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    Maalik's Pub. A small, easily missed little pub in Central Seattle that was quiet enough for meetings such as the one about to go down. Outside, a light drizzle coated the streets a in a wet, slick texture. It almost always rained in Seattle, especially in now in mid-February. The late night drizzle made the streets cold and gave the pub a welcoming warmth. The old fellow working as the bartender was no stranger to the kind of business this kind of place attracted. If you want to plan some liquor store robbery, then you meet in some noisy, dirty pub. If you want to plan a real job, you meet somewhere like this, where you won't be interrupted.

    A few booths were placed here and there. Their distance from each other was either a stroke of luck for anyone holding a private meeting, or an act of consideration to the clientele this place attracted. In one of these booths the veteran, Sixes, sat with the 'Runners that had been gathered for the job in one of the circular booths. It was a big score; probably the biggest most of the Runners at this table had ever taken. One million Nuyen. If this worked out, they'd all be set for life.

    To his immediate left was Diva. Sixes was familiar with her work. She originated from Japan and most of her previous runs took place there or somewhere in Asia. She's a professional and she does clean work. Works well in a group and keeps things professional. The way it should be. She was his kind of Shadowrunner. It's a dangerous job, it's good to know he isn't the only one that takes it this seriously.

    Next to her and sitting across from him was Bait. An accomplished Decker. Sixes had read the provided file, at least what wasn't redacted due to insignificant amounts of data. That alone was enough reassurance that Bait was a good choice. He was a bit of a lightweight when it came to combat, but he was the kind of hacker Sixes knew he could rely on. The name bait didn't have much information behind it, but it carried a lot of weight in Seattle's hacker dens.

    Sitting next to Bait was Rider. They'd never worked together, but he'd heard the stories. Flashy, but reliable. And he cleans out entire rooms like nobody's business. His reputation painted him as a Runner who finished the job even if he had to drag himself to his objective. Or shoot his way there. One of the big names in Seattle, though Sixes wasn't sure what the file meant when it told him he was an "Overzealous hobbyist."

    Lastly, sitting to Sixes' right, was Sleeper. Works well and capable in a fight. Sixes knew the name, but he'd never seen his work first hand. His client felt confident in choosing Sleeper, and if his client trusted him then Sixes had to trust him. The name was associated with some well-done jobs, so Sixes didn't feel his client's choice had been a bad one. Yet the files were oddly vague about the Runner's exact abilities. Not the way Bait's had been obscured, but rather in a manner that made Sixes want to keep an eye on him.

    He entwined his fingers on top of a small stack of folders stuffed with documents. Each folder had the name of someone sitting in this circular booth written on it in red ink. Sixes was the first to speak, his voice a bit heavy with a Russian accent,

    "I see everyone has made it. Good. As you know, my client has offered each and every one of you one million Nuyen upon the completion of this job. The stakes are high, but the reward will be well worth it. Once we begin, there is no backing out. If you agree to do this, you either finish it or die trying. Before I go into any specifics, know that this job will be high risk. You will be fucking with corps and you will end up firing your weapons at some point. If any of you have any doubts, then leave."

    No one at the table moved. They were either sure they knew what they were getting into, or had at least pushed their doubt far back enough to remain seated. Either way, it would suffice.

    "Very well. Take your files. Inside, you will find what you'll need to know for phase 1 of this job."

    He handed the folders out, passing each one to its respective Runner and keeping his own.
    Diva. Bait. Rider. Sleeper. Sixes.

    The files contained what looked like blueprints and schedules. The first file Sixes directed the group to was an arrest file for a bespectacled man named Naveen Gopal. He was thin, of Indian descent, and somewhere in his late 40's.

    "Our first objective is Doctor Naveen Gopal," he pointed at the image on the paper file, " Three months ago, he reported that he'd discovered some kind of new pharmaceutical drug. It was not made public, but several large corporations got to see it in action. Whatever it was, it made each of those corporations want it. Even corps that do not normally develop pharmaceuticals wanted it. Med-Tech companies, Network corps, even weapon's manufacturers. However, three weeks later, Dr. Gopal destroyed his research and any existing prototypes. He then got himself arrested for a narcotics charge and is currently serving time in a mega-prison. It is our job to extract him."

    "My client believes he did this on purpose. He had himself locked away in order to run away from someone or something. He destroyed his wonder drug, erased his research, and had himself locked away. Because of this, he may resist extraction, but it is important that we get him out alive. And preferably in one piece. Doctor Gopal and what he knows is vital to the success of the job."

    Rider raised his hand like he was in school and hastily lowered it when he realized it looked kind of silly. He asked his question anyway,

    "Okay so, if this doctor guy is phase one then how many other phases are there?"
    "As many as there need to be."
    "Oh... right. Gotcha."

    Sixes continued,

    "In order to break out Dr. Gopal, we need a few things. First of all, we need a way into the prison's security system. Their network is self contained and protected with security measures that change once a week. The system is segmented, so disabling it in one part of the prison does not disable it everywhere else. Second of all, the prisoners' arrangements are unknown to us. We need a list of the prisoners and their cell numbers in order to locate Dr. Gopal within the mega-prison."

    The second part of their files contained blueprints and maps to the city's Hall of Records and someplace called Summerwing Banking.

    "These mega-prisons are built to withstand any infiltration. Nearly all the information we need to make this run successful is constantly moving or changing. However, a window has opened up that will allow us to get what we need. A list of prisoner arrangements is being kept within the city's Hall of Records. Infiltrating it must be done quietly. A small team will be sent to infiltrate and hack into the city's records so as to extract the prison's arrangement information. This will tell us where exactly in the prison Doctor Gopal is. You can not be found, understand? Should the run go loud, the job is over. The Hall of Records getting hit will put every corporation and syndicate in this city on edge and security will tighten everywhere. Should that happen, extracting Dr. Gopal will become impossible and you will have all lost one million Nuyen. Do not make any mistakes. Get in quietly, hack the data, and get out. No noise, no bodies, nothing. It must be a clean job."

    "Second, the security override codes. There is a physical copy of the codes in a memory drive that is almost always kept locked away behind high security within the prison. Using a physical medium may seem low-tech, but it's a genius security measure. You can't hack something if only one copy exists on a physical medium that can be physically locked away. However, there's been a recent change in the prison's infrastructure. The codes have been moved to a bank here in Central Seattle where they will remain for 48 hours. Another team will be sent to this bank. You are going to make it look like a bank robbery. You will go in, open the vaults and take whatever money you see to make it seem convincing. The bank isn't holding any high value targets besides the memory drive, so you won't find much money. Your real objective will be to find the memory drive and make a copy of it. Then leave it behind. We cannot have the prison knowing their security codes have been compromised, so we must leave the drive untouched and secure after making a copy. After that, we'll have another 48 hours before the codes change once more at the end of the week."

    "Once both of these objectives are completed, we will begin to discuss our plan for breaking into the prison. We will hit The Hall of Records tonight, so memorize the floor plans. Diva, Bait, Sleeper, and myself will act as the infiltration team. Once inside, Bait will hack into the records mainframe while Diva and I will act as lookouts while Sleeper makes sure our escape route is clear. Meanwhile Rider will act as our getaway and keep a van just outside our escape route, ready to go as soon as we get out. If we do this right, the run should last no more than ten minutes. In and out. After that, we'll regroup, gather our resources, and plan a move on the bank."

    "Now, any question?"​
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  2. Tempting as the job was, it still felt a little off. Someone calls in a bunch of runners who haven't worked together before, though they presumably knew what they were doing. Said someone refuses to meet in person, and instead has a representative. And the payout was so high, it meant either there was no way they weren't going to get cheated, or this was one hell of a job. Or so went Honoka's thoughts on the matter. Still, curiosity had kept her in long enough, and it looked like the real meat of the job was to come later. Given that Mr. Johnson (as the torch had been passed) was a runner himself, the meet had gone well so far, and someone had made sure to do their legwork before even getting started.

    "So...let me sum it up," Diva began, resting one carefully-manicured finger on her cheek. "First leg of this job, we need to quietly get into the Hall of Records and steal some information." Her accent was practically non-existent, for a foreigner. "And if we fuck it up, the whole thing's a wash, so no pressure. But, we've got to, presumably, talk or sneak our way in. Obviously no shooting the place up, but I'm going to assume it's got to seem like business as usual."

    She paused to study the plans and other information in her file, and think for a while. "I've got a few questions, then. First, what kind of security are we looking at here? If there's any decent security scanners, anyone with 'ware might be a liability right from the start." Herself included, she declined to add. She could probably talk her way out of it and back it up with proper licenses, but it was still a difficult sell, unless they all had their stories straight. "However we go about it, it'll be a bit of a challenge if its absolutely nothing suspicious and no taking anyone down, as even an unconscious guard or two could be real trouble." Maybe she was playing things a little too safe, but it really did seem like the deck was stacked well against them from the start.

    "In short, we need a good plan, or at least a good reason for someone to be there, if the plan isn't complete stealth." And the intel their mystery employer had handed over had better be solid. Though if most of them stayed well out of sight, or didn't even go into the place, it could be a nice, clean break. There was, however, something else that was bothering her...

    "I also hate to brink up the question of money...but if this is going to be an extended term of employment, what if we run into difficulties or expenses along the way?" The payout's enormous value began to make sense in the context of this being not so much one run as an entire series of them. Day to day expenses or more unusual needs for covering bribes during legwork or additional equipment would add up. It could be a bit of a faux-pas, but just asking if there was a means to cover some of such things likely wouldn't hurt.
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  3. "I love that idea, except for me being there, but who am I to complain. Anyway, the only problem with all of that is staying quiet. The Hall of Records isn't exactly a walk in the park. Here let me show you something."

    Bait stood up and fiddled with the watch on his wrist before he pulled out a low-light hologram, to hide from unwanted attention. The hologram displayed a floor plan of a city, not Seattle, but just the same. Bait then zoomed in on a specific area and several images, the size of ants, could be seen running throughout the city. Bait then raised his hand and lowered it and flattened the 3D map into a video and zoomed in on what was him running through the streets. His identity was concealed, but he was making a break for it.

    "This is an attempt I made at a prison breach on my own. If I even try to disable the alarms I'll alert the guards. So, I need someone a bit more dexterous to act as my escort because the most we'll do is freeze a camera or disable a tripline. Alarms and cameras near patrols will be active for the duration of this phase. Also, bring only the necessities. No extra electronics. Stuff doesn't come off the web."

    Bait then sat down and Orion closed the feed of him. Crossing his arms he looked to Diva.

    "As for your questions, my ware is custom made and developed just for this situation, I'm not the best at on field stealth. If you viewed my file I believe I stated that, but since I made this from parts robbed and trash..." Bait examined the watch almost as if he was remembering something. "It ain't any good at a distance. However, I have been somewhat of a lone wolf until now. If you keep your head low we'll be fine."

    Bait then leaned over and placed his hand on the table staring at everyone.

    "Don't get me wrong though, I was never caught due to a failed hack... just a bastard who knows me too well. With that said you are all seem pretty reliable, but I mean it. Nothing extra. If you're not helping me hack the most you need might be a link to stay in touch, but even then we're supposed to be silent. And with that, I should have answered your question Diva. If I'm the only liability and its tech we're fine."

    Bait then opened his mouth to speak, but kept silent as he leaned back and muttered. "I think I have said enough. Discard or accept my suggestions as you wish. I will adjust."
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  4. "If you are worried about expenses, they will be covered. Upon successful extraction of data from the Hall of Records, my employer has allowed me to give 25,000 Nuyen of your rewards early. Another 25,000 Nuyen will be given for the bank job, and 50,000 for the prison break."

    No one needed to say that 25,000 Nuyen was plenty. And for a guarantee of 100,000 Nuyen total by the end of this first part was equally plenty.

    "Now, the Hall of Records is normally well guarded. Regular security patrols, cameras, and cyberware sensors built into checkpoints between server hubs. Guards are armed and lightly armored, and patrol thoroughly enough to make a completely silent run difficult. However... do not underestimate me or my client. We will not be going in without a plan that is not equally as airtight.

    "When we infiltrate, we will do so this morning just a few hours before dawn. This is when the guards change shifts. This will open a gap in their patrols for approximately four or five minutes. Seven if we are lucky. In that small window, Diva, Bait, Sleeper, and I will move into the building. If you look at your blueprints, you will see I have outlined the path we will be taking."

    The path Sixes pointed out began in the rear entrance of the building with an 'X' along the way. Instead of going straight to the central server hub, it took a few detours here and there.

    "This path goes through the least amount of cameras and cyberware detectors. Through it, we will come across exactly six cameras along the way and one cyberware detector near the end of the path. The cyberware detector will send an alarm immediately if it detects unauthorized tech. The cameras must analyze the footage they take. If they detect intruders, it takes about two minutes for the surveillance software to recognize this and sound an alarm. The X on the path marks the spot for a security terminal, here. One our way there, Bait will stop by the terminal, hack it, and set the 'ware sensor to ignore everything for a few minutes. You will also erase all camera footage of us thus far and set them to loop for the next few minutes. Bait, if you search inside your files, you will find a small data chip containing a sample of the Hall's security software that my client has... procured. Learn it, deconstruct it. You will need to work quickly once inside. If you are afraid for your safety, Sleeper, Diva and I will be escorting you."

    "Additionally, my client has 'convinced' one of the guards to come into work late tonight. The Hall is no joke, so he has not been able to promise much, but he guarantees that the central server hub will not be guarded for at least a few minutes as the guards change shifts. However, once they notice he has not come in, they will send a replaced. That means we only have a few minutes of privacy once inside the central server hub. Once inside, Diva and I will watch the hallway. Sleeper will go on to ensure our escape route."

    He pointed at the blueprints again. Just a few feet away from the central server hub was an outlined square,
    "Normally the building's ventilation shafts are segmented to prevent anyone from crawling to them. However, in the event of a fire they are programmed to open up to allow smoke to escape. Sleeper will set off the fire alarm and return to the central server hub. From there, we will escape through the vents. Rider, you will wait for us outside with the van I will provide. Like I said. The plan should be airtight if everyone does their simple but important jobs correctly."

    He unclasped his hands, finishing the plans in his heavy Slavic accent, "Gentleman, and ma'am, if we are successful, this should take no longer than ten minutes. And you will all be 25,000 Nuyen richer as well as that much closer to one million Nuyen. No one said it would be easy or painless, but it is one million Nuyen. If it wasn't easy, we wouldn't need you."

    He looked from Diva to Bait, nodding to them in particular for asking their questions.
  5. "I do have one question though before we get this show on the road" Sleeper began.

    The whole gig seemed pretty solid, the man who hired them must have been doing some heavy planning for this, and does not want a fuck up for a mission. Whatever this doctor knows, it must be heavy, which explains why he's paying so much for this job to even be done.

    Sleeper was assigned to keep the route clear, something he figured was an easy job. Was technically his specialty. Rider had a good reputation for driving so it made sense to have him as the get away. Bait would make it seem as if no one was there with the camera hack, kid knew a thing or two about that.

    "I have no problem getting my hands dirty... But, what would happen to any poor fellow who is along our escape route. I can't harm them can I?" He noted. Sure he could get them out of the way without harming them, probably have them distracted. But it'll be much harder to have an escape route for several people rather than just himself, meaning, if he was not to kill any pests on the way, it would quite difficult. ​
  6. "Sounds like you've got this planned out pretty well," Diva said, complimenting the plan after it was laid out. "Glad to see a good bit of the legwork's already been done." Not that they had time to do their own work, so of course their employer would have to have made prior arrangements.

    "As far as 'ware goes, most of mine is likely enough to pass unnoticed on a cursory scan. As far as the obvious stuff goes, a pair of eyes and a datajack won't raise many eyebrows, nor would the hair. The metal-laced bones...might do the trick, though." If anyone had a decent file on her prior to the job, she'd wonder how they got it. But, it would have all that already. It wasn't nice to feel like one of the bigger liabilities, but at least she could get things out of the way in the interest of full disclosure.

    "I take it we should go unarmed, or as lightly armed as possible," she added. It was meant to be a quick, clean op, so there was no need to roll in with heavy firepower to begin with. The biggest challenge would be quickly changing their route to avoid a guard or similar, if things went according to plan. ...Not that they often did, but the longer they followed them, the better. And the best option would likely just be to get out quick than to fight at all, if things wen south.

    She eyed Sleeper for a while after his question. "If you can stay out of sight and let us know we need to change our route, that might be enough," she suggested. Mr Johnson seemed to know what he was doing, so she'd let him handle any suggestions that took a more hands-on approach, lethal or, more likely, otherwise. That little wrinkle did make everything quite a bit more delicate than usual.
  7. Crap! Everyone's asking questions and I'm just sitting here. Come on, Rider. Think of something smart to add.

    Sixes began to gesture with one of his hands and looked like he was about to speak when Rider interjected,

    "I also have a question."

    Sixes lowered his hand, "Very well."

    "Uh..." Crap, I didn't think this through. Everyone's looking at me. Even the Aria look-alike. Fuck, fuck, fuck! "Will there beee..." He stretched out the 'be' to stall for more time, "...eee dogs there?"

    "Dogs? You mean guard dogs?"

    "Um... yeah. Guard dogs."

    "No... I do not think there will be dogs there. Besides, you'll be sitting in a van outside."

    "Oh. Right. Cool, cool. Just uh, just wanted to clear that up." He cleared his throat.

    Rider nodded and folded his arms, trying to look informed. It didn't really work.
    Well that went fucking spectacularly. I guess I'll go shoot myself after the meeting now...

    Sixes gingerly brought the topic out of that awkward little exchange, "Very well, you all know the plan. We will be moving in about two hours. Prepare whatever you need during that time and be back here soon. We'll be taking the provided van to the target location." Sixes put his hands on the table and stood, "Now then. I need to contact our client and tell him all is in order. Be back here on time. You're in this now and if you leave, you risk making someone with a lot of money very angry."

    With that, he stood and let the team disperse.

    Everyone had two hours, and some intended to make good use of it.

    Diva, ever the professional, wasn't one to waste time. She made her way to her motorbike parked outside the bar. There was another bike parked besides her own. As she prepared her vehicle, someone spoke behind her.

    "Hey, uh, is that a Suzuki Mirage?" Rider's bike was the one next to hers. A Ducati 848, modified for heavier loads at the cost of maneuverability. Rider scratched the back of his head, which meant he just rub the back of the helmet, "It's pretty cool, that's a good bike. I uh, also like your... stuff." He pointed to Diva in general, since it's kind of hard to point at cyberware. "You must be a big Aria Advance fan."
  8. "It is," Diva answered the bike question first. Maybe she liked to go fast or enjoyed the wind through her hair, but it was a nice, reliable machine. Not the cheapest way to get around, but there were worse options for a 'runner. She inclined her head slightly toward Rider and gestured to the Ducati parked next to her bike. "This one yours?" It was just polite small talk, but it was still worth asking. "Hm...Kamen Rider, then..." she said quietly, mostly to herself, as her assessment of one of her new companions changed ever so slightly. Though where was a different question altogether.

    At the Aria comment, she stopped and looked at Rider for a few moments. The sunglasses made it difficult to tell just what sort of look she was giving him, but she didn't reply right away. "I'm not sure if you're the only one who noticed, or just the only one to bring it up," she finally said, after a few moments. "You...could say that." She didn't seem too enthusiastic. "Although some of the work's additional modifications, so to speak." She took off the sunglasses, folded them shut with a flick of her wrist, and tucked them into the breast pocket of her vest. Even her eyes were the same. "I don't think an idol needs a smartlink, for instance." Or some of the other work she'd had done. Even if she did more than the cosmetic work, on a career criminal, it was a little out of place. You'd need a reason to look like that, including that it wasn't even your choice. "A face like this is a bit of a liability in this line of work, though. Hard to forget that you got jumped by a pop star, or one happened to be casing the joint." She paused again. "I just really hope nobody suggests I put on a concert as a diversion somewhere in all this." She sighed and shook her head.

    "So, what do you think about the job," she asked, changing the subject quickly enough. "I've already got a couple guesses as to just what this guy must've put together. curiosity will certainly carry me through these first few paces." Not much could make the corps go into a frenzy like they apparently had. And that they must've all been turned down was even more interesting.
  9. Sleeper sighed at Diva's statement, but shrugged "Just trying to make sure i'm doing my job right, Don't wanna mess things up now do we?"

    Rider asked a ridiculous question, Yes, guard dogs, because this is the 40's where we use bloodhounds instead of magic or our technology. Rider was a very reliable on the field, but can't really hold up a conversation without tripping over his own words. A very interesting individual, for someone like him, sleeper was surprised how far he has made it, must be something special.

    The meeting was over, it would be time to meet at the same location in about two hours, it was more than enough time to smoke a few so he could brainstorm over what was to come later. He left with the gang, and as soon as he walked up the stairs and out of the pub he pulled out the carton of cigs and his lighter. placing one stick between his lips and lighting the end with his zippo, he then put the carton and lighter away. He couldn't help overhear Diva's and Rider's conversation. Being the person Sleeper was, he couldn't help but put his two sense in.

    Before Rider could even speak, sleeper replied for him, stepping into their line of sight. "We shouldn't be putting much thought into this job, that's how you get into trouble" Said Sleeper taking another drag of his cig and blowing out the fumes from his mouth. "The less we know the better, keeps us as clean as possible, lets not forget how much our client is paying us." The shadow runner then looked to street, it was a quiet night, and the street lights kept things illuminated just enough so you could find your way around. "Don't get me wrong, it is a tad bit odd we're getting paid so much, but lets not bite the hand that feeds" The man took another drag, he had a rather hazy look in his eyes, like he had just woken up from a nap. He then scratched the back of his head with a free hand and yawned. "anyone else tired? cause man I could go for a nap"

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  10. Bait was walking out with Sleeper when they all left. Just a few steps behind him. He was unusually quiet, not that any of his co-workers would notice. On his mind was all the information they just learned and how his father could be in on this person to. If he was Bait was worried about more than guards, but rival Runners. People with connections and skills similar to their own, that'd be a nightmare once encountered. With his hands in his pockets he remained lost in thought, until the smell of smoke halted him. Covering his mouth he walked in the opposite direction of Sleeper's smoke. Unfortunately this meant walking through it.

    "The only trouble you have to worry about is when that's gonna kill ya'." Bait said as he pointed to Sleeper's cigarette once he managed to move out of the way of the smoke. "Besides that it's pretty obvious why the job is so lucrative." Bait dropped his hand, but kept his mouth covered. Despite the fact he wore a mask. "Medicine man changes the world? I think not. How about; "Our Savior the Blank Corporation!", but if it's a weapon then Blank Corporation gets something to scare the livin' hell out of anyone who would go against them. Some lucky Runners might even get to try it. We're searching for a world changer. It's a lot more than a simple drug."

    Bait then dropped his hands pointing towards the middle of where they all stood to signify he meant all of them.

    "I'd say we're an investment and if we succeed. Then we were a good one for whoever our boss is." He said as he folded his arms, the smoke still bothering him. "But, we might die before we get there."

    Bait then turned to Sleeper and shook his head in agreement. "Naps sound nice, but I got to set some stuff up for later. And I only got two hours. So, I'll see you all later."

    Bait then opened his palms as a keyboard and screen appeared before him. Typing in a bunch of code the keyboard and screen disappeared and turned into a simple orange box that he stood on top of. The box then carried him up to the roof of the building where it seemed to vanish before he could get on. However, he was quite nimble and latched onto the edge propelling himself up and onto the roof then began to run, vanishing from sight.
  11. "I've heard stories where not thinking about what they're really doing got a a team into deep shit," Diva added in after Bait's comments. "But most of the time, yeah, it's not worth thinking too hard about things or making an effort to learn anything we don't need to."

    "Still, there's something off about the whole job, so we should be careful if we can." She nodded to her fellow criminals. "I don't think there's harm in a little wild speculation. But, as much as a quick nap might be nice, I have a few things to take care of, if you'll excuse me, gentlemen." She took the helmet from her bike, and, after rearranging her hair, pulled it on over her head. She hopped onto her bike and waved to the two men, before she took off, her hair streaming behind her.

    Hell of a job all right, that was for sure. It's probably the first where she'd want to actually take even less gear than she kept on her person for walking around town. Fortunately, they had some time to go prepare. She didn't know what the others were planning, but she just had some maps and routes to study, and some weapons to put away. The taser alone wouldn't be too unusual, but even so, it could be overkill if they were going for a completely clean op. Even if security was likely to be pretty light, she did consider what she could do to change up her looks. It wouldn't take much to change the color of her hair and put it up in a different style. No need for the mask on this one.

    Her mind wandered as she rode back to her cramped apartment. She hated it when someone recognized her; she wasn't really a fan of Aria at all, but she couldn't just tell the truth and expect to be believed. Not that she was the real Aria anymore, either. The original, perhaps, but she wasn't the girl Shiawase had singing the songs and doing all the ads and variety shows these days. She pitied whoever they'd put into the role after she disappeared. They must have done quite a bit to get her to play a good replacement. Meanwhile, she could have gotten a new face on top of everything else, but...it just didn't sit right with her. If she did that, it's like letting the corp win. Even if anybody else could buy the same looks, they were hers, and she wasn't going to change that.
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