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  1. I had an idea...I did. And I decided to put it in a different thread. It's some weird Alice in Wonderland rewrite I dreamed up that may or may not have been borrowed from Alice is Dead. Except Alice isn't dead here. Basically Alice was dragged into Wonderland by the queen and is being forced to kill the leader of a rebel group so she can save herself and go home. It just so happens that this particular target is (not so epic plot twist) a former assassin for the queen. He also happens to be an anthropomorphic rabbit.
    If this sounds at all interesting to you let me know and we can discuss the plot further. I do have a few tiny more details because I was going to use this as just a story plot, and then decided I was too lazy and would rather just RP it, so there are more plot elements that we can use or ignore.
  2. I am totally into this! Look no further, you found your partner! So what are the further details you have in mind?
  3. Wonderful! Well, as I stated before this was originally going to just be a story ( most of what I'. going say is blabber) but, I had Alice as next to an expert hunter who was taught by her father (something that can obviously be altered by whoever decides to play her), and not much more is known about her because for some reason I couldn't decided what to do with her to save my life. Since Alice and the Rabbit were the main characters I assumed that's who we'd play, but halfway through my retarded story she did in fact kill the rabbit and moved on to join the rebel group (because as it turned out the queen had no intentions of letting her return home). The rabbit then frequently visited her as ghost (because I'm a moron like that) to give her tips, but the second main character switched to the hare who was sort of like a pupil to the rabbit. So a lot of nonsensical disagreements arose because he wasn't to happy with Alice for obvious reasons.
    Parts or all of this can be dismissed should you find all or part of this completely retarded. I'm not much of a storyteller, and this is the first time I've tried using my own idea for a RP plot. So any input you have would be wonderful.
  4. You got me hooked up even more! I love this idea! I don't get the beginning and the end much but the middle with Rabbit and Alice and Rabbit being killed and then visiting Alice as a ghost. Man, that rocks! So I guess that we both have few extra characters. Oh, hold on a sec. I read your post again and slowly and I got it ^_^ I am even more into this! Can I be the rabbit please? Not that I am fury fan but I played Alice is dead today and I got so into the Rabbit.
  5. Well I'm glad someone besides me likes it. There isn't really an end yet that's why I RP. You like my rabbit? He was my favorite to play around with so you better have fun with him. I don't really care, I have issues playing furries. I've only done it once and I'm having difficulties with it. Yeah I do imagine it would require playing multiple characters but Alice and the Rabbit are the main focus. I don't know how much the interaction with each other they'll get so it's important that if they don't we have secondary characters that stick with each other's first ones. (like the hare I mentioned earlier, is usually with the rabbit.)
    Have you played the 3rd? I think theres something wrong with it, it keeps freezing on me and messing with my computer.
  6. Thanks for allowing me to play the Rabbit ;) yes, I remember the hare. He is kind of crazy, isn't he? Who should be with Alice? The queen?

    And yes, I have played the third one and it froze as well right at the beginning. What site did you play it on?
  7. Well most of them are crazy...Since this is really a wonderland we'll be creating we can do whatever we want with it and the characters. And well as for who was with Alice...I'm not sure, while coming up with the story I had all the characters I was most familiar with split into sides regardless of their role in the original story and I can't remember who was on what side save for the characters I've mentioned. So really it's whoever you want.

    Several different sites, it seems the game just isn't working...Which is weird because it didn't use to have this problem.
  8. Well, you know that queen had this tall guy that she "loved". He has just one eye, I think. He was in the movie. I forgot his name >.< That one could be with Alice to take her to the Rabbit. What do you think?

    That is really weird. I haven't played the 3rd one before (until yesterday) so I thought that it might be jsut a problem of the site. Apparently no.
  9. I think you mean the Knave of Hearts. I dunno. Personally I'd like to put off the not so epic death battle as long as possible. Well not that long. I just don't want to jump right in to character death. Am I making any sense?
  10. Yup, I mean that guy. And yes, you are making sense. So you want for Alice to spend some time in the palace before going after the Rabbit?
  11. Not necessarily in the palace, but I had imagined to would take her a bit to find him. Generally speaking the rabbit would want to stay well hidden on account of him running a secret organization and the queen wanting him dead and all.
  12. Yep I get all that. So who should be Alice's companion then? Knave? Or do you want someone else?
  13. That would be a reasonable choice yes but, considering you're probably going to be playing them, it's up to you.
  14. Yes, I am fine with Knave :)

    So I guess we might be ready to kick this off. Or do you have something else on mind to tell me? :)
  15. Nope. Well I guess theres the ever popular issue of who starts and where to play.
  16. Hehe, yeah...well, considering that it is your idea and I have a headache that feels like my head is going to split...could you? ^_^ But if you don't want to, we'll need to wait till tomorrow when my headache is gonna be gone.
  17. Nah I will. But I don't know when it will be up. My firsts usually take a while. So I'll link the thread to you later. I'll probably just introduce Alice first and bring in the hare after....He still needs a name.
  18. In Burton's Alice his name is Thackery Earwicket. It sounds funny. I would be for it :) but if you have another idea I am fine with it as well :)
  19. I suppose I shall decide when I have to.
  20. I guess I will use the hare in my post as well. So I might need to use his name because calling him "the hare" throughout the post would be strange and I would be repeating that word too much.