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    Ibaraki-doji no Hyakki Yagyo

    The Night Parade of Ibaraki-doji

    Every year, one of the four most powerful yokai, Nurarihyon, would lead the grand Hyakki Yagyo throughout the lands. This great march of a hundred different demons would occur at night. It was not reccomended to get in their way, as there were tales than humans who got whisked away. They have a reputation for fighting other yokai in grand battles for what they refer to as 'honour and justice' for humans and yokai alike.

    One fine day, Ibaraki-doji, an oni with a reputation of being the second-hand oni of the one of the four most powerful yet evil yokai, Shuten-doji, decided to join the Hyakki Yagyo, much to the dismay of many. However, Nurarihyon let her partake.

    After many years, Nurarihyon passed his position of leader of the Hyakki Yagyo to Ibaraki-doji, much to everyone's shock. After a few months, he disappeared, leaving Ibaraki-doji to lead the clan by herself.

    Unfortunately for our new leader, the clan is not very fond of her, and thus it is her job to show that she is worthy of being leader! With new threats and wacky adventures, she knows that she must lead the clan well...

    How will she fare?

    Arc 0 - Prologue​

    Type Advantages and Disadvantages (open)

    Basically, this will be where I include the various advantages and disadvantages of certain 'Types'. I will include more later on.

    +Superhuman Strength
    +Can tell if a human is a human or disguised yokai
    -Vulnerable to exorcisms

    +As Yokai, they have all the stated traits of yokai unless otherwise stated
    +Capable of camouflaging in their yokai form
    +Immune to things that exclusively affect organic beings

    ~Ummm... nothing special

    +Immune to Fairy Dust
    +Stronger in forested environments
    -Cannot lie, but can twist their words
    -Cream makes them drunk

    Before you create clans, ask permission first. I am very likely to decline, though.

    Ask before creating characters directly based off one-of-a-kind legends, such as Tamamo-no-Mae and Sutoku-Tennou. Naming your characters after such, however, is allowed in other circumstances. This is mainly to prevent conflicts with planned plot ideas.

    Usual Iwaku rules.

    While your choice of species is limited depending on your clan, I will allow each clan leader to judge any exceptions with valid reasons. Too many 'exceptions' on the other hand would defeat the purpose. And please be logical. A yokai, especially a 'demonic' one, joining the Tsuchimikado clan is pure suicide.

    This RP occurs in modern day Japan.

    I won't limit your species choice THAT much, but please, don't go overboard. I know mythical beasts can do cray cray things like shoot time-crumbling laserbeams as their natural abilities but don't go too far.

    Include height in metres and centimetres.

    There is no limit for characters, however, you must ensure that you will be capable of controlling them.

    You cannot create more than one Hyakki Yagyo character [TEMPORARY RULE]

    Avoid having two or more high-ranking positions if you're using multiple characters.

    Have fun!

    Applications (open)
    Name: Duh. If you're an Eastern yokai, have an Eastern name.
    Gender: Obviously.
    Type: Yokai, Human or Others? If possible, you could specify 'others', such as inserting 'Faerie' or 'Demon'.
    Race: If yokai or others, please do state.
    Age: In human years please.
    Appearance: How do you look? If you have multiple forms, feel free to display them. If you use a picture, I would prefer an animesque picture
    Powers/Abilities: What skills and abilities do you possess?
    Weapons: What weapons do you wield?
    Noteworthy Possessions: Optional.
    Clan: You can choose, or you can choose to be neutral/bystander
    Position in Clan: Needless to say.
    Clan Emblem: Only if you are leader.
    Personality: How does your character act?
    History: Your past.
    Others: Anything else that doesn't fit up there?

    Transliterates to 'Night Parade of a Hundred Demons', this clan is filled with yokai and beings from all over Asia, primarily Japanese soil and seas. They protect the good from evil, yokai and humans alike. This great clan was once lead by Nurarihyon, and is now lead by the oni Ibaraki-doji, much to everyone's dismay. Their new leader must prove herself worthy, and initiate her own Hyakki Yagyo as evidence of her worth.

    Their current headquarters is located in Chiba.

    The highest rank of all, and will call tend to call most, if not all of the shots.

    When the leader isn't around, they will take charge.

    Azamuki no Kitsune
    In the Hyakki Yagyo, there are 3. They command lower-ranking members.

    Ikitsuki Nyx
    They're mostly great at fighting.

    Medics, scouts, and various non-combat but rather helpful roles come here.

    Matsuda Mito
    Human only. Lead by the grand onmyoji bloodline, the Tsuchimikados, these guys exorcise yokai that invade their cities on a daily basis via onmyoji arts, or onmyodo, keeping the districts sparkly clean. They are not fond of yokai of many kinds, and depending on the situation, will either be against or cooperating with the Hyakki Yagyo.

    Their current headquarters is scattered across Tokyo.

    The highest rank of all, and will call tend to call most, if not all of the shots. Can summon up to 5 main combat Shikigami.

    Tsuchimikado Satomi
    When the leader isn't around, they will take charge. Can summon up to 3 main combat Shikigami.
    In the Tsuchimikado Clan, there are 3. They command lower-ranking members. Can summon up to 3 main combat Shikigami.
    Combat Exorcists are great at casting a wide variety of talismans and summoning a good deal of familiars. While weaker than Generals, they are definitely a force to be reckoned with, if well-experienced. Can summon up to 2 main combat Shikigami.
    Medics, scouts, and various non-combat but rather helpful roles come here. They may indirectly help in combat, too. Can summon up to 1 main combat Shikigami.

    A faction fully consisting of a heavy plumage of magical beings from the West, all of which are referred to as Faeries. The real deal, these are beings from Celtic, Irish and Welsh legends. They claim to be neither Seelie nor Unseelie, although some Faerie Races observed among them are usually associated with either faction. Their primary goal - to transform Japan, and eventually the whole of Asia, into forests, the ideal environment of Faeries.

    Their current headquarters is found in Edogawa, where it takes the form of a European-style Mansion.

    They will not be properly introduced until Arc 2. As such, until Arc 2 begins, all characters in this faction must be inactive.

    The highest rank of all, and will call tend to call most, if not all of the shots.

    Aislin Callaghan
    When the leader isn't around, they will take charge.
    Court III has 4 generals - an Undine, a Gnome, a Sylpheed and a Salamander. They command lower-ranking members.
    They're mostly great at fighting in more direct combat situations.

    Gan Ceann
    Same role as Faerie Knights, but they are better at spellcasting.
    Medics, scouts, and various non-combat but rather helpful roles come here. They may indirectly partake in combat, too.

    I will only allow one for every five other characters in this Roleplay.
    These characters are not affiliated with any of the factions in the RP.
  2. [​IMG]
    "Welcome to the Hyakki Yagyo!"




    Oni (unspecified variety)

    At least 1500

    Ibaraki-doji is about 1.4 metres tall, and has a bust size nearing an AAA. She looks like a child despite her ancient age. She only has very slight curves and is very tiny and slender. Bloodcurdling red eyes lay on her face like ruby gemstones, and her hair is as dark as the world without the sun, only a few centimetres above ground when she stands. One distinct trait about her is her curved, white horns that emerge from above her forehead area, measuring about ten centimetres. She has a cute fang to display. She is about 24 kilograms.
    She wears a traditional black yukata with a white ribbon. She dons geta sandals on her feet. There are other outfits in her wardrobe.
    Imagine the below above, except her yukata is black and her obi is white.
    In her Primal Form, she is a gargantuan, red, hulking oni, about a whopping 5 whole metres tall. She is no longer 24 kilograms, but a whopping 500 kilograms. She appears very bulky, masculine and muscular in this form. Her two initial horns have grown in size, and two more have emerged. Her jaws are sharp and powerful, with two prominent fangs. Her eyes are a bloodier hue of red, and ger hair is now white like clouds. Her eyebrows are bushier as well.

    Ibaraki-doji possesses an array of abilities

    Her main ability is vast strength, being capable of exerting strength of up to four tonnes per hand, which makes up for her tiny build, and allows her to wield the heaviest of weapons like nothing. However, she prefers to exert her usual strength of about a hundred kilograms, making labour a breeze.

    She has great weapon-wielding skills, but is still learning more moves.

    She possesses the ability of levitation

    She can manipulate thorny vines and trees, a rather specific form of chlorokinetic capabilities, of up to a 100 metre radius

    Her vast strength grants her enhanced defense.

    She had enhanced reflexes and senses, being an organic yokai.

    Her speed is rather high, and it is on par with a speeding motorcycle. It is reduced to that of a cheetah's speed when handling the limit of her strength.

    She can unleash an internal energy source within her via an attack known as 'Qigong Burst' and other varieties of this move. It releases bursts of energy at her opponent in different forms.

    She can access her wilder, more berserk Primal form, where her abilities are multiplied manyfold. However, she prefers not to utilise these abilities, as her primal form is very, very aggresive and dangerous, and hard to control. She will unwillingly access this form if her arm is cut off, however, but will turn back if said arm is reattached.

    Using her vast strength, she dual-wields the Akagarasu and Kurotsubame, two very heavy odachi-type blades that are about 2 tonnes each. They are often placed in odd, magic scabbards that make the blades weightless until fully unsheathed. Their combined weight makes them heavier than the weapon of Sun Wukong. Due to their weight, they can be used for both smashing and slashing damage.

    As an alternative, she uses a blade made from the fang of her late father. It is known as 'Doji Tooth'.

    She can choose to wield a pair of katar-shield hybrid weapons known as 'Kamekiri', which seem to be made from tortoise shells based on texture. These are so heavy, a stronger-than-average human would have mild difficulty handling just one with both hands.

    Noteworthy Possessions:
    She possesses a pendant made from a chip of her father's horn.

    Hyakki Yagyo

    Position in Clan:

    Ibaraki-doji is a pretty cheerful and carefree young one. Just like her old self, she enjoys having fun. However, as of her new leadership roles, she has a serious side, taking great priority in her position. She is not one to abuse power, which is why she chooses to do many things by herself, even particular jobs. She wants her clansmen to trust her, and she also wants to trust her clansmen, thus she acts very friendly.
    That being said, she won't do anything to gain their trust. She prefers to do the right thing, as Nurarihyon had taught.

    When she goes berserk in her Primal, more oni-like form, her mind is out of control and she will attack anyone in her way, friend or foe. She cares for nothing but great destruction. After transforming from this form to her regular, human-like form, she will usually begin to cry.

    Ibaraki-doji was born from human parents, but was born an oni. She grew up very fast, learning to walk, talk and grow in mere weeks. Fearing that she might be an oni child, her parents decided to abandon her in the mountains.

    After a month of survival, the hardy, homeless oni was given a home by Shuten-doji, reputed for being one of the four most powerful yokai. Shuten-doji raised the young oni like his own daughter. In fact, he believed that deep within, Ibaraki-doji was his daughter, even if they were not related by blood. He taught her many skills, abilities and tactics to be used in combat. Together, they lead a great oni army and went on massacres in villages

    Her final moments with Shuten-doji were at Mt. Ooe. After seeing Shuten-doji and a great deal of his army get ultimately slain by an oni extermination squad, she chose to escape.

    After a few rounds of being pursued after this event, which eventually stopped, Ibaraki-doji's actions would be reduced to pranks, as opposed to crimes. At the same time, Ibaraki-doji would occasionally reflect on her past, which was what eventually lead to her making the decision - the decision to join the clan of the Nurarihyon, one of Shuten-doji's old foes. She chose to join the Hyakki Yagyo as a chance to turn over a new leaf. The one thing she did not expect, however, was to gain leadership...

    According to various Onmyoji Yokai Encyclopedias, she is a very famous, powerful yokai, and she has various depictions. Most depictions depict her as a him.

    Despite her abilities, she is not always using her full strength, and limits it.

    She is not very good at using modern day technology or modern speech speech mannerism.

    She is a heavy drinker and can really hold her alcohol, typical of an oni.

    Being the daughter of Shuten-doji, she is effectively the granddaughter of the Yamata-no-Orochi, a very powerful eight-headed beast that battled Susanoo eons ago.​
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  3. Can't wait to start, I'll get to work on a CS between classes. Would it be possible to reserve the position of Faerie Queen in addition to a normal ranked character of another clan?
  4. That is possible. I hope to see your WIPs soon.
  5. Hello!
    May I reserve the second in command position?
    I'll have my CS up soon after some research.
  6. For which faction? Do post a WIP soon.
  7. Can I reserve the Second in Command position for Hyakki Yagyo?

    And the leader position for Tsuchimikado?
  8. That is possible, but I will expect your WIPs soon.
  9. I meant for Hyakki Yagyo
  10. OH SHIT... I lost my WIP... -.-
  11. Works In Progress: (Will Update as I go)

    "That which is lost must be returned."

    Name: Aislin Callaghan
    Gender: Female
    Type: Faerie
    Race: Dullahan
    Age: Aprox. 3,000 years old

    Standing at a relatively tall height of 1.8 meters Asilin is surprisingly light, weiging in at only 70.3 kilograms. With skin so incredibly pale her other features become much more defined, contrasted against the translucent white. Long, jet black hair frames a delcate jawline and the only two points of color on Aislin's face; sharp blue eyes and rosey red lips. Most who gaze upon her face shudder at such surreal beauty, unable to accept that such a thing exists... Such people are right to be concerned considering Asilin is actually headless, her head kept by her side at all times. Because walking around without a head would freak people out, Aislin will wear a hood or mask, propped up by the shadows she controls.

    Face aside, her physical body is in great condition. Aislin has a proportionate, hourglass figure with a modest "C" cup for her bust. She is almost always found in black attire with the rare addition of colored accessories. Depending on her mood she will wear anything from modern clothing (jeans, t-shirt, converse ect...) to renaissance styled dresses and heeled boots.

    The Dullahan race is known for it's unique job as bringer of death, ending lives simply by calling out a name. This is an exaggerated version of the truth, told by frightened townspeople. In actuality, the eyes of a Dullahan can judge whether it is a person's time to die or not. If they were meant to die, the person will collapse of a heart attack, if not then their memories are altered. This alteration makes the encounter seem like nothing more than a bad dream and keeps the identity of the Dullahan a secret.

    Asilin also has the ability to manipulate shadows, giving them corporeal form(temporarily) or as a means of illusion. Being a bit of a trickster, she likes to use this ability to startle passerbys or humans lurking outside her mansion.

    Additionally, Aislin has the uncanny ability to make her way into locked rooms. Nobody knows exactly how she does it, but some speculate that she is able to become the very shadows she controls and uses this new form to enter through small gaps.

    The only weapon Aislin will wield is a reaper scythe she forced with her own hands.

    Noteworthy Possessions:
    A sleek black horse that she allows to roam the mansion grounds, an odd creature whose main and tail flare about like a shadow made flame, and whose eyes shine a blood red in the dark. He's been with Aisin for as long as she can remember.

    Clan: Clan III
    Position in Clan: Leader
    Clan Emblem:

    The best way to describe Aislin is "frisky grandmother", the one that still speaks and acts as if she were a teenager with the added bonus of having life experience. Aislin has can have greatly insightful and wise moments but this is often overshadowed by her passionate love for pranks and other such practical jokes. She does, however, take a few things seriously; such as her job as leader (especially the care of the people under her care) and the wellbeing of the natural world. Over time Aislin has grown accustomed to the frustrations in life and has since developed a lot of patience for those younger than she... However beware if that patience ever runs out, an angry Dullahan is not something anybody should seek to find in their lifetime.

    Aislin loves to gaze upon and smell foods from every corner of the world, sometimes sounding like a spoiled rich-kid and scolding anyone ballsy enough to confront her with this fact. She does however have a good sense of humor and encourages her clan to speak freely and bluntly, a promotion of honesty and faith within her community. Unlike other organizations, particularly human ones, Aislin does not seek for control of her people or land, but rather the mutual respect and freedom. She feels immense pride for those who follow her, usually refrerring to them as if they were her own children (and defending them as such).

    Not much is known about Dullahan childhood, or if there even is one to begin with. Even Aislin has no memory of behind a child or of time spent with anyone that could be considered a creator or parent. Because of this Aislin's true age is uncertain, beginning with her first memory of wandering through a dark forest. A few things have always been clear to Aislin, though, such as her "birthplace" being Ireland and her race (somewhat obvious by the detached head).

    For the first 1,000 years of her life Aislin worked to perfect her abilities as a Dullehan, terrorizing remote villages with her presence. She had a natural sense not to take life needlessly, following a gut feeling to those whose time had come. Her life continued like this until the world began to change. As humans expanded their settlements, the natural world grave way to man-made structures. At first the loss was tolerable, Mother Nature handing them the necessary space to survive... But it did not stop there. Wars decimated the lands belonging to faerie kind, many races driven from their homes as they burned and drowned in blood. Horrified by this she, like many others, turned to their Court rulers for guidance. Naturally the Unseelie Court's view of the world remained unchanged. Most continued to bring harm against the humans and fae indiscriminately, brining just as much harm in the name of nature as the humans did against.

    Believing there to be another way, Aislin renounced her affiliation to the Unseelie Court to create a faction of her own. She wished this faction to be a more balanced Court, neither malevolent nor benevolent... Balanced. With a mission to return a piece of the world back to its natural form, Aislin began her search for a way to return the Faerie homeland. For over 1.700 years Aisin and her growing clan of faeries wandered the European country side, looking for a refuge they would not find. Following a gut feeling, Aislin moved her adopted family to Japan, where they built a English style mansion and settled for the time being.

    Dullahan are driven away by the presence of gold. Faerie with a love for gold are housed in a separate housing unit rather than the main house to accommodate their lifestyle.


    "To learn to fly, once must first gather the courage to leap from the nest."

    Name: Matsuda Mito
    Gender: Male
    Type: Yokai
    Race: Tengu
    Age: 22

    In human form Mito stands around 1.93 meters tall with an average weight of 90.7 kilograms, a slender but sturdy guy. With his clothes on it would be hard to tell that this particular man can lift two times his own weight, but if you peek behind the curtain one would see handsomely crafted muscles, toned by his extensive training. His hair is a chestnut brown complimenting his enchanting eye color, which shifts between light and dark shades of honey brown.

    In his natural state he remains the same height but becomes slightly lighter so as to allow flight. The color of his hair deepens in this state, becoming more auburn colored as his eyes take on a maroon hue. Other, more pronounced changes come in the form of jet black wings with swirling designs (teal) on the backs and pointed "elf" ears (as shown in picture).

    Mito can also change his form, taking the shape of a raven. For all intents and purposes, Mito's raven form looks like any other raven with a few exceptions. His wings are accented wth a teal blue feathers and he can speak as if he were human.



    Transformation: Human --> Winged Humanoid --> Beast Form (Raven)

    Protective Barrier: As a method to protect encampments from unwanted guests, Tengu can create a maze-like barrier around their domain. The larger the barrier the more concentration it takes to maintain it, and any loss in that concentration can shatter the barrier. This technique can also be used to trap those within the barrier and is energy consuming. If used (depending on size), Mito will most likely not have the strength for a fight for at least a few hours.

    Enhanced Vision: When in his natural state (winged humanoid), Mito's vision is much greater than that of an average humans. He can see objects clearly at distances up to 103 meters and strained up to 110 meters. Anything beyond that is too blurry for him to make out.

    A japanese style katana and two sets of "ninja" throwing blades (consists of 7 blades each)​

    Noteworthy Possessions:
    Mito wears a small dream catcher either around his neck or tied to his belt. It is decorated by three distinct feathers belonging to close tengu comrades, killed by humans.

    Clan: Hyakki Yagyo
    Position in Clan: Support (Scout)

    Mito can be a hard one to read, putting on a metaphorical mask in front of his clan. His public persona is that of a snarky bad boy, often resorting to sarcastic and innappropriate comments in conversation. Despite his laid back attitude about most subjects, he is one to follow his orders as they're handed down from the top. He holds respect for the chain of command, following directions from the generals, but ultimately giving his allegiance to the leader of the clan, regardless of who they might be.

    As mentioned before, Mito has a public and personal person... His personal persona is much gentler, seen through his intereactions with animals. Secretly he wishes the new leader to succeed but doesn't openly announce this to the others of the clan. While his outer persona acts like he hates humans, the emotion is actually closer to fear than true hatred.

    Despite the two personas, there are somethings that remain the same between them. His thirst for knowledge is one such thing, his room stocked with various books from all over the world. Similarly, Mito has a habit of collecting items that catch his attention whether it be valuable coins and jewels or plain rocks from a stream. Finally, Mito's wings are the source of his pride. No matter which persona you might encounter, insulting (purposefully or otherwise) his wings will anger him greatly.

    Raised on Mount Yakushi, Mito lived the first ten years of his life training to be a tengu warrior. Learning the ways of spiritual manipulation, combat and eventually flight, Mito trained hard to become the best that he could be. When he was still young, about seven years old, Mito and his friends had been searching for critters near the edge of their safe zone. Spotted by illegal hunters, the kids found themselves being dragged down the mountainside by the brutish men. Realizing what happened, the adults rushed to their side, setting them free but at a cost. As the kids escaped, the hunters gunned down the elder tengu before tracking the children back to their now vulnerable camp. A few were able to escape but most of the village, including a few of Mito's friends were killed in the fight. After that Mito lived in fear of humans, growing up in isolation on the mountain until he grew strong enough to leave. At the age of 10, Mito's wings grew in completely, allowing him to leave the mountainside. Having nowhere else to go, Mito found himself drawn to the Yokai clan of Hiyakki Yagyo under the rule of the previous leader.

    It was with this clan that Mito developed his ability of transformation, perfecting it so that it may be used to serve the clan that took him in. Ever since that day, Mito has been a scout for the Hyakki Yagyo clan. The death of the previous leader upset Mito greatly but he respected him enough to trust his judement and follow the new leader. Despite being under the instruction of one of three clan generals, he knows that even if ordered he will not turn against the girl that the previous leader had chosen as his successor. This has caused some unspoken tension among memebers, Mito included as he tries to remain neutral yet firm in his beliefs.

    Each of the feathers on his dreamcatcher belong to the friends he was captured with by the hunters. While they all escaped initially, Mito was one of the few to survive the attack.

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  12. Name:
    Azamuki no Kitsune




    1834 (Appearance does not point to her age)

    Her overall appearance:
    She stands at least 1.4478 meters tall.
    Her hair is dark with a few red highlights.
    She normally wears a black-with-white-flowers kimono.
    She has no bust.

    Partially transformed/possessing someone
    Full form

    Powers/Abilities: What skills and abilities do you possess?
    She's able to change into just about anyone.
    She can only change into living things, though.
    She has to have seen the thing before to transform into it.
    As most kitsunes can, she is able to possess people.
    She can be pushed out by a strong willed person.
    She can only possess females.
    An exorcism can remove her.
    She is able to bend one's reality to her whim.
    She can make false pain feel real.
    People who realize it's an illusion can snap out of it.
    No human is immune to it, but some Yokai are.
    She is able to tread the dreamscape.
    She can only enter dreams of people nearby.
    She can only enter if both her and the victim are sleeping.
    She cannot manipulate the dream or harm the person in any way.
    Madness inducement-
    (Exclusive to her true form) If one were to look closely into one of the faces of the masks on her tail, they give the illusion of demonic screaming, having lasting effects on the mind of the victim from the screams.
    The effects could make the person develop symptoms of schizophrenia or psychosis.
    A form of exorcism or holy objects could slow the maddening process, but theres no stopping it.
    Fox Fire-
    As kitsunes are known for, she is able to breathe or set herself on fire.
    She is also able to make wisps, who can lead people to their deaths.
    She cannot use this ability when wet.

    9 lobed sword called Ninestrike.
    It is a large, heavy, golden sword long known in the bloodline of kitsune. Azamuki inherited this sword, and wields it in battle. She normally carries it strapped to her back.

    Noteworthy Possessions:
    Kitsune Ball

    Hyakki Yagyo

    Position in Clan:

    Azamuki is one hell of a two way street. One minute she could be as loving as a mother, but the next she will be spouting about how she will spell your end. It's best to be careful with this fox around, considering she also loves to play tricks.

    Azamuki was born a pureblooded Kitsune affiliated with Hyakki Yagyo. Her parents were very judgemental and straightforward, but could not stifle normal Kitsune behaviors as hard as they tried. Azamuki was trained to be a proper lady, but an excellent fighter to be able to inherit Ninestrike. Later in life, her parents were killed by exorcists, which fueled Azamuki's hate for humans. Watching any more of her comrades fall to them, she built up enough hate to destroy a small village.

    Due to her immense power, she is quite well known. She even destroyed more villages after that, becoming absolutely disgusted with humans, just to put a thorn in their side by even going around and possessing people, although hating the experience, and committing mass murders in the body.

    After several years of tormenting the humans, her wrath has ceased, no more villages were destroyed. She settled down and joined Hyakki Yagyo. Since her history was well known, within a couple years of residing with them, she was deemed a candidate for Second-In-Command.
    She loves red bean anything.
    She loves alcohol.
    She's slightly puzzled with any new technology from humans.​
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  13. Sounds good. :)
  14. So umm... you guys are settling the position thing right?
  15. Uh.. You sorta weren't specific enough. Beside I did not even notice you asked for the Second in Command position for Hyakki Yagyo.
  16. @WeepingLiberty I'm a little unsure about the instakill-like abilities. I too, was thinking of a Dullahan character and was thinking of a way to nerf the instakill.
  17. Alright everything's cleared up.
    I'm taking the second-in-command position for Hyakki Yagyo.
    Was being pretty vague so my fault ;-;
  18. I guess I'll go with the General position.
  19. Looks like that's all good and settled.

    As midnight draws near, I'll observe the reaults tomorrow.
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