I wrote this for a friend... Cuz he's weird and wanted a poem about death..

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  1. I stopped fighting my inner demons
    We're on the same side now
    No wonder I can't breathe
    No one can save me now
    Death shall take me tonight
    And I know I won't fight

    Cutting deeper
    Call the reaper
    Take my soul today
    Into the light
    Is it alright
    To die this way

    And as my world comes crashing down
    And as I slip away
    I watch my blood come dripping down
    Seeking freedom from this place
    And my wrists pour out red
    Because I'm better off dead

    Falling deeper into darkness
    It's very cold and black
    I know I can't fight this
    It's too late to turn back
    Dead in the end
    Watch me ascend
  2. i didn't really like the first four lines... but he said to put them in there so.... w/e it's his poem lol
  3. I especially like the second stanza. Chanting it out loud is pretty catchy!