Ideas for a good medieval RP involving various 'Guilds' and monsters

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  1. Ha!I'm back and wanting to make a world with various beast and guilds!I'm just wondering, what should be in this newly found world?What should the 'planet' be called?What will the deities or just one god be named?What Guilds should exist?What magical powers would be existing?What giant enemies or allies be present?What oh what oh what do you guys want?I'm just asking cause I am going to make one, just want a good amount of people to shout out opinions and such.
  2. A lot of guilds I see used are ones based on professions such as; Assassins, Thieves, Beggers (Discworld).
  3. The planet should be called Earth? That's where medieval came from unless I'm completely clueless as to what you mean by a "medieval roleplay" because the first thing I thought of was the Middle Ages and assumed this was going to be a medieval fantasy since there will also be various monsters...
  4. What I mean is, a world with chivalry and knights/paladins/warriors/barbarians/shadow archers/OCs etc. with beast and such.I call it medieval fantasy so sorry if I use incorrect term.The name of the world can be anything really
  5. I got an idea for a monster;
    A griffin, but instead of a lion and an eagle, a tiger and an owl.

    On another note, a gigantic talking serpent could be a bad guy.
  6. Ah, I see. So a secondary world like Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, yeah? I'll see what I can come up with. (:
  7. Healer's Guild. They use magic to heal people. Trying to heal a mortal injury could kill the healer if he/she tries to heal the person alone. Not everyone can afford their rates, and they are expensive. You could make these guys the halflings.

    Elementalist Guild. Sub-sections in this guild could include earth, fire, wind, water, ice, and lightning. Elementalist Barbarian Orcs?

    Artisan's Guild. They make magic weapons and armor. Maybe they also make magi-tech airships and magi-tech trains. They could have a monopoly on these forms of transportation. They could be dwarves. Very stereotypical, I know.

    Druid's Guild. Talking to animals and/or the beasts you're talking about. Controlling plants and weather. Some healing powers and artisan like magic as well. They can pretty much harness/influence every element except for fire. Elves be here.

    Adventurer's Guild. Consists mainly of non-magic users. Sub-sections could include Warriors and thieves. Predominantly humans.

    In this world, metal CANT be infused with magic, but a magical sword made of wood or stone can be just as sharp if not sharper than a metal sword. Regardless of any magic, a well forged metal sword will always be more durable than a wooden or stone sword, however. Holding or wearing metal inhibits/weakens a magic users powers considerably. It would just be plain stupid for a magic user to wear or wield anything metal that was larger than a dagger. It would be like going from a gigantic flamethrower to a candle flame. If you put a magic user in a suit of metal armor, they won't be able to use their magic.


    As for beasts... You can never go wrong with dragons, dire-animals (this includes dire-dinosaurs), and elemental creatures of colossal proportions.
  8. It would still be cool if silver and gold had innate magical abilities.
  9. In the world I'm referring to, it would be more appropriate if gemstones (rubies, emeralds, opals, etc) are the materials that have innate uses for magic users if the OP chooses to go that route. Better magical weapons and armor can be forged with higher quality gemstones instead of using regular unworked stone. Likewise, wood from a very rare tree would make better magical implements than your generic poplar tree would. Some rare and special magical arms and armor would definitely be more durable than a well forged metal equivalent, but NEVER indestructible, because I personally don't like the idea of anything being indestructible :)
  10. I'm liking this....
    I'll make something on Chatzy and fiddle around with thinking :3 Muse has got the goods x3.I'll keep all this jotted down on notes so all idea will be remembered!And that griffin with a tiger and an owl thing sounds like a unique rarity!Let us make it something 'legendary'? And dire creatures would be excellent!

    Aight, so lets get started on the land and it's geography and surrounding counter parts shall we?Maybe ancient plains with massive mountains inhabited by colossi?
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  11. Aight, I'
    m new to all this in a sense by the way but I'll try to make something worth it!
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