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Hey there!
As you may have guessed from my price sheet: my name is Inge and I do commissions!
This can be anything from OC to fanart to things that aren't character related at all. I can do things like model sheets, environments, full on illustrations, card or sticker designs, you name it.

I can do both sfw and nsfw, and am open to a lot of things really. And if what you want isn't something I can do, I'll just politely let you know.

Beneath the sheet are some examples, but I can always provide even more if needed. I've tried to keep what I offer both clear and simple, so if what you're looking for isn't exactly on there, let me know and we'll see what I can do for you.

My turn around time can range from a day or two to several weeks, depending on the job; a simple line art headshot will obviously take up a lot less time than several fully rendered illustrations, but I will always keep you posted on the process and on how long I expect the whole thing will take.
If you have a deadline, do let me know early on, so we can see if, time-wise, I'm the best fit for you!

For now, have a look at my work, and let me know if there's anything unclear!​