I'd try it...

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  1. So I came across this news story:

    "French bees give coloured honey"

    And I thought, "Well, doesn't all honey have a colour?" Well, apparently not like this!

    I wonder if they sold any. Would you try it?
  2. Since it was just food coloring dye they were eating... why not? 8D My brain would just be confused!
  3. The potential for shenanigans would be endless.
  4. Then, of course, there's always the incident with the green ketchup. I don't know what idiot thought THAT would be a good idea! I can't believe that shit sold for six years!


    Know why that's different from the honey? Honey is supposed to be different colours depending on the nectar that's gathered to make it. If you've ever been to a farmer's market or anywhere and seen the different flavours, you're prepared for it to be different colours.

    But if something's made from tomatoes, that shit should stay red! I know lots of kids who refused to touch that stuff, and some actually felt sick having to look at that while they were eating.
  5. ^ I was one of those kids who just couldn't do the different coloured ketchup.

    Green was... ok... because there are green tomatoes. I could eat little bits of it.

    But purple... It wasn't even purple. It was like this gross grey colour o.e Couldn't eat it. Couldn't really look at it.
  6. Fuck yeah I'd eat it. I love to try weird modified foods.

    Plus I love honey. Mmm.
  7. Oh god!!! I was talking to my boyfriend about that colored ketchup the other day. I can't believe I'd find it on here.

    Okay I loved the concept of colored ketchup, and we would buy that shit like CRAZY whenever we went to the store. We'd always buy the purple one for some reason and yeah.... Thinking back on it I only bought it for the color. Neither of them tasted like ketchup - it had this icky aftertaste that makes me shudder now when I think about it. And yes it didn't exactly look purple, at least if you let it sit on your plate for a while. It'd start turning grey.

  8. Huh. That is strange, but I would definitely give that honey at least a sporting chance. I mean, it is still made out of basically the same ingredients, so it should be safe to eat it. At least I hope so. It would definitely be an interesting experience, though, and it might be a good way to freak people out. The coloured ketchup sounds... less appealing to me. At least this honey comes from "natural" origins, as in, it was produced like this by the bees themselves. But as for ketchup, what did they add to that thing to make it coloured? I do not want to know.
  9. It was 'allegedly' just food colouring to change the colour, but I agree with Zen. The stuff tasted sick, and there was an aftertaste that really shouldn't have been there.

    But yeah, you expect honey to vary in colour, and as long as the colour occured naturally in the manufacturing of the honey (ie. in what the bees collected to make the honey) then yeah, I'm all for that!
  10. I used to be obsessed with buying the wierdest looking candy when I was a kid, so back then, yeah, I would have definitly bought it now. Now? No way, not very appealing.