    "Keeping my horns would be extremely detrimental... for example, let's say... a guy with a knife wants to kill me... he could easily grab my horns, and used them as... like a handle on my head to slit my throat, or break my neck. Or what if I want to wear a hat?"

    He will try to retain his formal and polite personality and even manages to retain it when angered... to an extent. Most people get loud when they are angry. Lyall gets quiet, and simply glares.

    Lyall wants to trust others, but his lack of actual vision, and his own transformation make it hard. As he says;

    "How do I who or what I'm really talking to? What if something kills a teammate and then mimics their voice? It's... not fun to think about."
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