Ideas based around the movie Thor

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  1. Okay I recently rewatched Thor and came up with a few ideas for roleplays. These can be M/F or M/M either way I will be playing the submissive. My charcters will be OCs as well. I typically post a paragraph or more, normally more and have very few limits about what can included in rp. I like details and story along with the mature stuff....anyway here are the plots. Most of them involve Loki as he's my favorite character.

    1. (This is set in Asgard before the movie Thor.Can be M/F or M/M )

    Odin has noticed how intent Loki has become on learning magic and now skilled he is. He decides his son could use help with his stuides and summons several powerful magic users from Asgard and other planes. He tells Loki to pick one that will be his apprentice. Loki resents this at first until he seessomeone who appears apears different. MC is a seer who can see past and future as well cast the normal spells. Loki is fasinated by MC's gift and wants to use it to cuase mischeif. MC however sees right through Loki's lies and refuses to harm others with thier power. A power struggle insues with Loki trying to corrupt the seer and the seer trying to redeem the trickster.

    2. (This is set on Earth after the movie Thor. Can be M/F or M/M)

    When Loki falls from Asgard he lands in the last place he wants to be. Earth. To make things worse the mortal his brother is obsessed with finds him. She does not like dealing with him so she calls for backup, her cousin MC. Loki finds the serious strightlaced MC interesting and does his best to mess with thier life in any and every way. He never expected MC to be so understanding and finds himself understanding his brothers new opinions on mortals much to his shock.

    3.(This is set in Asgard before the movie Thor.This is M/F and also involves Thor. It may require three people unless someone wants to play both. )

    When a friend of Odins asks him to watch his daughter while he fights an old enemy Odin readily agrees. When Odin sees the young woman he plans to arrange a marriage between her and Thor. Meanwhie Loki take interest in her and pursues her as well dispite his brother prostests. What follows is a drama filled love triangle with the two brother each try to outdo the other and get the girl while the young woman is trying to decide what she wants.