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  1. I have a suggestion for the site. The idea is that you make a section in the profile for users so they can display their characters that way people can look at the characters and know things about another person's character for future knowledge. It will allow character info to be found plus if people are doing chat rps, characters are easy to look up and use.
  2. Interesting idea! But, some people get into tens or even hundreds of characters, and after a while a tab on your profile page won't cut it!

    Some people actually use their Blog for this instead! You can create a folder of your blog entries specifically for characters, if you wish to use your Blog for multiple functions. :]

    Thanks for your interest in improving the site, though!
  3. Yus, being one of those people with a LOT of characters myself, listing them in the profile wouldn't be practical. (In fact, I have a personal site dedicated to all my char bios and plot bunnies. .__.; )

    But ozzie is right! Lots of people use the blogs for that, and we like to encourage people to do that. 8D You can make categories in there to organize the blog posts.
  4. The blogs are a great option and there is more than one member here with a personal site just for plots and characters! Which is also a viable option and I'm sure that Diana or one of the others can point you in that direction too. It's impractical for us and would devour lots of server memory.
  5. I had no idea that peoples used their blogs for that things. I thought the blog was used for well blogging something other than characters. That is a smart idea though to use it to host characters.
  6. I only really use mah blog to host characters and plot ideas. Some people use them in the more traditional sense, and others still use them to host reviews of games and movies they've seen.

    You don't need to limit your blog to just personal stuff if you don't want to; it's your own personal space on the site and you can make of it whatever you want. That's why they're so damn handy.
  7. I also use my blog for that, Lupi...In fact that is all I use my blog for, lmao. It's also a great way to store info on important NPCs.
  8. Well, now I know what I can use the blog for. Thanks you.