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  1. A new legend begins...


    "In front of all of you, I must say this. I refuse to sugarcoat or keep this from you any longer. As such, I will speak of it," the Nurarihyon speaks in front of the crowd in the main hall.

    "All of you, all of you have been family to me. As an old man without children of my own, you all are my family. For eons, we of the Hyakki Yagyo have helped yokai and humans alike, and paraded numerous times, once every human year. But today, I feel happy, yet sad, because I must say this - I am leaving the clan."

    The crowd was in utter shock as they started to gossip among each other.

    "Everyone, be quiet for a bit."

    With the leader's commands, everyone was silent.

    "I have my reasons for leaving. Reasons that I cannot share. Reasons that you will uncover in the future to come. Reasons that are more impossible than our existence. As such, I would like to pass the torch to a rather valuable member of this clan..."

    Everyone was keeping their eyes peeled. Well, those with eyes and eyelids, anyways.

    "... Ibaraki-doji."



    A young, horned woman woke up from a little slumber as she lifted her head off the table. "Oh, right."

    "Ibaraki-san, Ibaraki-san, you've been sleeping through the lesson," another lass wakes her up.

    "What is it, Sachi?" The smaller girl, rubbing her eyes, speaks. "Oh, right, again huh? I guess I just can't catch forty good winks huh. And I thought you were the daydreamer."

    Just then, the school bell rings.

    "Alright Sachi," the one who was referred to as 'Ibaraki-san' speaks, "fill me in."

    "I'm still not good with modern speech. New is gold, and gold is hard to break down!"

    "You'll get used to it, Ibaraki-san," Sachi comments.

    "You sure are one to talk," 'Ibaraki-san' chuckles, "I guess I'll be heading off now. See you on Monday!"


    "Greetings, Ibaraki-doji-sama," numerous henchmen greeted the horned girl at the door as they bowed.

    Well, those horns were very, very real. This young girl wasn't a Middle Schooler, and she definitely wasn't twelve either. This young girl was a living legend in a rather bad way.

    Her name is Ibaraki-doji. She was known to commit many sins in the past, much like the typical oni. Once a notorious folklore villain who was the second-in-command of one of the three most evil and powerful yokai of Japan, Shuten-doji, she now lives her days in the Hyakki Yagyo, assuming leadership a mere six months ago.

    She claims to have turned over a new leaf many centuries ago, but until today, the name 'Ibaraki-doji' sends shivers down the spines, husks and tentacles of numerous men and monsters across Japan and in this clan. Well, those that believe in fairy tales, anyways. Her legends describe her exploits as wicked, but she didn't seem that way now.

    Ibaraki-doji looks at the henchmen, then replies cheerfully, "ehehe... there's no real need to be too formal... so umm... any news on new recruits?"​
  2. Mitsuda Mito

    It was day that no member of the clan would soon forget. How could their beloved leader just leave them without a proper explanation, it was more than just unfair, it was dangerous. Matsuda leaned up against the back wall, arms crossed and face blank as he watched the reactions of those standing around him. Naturally they were mixed, after all they had just learned their master was to abandon them but they had also just been given one final order: follow Ibaraki-doji. His own chest was tight with the outrage he was surprising, conflicted with himself as to what he should do. As much as it pained him, Matsuda already knew what his path would be as he pushed away from the wall. As he exited the room he glanced over his shoulder to gaze upon Nuraihyon one last time.


    The man sighed as he opened his eyes and sat up, yawning away the fog of his afternoon nap. It had been six months since Nuraihyon had handed off leadership but Matsuda still found himself dreaming of that night, a constant reminder of the blow dealt to the Hyakki Yagyo clan. Looking around him, Matsuda calmed his mind by taking in the scenery from his perch on the roof. Below him were clan members of varying races going about their day, there were a few new faces, but for the most part the only faces he saw belonged to members pre-dating the change in leadership. Out of the corner of his eye a motion caught his attention, the man turning his enhanced vision to the street. A tiny smile pulled at the corner of his lips as stretched out his wings.

    "She's home!" He called out clearly, none of the faces below him requiring any explanation as to who he meant. A few continued on calmly with their work while others scrambled to attention, waiting as the arrival of their leader drew near. Hopping gracefully from the roof, Matsuda joined the line of henchmen welcoming Ibaraki-doji home from school. He thought the idea of her attending school was odd but interesting, others most likely saw it as beneath her. Matsuda bowed in unison with the others in greeting, holding back a chuckle as she rejected the formal title they always greeted her with. Straightening from his lowered position, Matsuda stepped forward with a respectful nod of his head.

    "You know, just telling them formality is unnecessary won't be enough. You have to tell them what to call you, otherwise they'll continue to revert to what makes them comfortable, Ibaraki-doji-sama." He flashed a mischievous grin, proving his point as he addressed her the same way as they had when greeting her. Without giving her the time to scold him, he continued speaking as he normally did. "Recruitment is still pretty low, but don't worry about that. I'm sure it'll pick up again soon, they just need time..." He left the rest unsaid, everyone knew that recruitment was being hindered by her name alone. All they needed was proof of her change in ways. "So, Miss, how was school today?" He asked, changing the subject.​
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  3. Nyx Ikitsuki

    "It was indeed a dark day... that one day 6 months ago.."

    Nyx's nails gently brushed over the smooth roof tiles of the Hyakki Yagyo headquarters, laying comfortably in the harsh sunlight that warmed her skin. Her black fur and hair shimmered in the sunlight, gleaming a slight red with every faint movement of her head. She seemed to be calm and relaxed on the outside, but on the inside that was exactly the opposite.

    Every day since the day Nurarihyon had abandoned them, Nyx had thought about what could be the reason. What could be the reason for him to leave behind his only family, why did he do it? She couldn't wrap her mind around it and the more she wracked her brain, the sadder she became. She couldn't understand how Nurarihyon could be so selfish, how he could break all their hearts so easily. Once again a saddened gleam flashed through Nyx's amber eyes as she sunk back into thought.

    Moments later she was pulled back to reality by the voice of one of the servants; Ibaraki-doji had returned from school. Why the oni went to such a useless place was beyond Nyx and she sat up with a light growl.
    She didn't like Ibaraki-doji. At. All.
    When the girl had joined them she didn't trust her and then she was suddenly appointed the leader of the clan.
    In her mind Ibaraki-doji was the cause of Nurarihyon leaving and even though she realized that thought was foolish, it gave her some means of focusing her anger on the girl.

    Even though she disliked their new leader, she got up to assemble with the other members of the clan. She never showed disrespect to her allies, unless they particularly crossed her. That was how Nurarihyon taught her and that was how she would act. On the other hand she wouldn't be too formal with the girl, so she usually called her Ibaraki-san to keep it short and simple. To her dismay she had found out the girl actually preferred that, but it was too late to be formal now, so she just stuck to it.

    When she arrived at the entrance most of the other clan members had already assembled and were greeting Ibaraki-doji as she returned from her day.
    'Welcome back, Ibaraki-san.' Nyx casually remarked once she had joined the rest of the group, leaning against one of the pillars near the entrance. Matsuda Mito, one of the more supporting roles of the clan, had already updated Ibaraki-doji, so Nyx had nothing more to add.

  4. "Is that her, is that her," whispered a voice. If one were to look in the direction of the voice they would see nothing. The sound of someone walking could be heard from the direction of the voice. "They speak many tales in many lands. Some shiver with excitement while others cry with fear," Slowly Regina revealed herself out of her invisibility. "Many tales, they whisper in my ear. Tales of sorrow, tales of regret, yet tales of fear." 2 giant insect limbs hanged over her shoulders with blades folded together like a praying mantis which was the last thing to become visible. "They sing in the dead of night to children who do not sleep. They read over flames and cause men to shriek in fear." The girl stopped in front of the two Yokai who where greeting Ibaraki-doji. The great Ibaraki-doji who Regina has heard so much about.

    The 2 insect limbs jerked as they were withdrawn into Regina's back. Her antennas bounced around as they took in their surrounding. She took a knee and bowed in front of the leader of the Hyakki Yagyo. "Ms. Ibaraki-doji, they told me so much about you, your deeds, your crimes, and now I have the honor to kneel before you." Regina gave a slow giggle. "We have come from many distant lands. One were not water but sand surrounds life, Other which are tormented by green plants which feast on not sun but beast, lands where snow blankets the ground in summer and trees loose their bid farewell to green in spring. All the stories they tell, the sweetness of every word. All but morsels, but when I hear of you, my mouth tingles. My stomach growls yearning for what tales I cannot have. What I cannot read. What I cannot hear. What I cannot see until today." She looked up at Ibaraki-doji with hungry eyes. "Please allow this old spirit to serve you Ms. Ibaraki-doji. For she cannot withstand to hear any more impurities in your myths, songs, and tales. She must witness purity her self and only then can this old spirit end the cravings for this chapter."
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  5. Matsuda Mito

    The sudden arrival of a voice behind him jarred him from his conversation with Ibaraki-doji, alarming the Tengu greatly. He wasn't used to being snuck up on, and the fact that this strange Yokoi had approached so closely without being called out irritated him. Naturally his first instinct was to put himself between his leader and the stranger, not that she needed protection, but what good were henchmen if they didn't deal with things considered beneath the leader? Matsuda watched with intrigue as the insect-like girl knelt before Ibaraki-doji and begged admittance into their clan.

    The man wasn't quite sure how he felt about this girl, then again Matsuda ha never been a big fan of bugs to begin with. Appearance aside, there was the manner in which she spoke... Poetic but odd to say the least. Glancing over his shoulder, he shot his leader a questioning look. They did need the bodies, and the discrete presence the girl brought could prove to be useful especially if he got to work with her as a scout. That however, was for the clan leader to decide as he had no say in job delegation. Stepping aside so that Ibaraki-doji had a clear line of sight to the insect woman, he folded his arms and resigned himself to watch the encounter.

    "You asked for fresh meat, M'lady. What is your decision?" His eyes were full of doubt, but if she trusted this character, than he would not argue the point. After all she was leader, and that meant her word was law to him and the others living under her protection.

  6. "Good afternoon to you too, Ikitsuki-san, Matsuda-san," Ibaraki-doji bows. "I guess just Ibaraki-doji will do, ehehe..."

    Upon hearing Mito's update, she ponders for a bit. That was odd. The Hyakki Yagyo didn't even do anything that major for a while. Was her name already spreading? That didn't sound like a possibility for ths next few months.

    "So miss, how was school today?" Mito questions.

    "I guess it was the usual. Nothing out of the ordinary," Ibaraki-doji smiles as she comments, "schools these days sure are different from the ones a long time back."

    Just then, Ibaraki-doji hears something.

    "They speak many tales in many lands. Some shiver with excitement while others cry with fear," thr voice sounds, "many tales, they whisper in my ear. Tales of sorrow, tales of regret, yet tales of fear."

    A humanoid being appeared before Ibaraki-doji. She appeared to be insectoid. Was she related to the feral Daimushi eons ago, the same Daimushi which she, while still under Shuten-doji, massacred hundreds of? Damn, the oni could still remember the insect blood everywhere. The only evidence of this tale was in the memories of those who were actually there. The Daimushi Massacre was only known to Shuten-doji's clan.

    "They sing in the dead of night to children who do not sleep. They read over flames and cause men to shriek in fear. Ms. Ibaraki-doji, they told me so much about you, your deeds, your crimes, and now I have the honor to kneel before you. We have come from many distant lands. One were not water but sand surrounds life, Other which are tormented by green plants which feast on not sun but beast, lands where snow blankets the ground in summer and trees loose their bid farewell to green in spring. All the stories they tell, the sweetness of every word. All but morsels, but when I hear of you, my mouth tingles. My stomach growls yearning for what tales I cannot have. What I cannot read. What I cannot hear. What I cannot see until today."

    The insectoid child gazed into the oni's blood red eyes.

    "Please allow this old spirit to serve you Ms. Ibaraki-doji. For she cannot withstand to hear any more impurities in your myths, songs, and tales. She must witness purity her self and only then can this old spirit end the cravings for this chapter."

    Well, that certainly was something. Maybe a little much for Ibaraki-doji's mind. Before a few of the henchmen could approach her, Ibaraki-doji raised a hand.

    "Not yet, not yet. Hold on."

    She turned to Mito for a bit, hearing what he was about to say.

    "You asked for fresh meat, M'lady. What is your decision?"

    It was certainly a little odd. The insectoid lady didn't look Oriental in the slightest, implying that she wasn't a Yokai. Well, she definitely wasn't one of those feral Daimushi either.

    "Well, we generally take a while to allow recruits in, it's a complicated process," Ibaraki-doji scratches her head. "It is a good timing, because this period is around when the Murasaki Kagami comes back to life after being shattered. I actually thought of making it an entrance exam of sorts, but I kinda don't know if it's safe for you, or any small group of fresh recruits for that matter."

    Turning to Mito, Ibaraki-doji questions, "Matsuda-san, can you please inform and remind the rest of the clan about tonight's strike on Murasaki Kagami? We will need final confirmation on the small group of volunteers, while ensuring that enough clan members are present indoors while I supervise the battle."

    An Ittan Momen flies into the room, approaching Ibaraki-doji. It then whispers into her ear.

    "Uh huh. Mmhmm. Yup. Perfect! Thank you, comrade."
  7. Regina saw doubt the leaders eyes at Regina's request. The unknown can be very scary to humans but apparently it also applied to Yokai in japan also she thought. Regina lowered her head after Ibaraki mentioned Murasaki Kagami coming to life and that acting as an entrance exam. Regina closed her eyes as she attempted to recall the name. Suddenly the room was filled with a clicking sound as if dozens of insects were marching to their Queen.

    "Murasaki Kagami... A title unheard?"

    Suddenly her form started to blur as a rustling could be heard from Regina's body. A tiny beetle crawled up her leg and onto her cheek. her form solidified for a few seconds and then the beetle flew off and Regina's body disintegrated into a swarm of flying insects. They fanned out around the room filling it with chirping of many different insects.

    "Murasaki Kagami, Murasaki Kagami, little ones whisper to me." Echoed Regina's voice under the chirping of the insects.

    The insects chirped louder as if cheering the crys of their master. Louder and louder until they just stopped. And flew out, leaving the room without a trace.

    "Purple Mirror... Purple Mirror... Purple mirror... Why do you trick me so. Once a beautiful maiden." Regina's voice could be heard all over the room.

    Suddenly their was a surge of insects which spiraled to where Regina disappeared forming a mass of insects which just pulsed and slowly rised.

    "Now only but skin and bones. To treasure a lie, only to be deceived by truth."

    The insects formed the shape of Regina and began to merge together. Their chirping ceased and only Regina's voice could be heard.

    "Purple mirror as it falls, Lay the curse on youth she calls. 20 years shall not forget, grant them death so they regret." Regina finished after returned to her original form while holding the beetle.

    Her face was emotionless. She learned a new tale and yet it was incomplete. She wanted to know more she wanted to take the test. "Murasaki Kagami of purple mirror, I accept your test. Tell me the scene you wish me to preform. The tale of purple mirror you ask me to write. Worry not for I have walked many lands. My book is as thick as they come filled with centuries of tales stories and songs. A final chapter is something I welcome not fear. Let my tale be one of discovery not fear. Command and I shall write in a moments notice."
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  8. Matsuda Mito

    Matsuda stood at attention as Ibaraki-doji spoke his name, stepping forward to recieve his orders. Listening silently while she spoke, he nodded his response and gave a swift bow before rushing off. He couldn't help thinking to himself how odd this newcomer was, the way she looked, the way she spoke, even the ancient aura she possessed.

    "I guess it could be charming... We'll see." He sighed to himself, shaking away the distraction as he arrived at his destination. Clearing his throat Matsuda called for the room's attention, pausing a few moments before speaking.

    "Ibaraki-san has asked me to remind you all about the Murasaki Kagami strike tonight. She needs a final count of members in the small group, so if you're participating confirm your position with us. Everyone else will have to remain here and hold down the fort while the battle commences." Matsuda looked at the room around him before waving them on. "Alright, on you go." He ushered them on, listening contently as the words he had spoken spread on outside of the room. News had a habit of traveling quickly when it came to the Yokai, which was probably why so many people knew about Ibaraki-doji despite the clan's lack of activity.

    Pleased with his work, Matsuda left the room and began making his way back to where he had come from. Naturally as he went, he continued to remind people and spread the word of the leader. He had a few members immediately confirm their attendance for the mission later that night, Matsuda writing down their names as he went, but mostly they stayed silent... Either deliberating, or rejecting the mission all together. Before he had reached the area where he had left the group, Matsuda ducked out a door to the outside yard where he continued his search for the participating members for the attack.
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  9. Azamuki no Kitsune
    Hyakki Yagyo Second - In - Command | Indoors

    Azamuki's fox ears twitched in mid meditation. She felt a memory resurface; That day 6 months ago, when that girl she felt such adoration towards became her, and everyone else's superior. She felt the opposite way everyone else felt; she adored the child-like oni since she first laid eyes on her. She always longed for children, something that would help bury her past drawls of bloodthirst, but no male would even meet eyes with her from her bloody history with humans. Well what was she to help? The kitsune's rage to them was uncontainable, and even the scent of one flipped her mental switch to hate. She tried taming that ever since she joined, and since she was promoted she had been able to keep that murderous side of her under control.
    Back to her presently; she whiffed the scent of the child. She was so deep into meditating she probably didn't catch it sooner.
    "Oh she's home, home!" She whispered to herself, her fox-like form switching to a more human one, though her ears and tail did not vanish. She unconsciously took the form of a child; she normally reacted this way when realizing Ibaraki-doji was near, not that she directly acted this way to her. She kept her adoration quiet, heaven knows what would happen if she found out how devoted to her and for what reason she was! Running to the entrance of the home, on all fours of course.
    "Ibaraki-doji-sama! You've return-" She was cut off by all the commotion, but did not take another moment to speak, only quietly folding her hands together and bowing. In the mere blink of an eye, she was a young woman instead of a child, a red and black lock hanging over her face.

  10. "So, you've actually heard of the Murasaki Kagami? Well, the urban legend is a mere tip of the iceberg. The real deal is much more frightening, and even moreso if left to fully awaken and recharge. Assuming that it hasn't been long, she should be easier to deal with should we have the right plans, assuming she does not pull any further tricks up her sleeve."

    Ibaraki-doji nods as she hears the insect woman's poetry. This odd girl seemed pretty knowledgable on a great deal of matters, and could be a great asset to the Clan.

    "It is surprising how you have not stated your name even once. You may simply refer to me as Ibaraki-doji. What do you go by?"
  11. Regina smiled as Ibaraki-doji assumed that Regina knew the story of Murasaki. The truth is that Regina had only just learn the story from the insects. They see everything that happens in the world. From the fly on the wall to the roach under the bed. You cannot hid from bugs as they do Regina's bidding. However they only bring incomplete knowledge. To Regina, their stories are tainted and are not satisfying. They only serve to wet her appetite.

    "It is surprising how you have not stated your name even once. You may simply refer to me as Ibaraki-doji. What do you go by?"

    Regina lost her smile and looked up. This was true as Regina had no name, at least not one she could remember. She always wondered about that. What stories remain hidden from lacking a name. At last, this was not the story she was seeking today, nor ever again. Those days are over.

    "Ibaraki-doji, Please excuse our manners. this old spirit has no title but many tellers " She held out her hand moving her gaze to her palm. A beetle flew into her hands and looked to her in the eyes. Her antennas twitched mirror those of the beetle before it flew off, "The little ones prefer the telling of Regina."
  12. Matsuda Mito

    Matsuda ran through the list of clan members in his head, making a mental check list of all those would either be interested or available to join to attack. He had hit most of them by this point, the man working quickly so as to return the report to Ibaraki-doji as soon as possible. There was however one name that stood out above the rest as willing to join their leader and fellow clan members into this strike. “Azamuki-san!” He exclaimed to himself. Matsuda couldn’t believe he didn’t think to ask her first, being one of many to recognize her devotion to the newly appointed leader. He looked around for her but quickly realized with her hearing, she would have realized immediately that Ibaraki-doji had returned from school. Approaching the hallway where the group was still standing, Matsuda waved his hand to get Azamuki’s attention. “Pst, Azamuki-san. Over here.” He whispered, beckoning her over and around the corner with his hand. “I have to ask you something, it’s important.” Luckily the Tengu didn’t have to strain his voice through a whisper to be heard, the Kitsune ears being one of the best in the world but whether or not she would respond was an entirely different issue.espond was an entirely different issue.

  13. "And that's about done."

    The Yuki-Onna waves a sigh of satisfaction for a job well done. The mansion and the courtyard were practically sparkling when she had finished thoroughly cleaning it though she did have a little help from her volatile companions. They were carrying bamboo brooms similar to hers and were scampering all over the courtyard while sweeping seconds ago before putting away their equipment and gathering around her excitedly. Indeed, it is an unexplained mystery as to how they are even capable of using the brooms as skillfully as any other humanoid being could.

    *Honk honk*

    Suddenly, one of her cute little subordinates released an enthusiastic cry before tugging at her kimono.

    "Yeah yeah. I know Gunther. A promise is a promise after all. Honestly, if it weren't for the sardines, I doubt I could get any of you to help me out."

    Suina releases an exasperated sigh before setting course for the kitchen, her volatile antarctic companions in hot pursuit of her. As she bound off towards her destination, she'd pass by other demons who'd swerve several feet away from her when they catch sight of her volatile underlings and that is for good measure too. The slightest stimulation could set them off. Why one time, the entire headquarter's was almost blasted to Kingdom Come when a whole bunch of them were tied up and mistaken to be pinatas. Fortunately, before the proverbial stick could set them off, Suina managed to freeze everyone's actions literally. Now, everyone is wise enough to steer clear of her whenever her cute little subordinates are present.

    Upon arriving at the kitchen, she deftly opened one of the cupboards and retrieved a can of sardines. She opened it through the use of an icy blade she created out of thin air. Afterwards, she started feeding the five penguins eyeing the sardines greedily one by one until all of them were satisfied. She disposes the can and with a clap of her hands, dismisses her minions into whatever realm they belong to.

    "And that marks the 400th' year without an accident. I really am getting good at imposing my commands over them If i do say so myself kukuku"

    She had been so carried away with her housekeeping duties that she had not sensed the young mistress' arrival had Mitsuda-san not announced the upcoming strike on the Purple Mirror later that evening. She was ashamed to have been so negligent of Ibaraki-doji's presence but at the same time, she couldn't contain her excitement towards the raid. Suina hasn't seen some action in a while, ever since Nurarihyon's passing of the torch mostly because she was asked to hold down the fort while the others go on the raids. But no longer. She was determined to let loose this time around.

    "Mitsuda-san, I'll be participating in this strike as well. I haven't been able to let loose for a while so this is the perfect opportunity to do so, kukuku." Suina says in quite a gleeful tune.

    With a single snap of her fingers, she dismissed her explosive associates back to whatever dimension they came from before enthusiastically heading towards the entrance of the old, Japanese-style mansion.

    "Welcome back home, Ibaraki-chan!! I presume you had fun in school? I would have wanted to attend school with you but without me looking after the mansion, our home would become filthy in no time. It's a dirty job but somebody's gotta do it." Suina said with a glint of fatigue in her words. Truth be told, she had volunteered to do the household chores the moment she joined the Hyakki Yagyo. After all those years of hard labor, her step-mother practically engraved in her memory that a filthy house is no better than a pigsty. Even after her death, she still tries to maintain her shelter as spotless as possible, a habit that she hates yet considers as useful at the same time.

    Finally, she noticed that the other High-Ranking members, Azamuki-sama and Ikitsuki-sama were also present, prompting the Yuki-Onna to give them a brief, respectful bow. A rather peculiar girl which Suina hadn't seen before was also among the crowd gathered around the even more peculiar leader of the night parade of a hundred demons. Suina may have not been the oldest yokai in their little family but her memory is among the sharpest in the clan. She would have remembered seeing this girl at least once since she had joined but she had no prior memory of her. Thus, she concluded that this girl must be a new recruit.

    "Ah! You must have joined the clan recently. My name's Suina. It's nice to meet you! If you ever need any help, don't hesitate to ask, okay?" She chirped cheerfully.
  14. Azamuki no Kitsune
    Hyakki Yagyo Second - In - Command | Indoors

    The kitsune frowned, shrinking to her child-like size once more. She wasn't acknowledged, rather she had her attention taken by that... Bug woman. She felt a little riled up, even jealousy flourished within her currently tiny body. She wanted to burn that bug alive... Flames licked the tips of her ears and fists having a rather angered expression on her face.
    Her attention was then diverted by the familiar call of Matsuda. Her anger was immediately starved, her flames of rage disappearing and her tails flicking around.
    "Coming Matsuda-chan..." She said, crawling on her fours and looking up at the male when lured to the position he wished.
    "What is it?" She impatiently asked, her tails flicking with annoyance. She clearly felt some unlady like emotions towards the one who had taken Ibaraki-doji-sama's attention away from her.

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  15. Matsuda Mito

    "Understood." Matsuda responded to Suina before looking down at Azamuki with slight amusement, kneeling down to her level to speak with her. "It's the new arrival, isn't it? You know she hasn't forgotten about you right? Ibaraki-doji-sama just has a lot on her mind at the moment. We should be happy about the new recruit, it will really lift her spirits." He grinned, hoping to put the girl's mind at ease. She might have been older than him, and higher in rank, but even elders needed some reassurance every once in a while. "Anyway, that's not what I wanted to talk about. She wanted me to gather the list of volunteers for the attack tonight. Will you be joining us?" He paused for a moment, wings rustling behind him thoughtfully. "Ibaraki-san mentioned that she would also be attending to watch over the group." Matsuda added, knowing that making the center of his question about the leader that Azamuki would be more inclined to respond positively. He, however, left out reminding her that the bug-woman would most likely be joining the raid as well.
  16. Nyx Ikitsuki

    Her greeting had been accepted and acknowledged by Ibaraki-san and that was enough for Nyx. She moved to retreat into the shadows when the strange woman appeared and spoke to their clan leader. Her scent was strange, her demeanor as well. Nyx readied herself in case she was forced to defend her clan members, but it seemed the bug woman held only adoration for Ibaraki-doji and she lowered her guard. There were plenty of clan members around to protect Ibaraki, so she simply vanished into the shadows as she usually did, silently moving towards the main entrance to the building. Just then she heard the call for the strike on Murasaki Kagami and she halted with a growl. She wasn't going to miss out on the strike, she wanted to be there when they shattered that blasted thing again.
    With a slightly annoyed huff she returned to Matsuda and tapped him lightly. 'Count me in for the strike tonight, Matsuda-san.' she stated calmly, before slipping away again. Being away from the crowd felt a lot better, she perched in the cherry blossom in the garden, leaning against the supple branches and brushing along the soft petals with a weak smile.
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