I'd Rather Marry a Wolf



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The wolf knew from the moment he woke up that something wasn't right. He had a bit of a headache, and at first his memory was fuzzy on how exactly he had fallen unconscious to begin with, but he knew something was wrong because he was lying on the floor of a human den. The next thing he noticed was that most of his muzzle seemed to be missing. He put a forepaw up toward where it should be and waved it there a couple of times, and blinked on noticing that it was looking very deformed and the fur had apparently been shaved off of it. There was still fur along his foreleg, but it was hanging down unnaturally and he could feel air hitting his bare skin through the front of it.

He tried to sit up, and discovered that his hind legs had grown at least twice their regular length, making it very difficult to sit. He was able to do so only by bending their knees in an exaggerated manner, and it wasn't as comfortable as it should have been. He started to remember some of what had happened..he'd been out hunting with his pack, and there had been some scent in the air he wasn't familiar with..and the others had scattered and run away..but before he could something had hit him on the head from behind.

Trying to figure out just what was wrong with his body, the wolf tried to turn his upper body around and look at his tail, and only succeeded in losing his balance and falling over. He was still able to confirm that his tail was still there, but now he was sprawled out on the floor again.

"Wha.." the wolf tried to say something, but paused, surprised at the way his mouth seemed to automatically move. It wasn't the usual, familiar motions, but his tongue and throat still acted like it was. "The h***?" He stood up then; it was a little easier than sitting, but he still had to bend his hind legs funny. He looked around to see if he could find an exit to the human den.
Andria sat on her bed quietly as she flipped through another spell book, looking for something to practice to fill the void of bordom that she was going through. She and her father had had a nasty arguement the other day and she refused to even look at the kooky old man. He had been pushing her to get to know some noble boys, but she didn't like any of them. Most of them were stuck up and rude, and those that weren't were just dull. At first she really didn't know why he was doing thing and just went along with it to make him happy. However, when he mentioned getting married to one of them she wasn't so happy to do as her father asked. To say the least, her father would be doing a lot of reparing spells to all the things she broke.

For now she was locked away until she was willing to speak calmly with him, and she was certain she would be locked in here for forever because she was not going to be calming down anytime soon. She glanced out her window and let out a small sigh, wishing her friend was here, at least then she could escape for a few hours and run off to town. At least she could relax and take her mind off of the situation before she ended up making herself angry again.
Nilrem jumped excitedly as the wolf woke up. "It worked, it worked!" He exclaimed. Rushing here and there he picked up a few odds and ends before he finally stopped to turn towards the wolf again. "I suppose you're rather confused, I'm Nilrem the wizard," he waved his hand to indicate the room they were in, "this is my house, and you are here because my daughter is being stubborn."

Nilrem then ran to the door of the room and threw it open, running out. He wasn't gone long before he came running back in. "I suppose the first thing I should do is get you some place to sleep, so come on." Nilrem then turned to walk back out of the room.
Shae, not one to be deterred by as silly a thing as a lack of an answer at the front door, was all set to grant Andria's wish. The outside of the house was thoughtfully covered in easily-climbable ivy - one of Andria's father's notions about 'looking the part' was responsible for that, and Shae wasn't about to complain. Reaching up, she rapped on the window, then hauled herself up on the window ledge to look through the glass.

Grinning, she levered the window open and stuck her head inside.

"Hey, there! Get in another argument with your old man?"
Andria smiled as she looked up and saw her dear firend, quickly slipping off her bed adn running to her window to help her inside. She hugged her quicly before she pulled her over to her bed to have a seat and talk, looking like she was about to burst with upsetness.

"Oh Shae! You won't believe what he did this time! You know how he's been dragging me to all those parties at the houses of nobles? Well he's been doing it so that he could marry me off the the son that took the most interest! Can you believe that!? What is worse is that he won't listen to reason...or violence, and just won't stop!" She said as she looked at her firend, obviously angry. "You better have planned for a trip into town Shae because I don't think I can stay a moment longer in this house without exploding!"
The wolf watched the strange human wander around the room, his eyes and head generally following the man's movements. There was a fair bit of confusion evident in his face even when the man tried to answer some of the more pressing questions in his mind. He guessed that 'house' meant 'den' and humans considered them property...the rest of the words he understood just as well as if they were his own language. Not really able to think of much else to do, the wolf tried to follow the man, but walking was slow and difficult, and keeping his knees off the ground required constant effort. He finally fell off balance after a few steps, and with an audible "oof" hit the ground again. Not one to give up, he shook himself and started getting up again.
Shae laughed. "Ugh, nobles." The darker girl pulled an exaggerated face. "Spoiled brats, the lot of them. Tell you what, if he's good looking, I'll just have to take the arrow and seduce him away from you." She swooned dramatically, with a much put-upon expression on her face. It didn't last long, though, before she giggled and straightened up. "Right, town it is, then. I'm thinking lunch at Mikael's place," she held a money purse up for Andria's inspection and jingled it briefly, "and then we go harass the merchants. We can't have my best friend feeling melancholy, now can we?"

With a grin and a wink, Shae clambered back over the windowsill, calling behind her, "Come on! Don't tell me you forgot how to climb!"
Andria smiled widely and laughed along with Shae, it was hard not to when she acted the way she did. She quickly followed after her friend, grabbing her own money purse while she stuck one foot out the window. She put a foot into one of the vines and looked down at her friend.

"Hey, I remember how to climb thank you very much. And good luck trying to seduce one of them, they are so stuck up that I swear there muct be a ten foot pole up their butts!" She said as she started one her way down quickly, not wanting to be in her house for a moment longer.
Shae snickered at the mental image that conjured up as she dropped the last few feet to the ground.

"Just think," she said in mock wide-eyed wonder as Andria reached the ground, "how much that must hurt when they're riding. And they do so love to ride." She slid straight from faux-innocent to a downright vulpine grin. "Speaking of riding, I think I have an opener now."

She did that full-body stretch-and-shiver she always did when she got a particularly funny - or evil, which was probably the case here - idea and started sprinting for town. "Bet you half an Eagle I can get Mikael to comp my lunch again!" she shouted back after her.
Andria hopped down next to her friend, slipping into another fit of giggles at her expression as she brought up the image of the nobles riding their horses while in pain. She returned the mischivious grin and darted after her friend toward teh city, knowing that they were going to really have some fun now.

"Ha! only if Mikael is half drunk on brandy again! You know he swore he'd never fall for your silly tricks!" She called after her as she slowly started to catch up to her quick footed friend.
Nilrem walked back to the room when he hear the wolf fall over. "I knew I was forgetting something." he said as he pulled his wand from his cloak. flicking it the wolf was forced upright on his feet. "This is how you'll be walking now, take it slow at first." Nilrem said as he started stroking his beard. "NO MATTER!" He shouted out of nowhere, "You work on walking, I need to go check on my daughter." With that he ran out of the room again.
Instead of responding to Andria, Shae just laughed. After all, Mikael had fallen for it the last six times - and he hadn't even been drinking the last time. She slowed to a walk as they reached the town proper, letting Andria catch up and then throwing an arm around her shoulder.

"What do you think, should I get the stew today, or should I aim for a steak?"
"Steak, definately." She said with a wide smile on her face, thorwing her arm around Shae's shoulder.

Andria felt so much better to be out of her room and wandering around the town. It was just so realxing, and did she need to relax. She looked over the shops and the playing kids, the busy streets full of business, the bright blue sky. This was definately going to be a good day now.