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  1. Greetings

    Hello, my name is Nymph! I have a few storylines that have yet to come to life, so here is where I'll post them and see if anyone wants to join in. Most will include sci-fi, fantasy, and romance with modern or post-modern settings. I generally post an average of two to four paragraphs, and I'll expect as much from my role-play partner. Thank you for checking this thread out!

    Often, my storylines are based on animes or shows that I personally enjoy.
    If you like the idea I have laid out and would like to see the source material, I will gladly give it you!

    Determined Storylines

    Modern, Fantasy

    In some instances, children are born with the power to see malevolent spirits. Their appearance nearly indescribable and their voices akin to the sound of deafening screams, the said children have few choices. One is to rid themselves from the material world. Another is to join the Huntsman program. A branch of the government aware of the spirits (deemed Phantasms, or Phantoms for short) has created a training regimen for children born with these special powers. They provide food, water, and all the amenities you would ever want for one simple task: hunting Phantoms for the rest of your life.

    Modern, Romance

    A young girl, born blind, finds herself perplexed by the outside world. She wants so desperately to see, but cannot. That is, until an entity she doesn't recognize gives her a chance. She will be allowed to see the outside world, but she must steal the vision from another person to do so. She eventually sets out to find a target, and does, but little did she know she would fall for him.

    Pairings & Settings

    In this list, I have no general idea of a story in mind.
    It's up to us to create one!


    ♥ Spirit x Seer ♥

    ♥ Monster x Monster Purification Expert ♥

    ♦ VRMMORPG ♦

    ♦ Purgatory ♦

    ♦ Introvert x Extrovert ♦

    ♠ Youkai x Human ♠

    ♣ Youkai x Youkai ♣


    ♥ = would LOVE to do
    ♦ = would like to do
    ♠ = would be cool to do
    ♣ = just an idea, I suppose​
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  2. I have a monster that I would love to write with you! I haven't posted him because I've been writing his bio. If that's OK.
  3. It's fine! Go ahead and PM me whenever you feel comfortable sharing him and we can work out the details.
  4. Updated with another idea and removed some others!
  5. Oooh, Huntsman looks like it could be a lot of fun. I think I'd like to try that out with you
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