Idea Revival! "A Hero's Reward" (MxF looking for F)

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  1. Hey everyone!

    Okay, as the title suggests, this is a revival of a previous idea I was looking for on the site. Felt in the mood to run with the idea, so post below or shoot me a PM if you're interested ^^


    "A Hero's Reward"


    As the end credits to the video game came to a close, multiple words popped up on the screen.

    With a dignified smile, the young man shut off his game system and took a deep breath. Four hours of excruciating work and it had all paid off. Just as he was about to go and get himself a drink, the game system came back on. As he turned to check why the console had turned itself back on, he heard a woman's voice coming from his television speak.

    "And now, hero, it's time to receive your reward..."

    This was something that hugely puzzled the boy. Who did the voice belong to? His game console? As he looked upwards, he saw the virtual Princess from the game, standing in the middle of her palace with a seductive smile. As the man tried to piece together what was going on, a bright light suddenly enveloped him and it felt like every bone in his body was being broken at the same time. His skin boiled and burned while it felt like his body was being completely torn apart. When the flashing, blinding lights stopped swirling around him, he found himself laying face first on a red carpet. As he slowly got up, he noticed he was wearing the set of black iron armour his virtual character wore. Clutched tightly in his hands, was the magical sword with which he had cut down the evil Demon Queen. As the panicked young man tried to make sense of why he was dressed exactly like his custom-designed hero from the game, he heard the sound of a woman clearing her throat. Slowly lifting his head, he saw the form of the Princess, standing before him in quite a suggestive pose.

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    This is just for dramatic effect, you don't have to make the Princess look like this if you don't want to


    "Well, what are you waiting for, Hero? Its time to collect your reward..."


    That initial concept is just an example of how their first interaction can happen. It doesn't even have to relate to a sexual encounter, that was only a placeholder to grab the attention of you, the viewer :3

    Keep on reading for more details​

    The main plot of this RP is about the "hero" of the game (a real life player), who has been pulled into the virtual fantasy world by a wizards magic at the request of the Princess his character had spent the entire game trying to save.

    She desires to marry him and begin a new life as King and Queen, but the world has other plans for them.

    The RP would focus on a variety of plot elements: the Princess trying to make the "hero" fall in love with her and prepare the wedding, the "hero" trying to find a way out of the game world so he can return home, the Demon Queen returning to exact her vengeance, a Prince from another world coming to try and win over the Princess, and a lot more we can make up.

    I'm looking for somebody to play the role of the Princess/future Queen. This RP won't be entirely smut, but it will have some pretty good moments. So, if you're interested, post below or PM me and we can talk about the RP.
Thread Status:
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