I Would Abuse Time Travel...



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So, this is a pretty simple game; each post, you say a way in which you would like to abuse time travel. Statements should begin with the phrase "I would abuse time travel". Now, to eliminate some of the too-repeated cliches and problems, the following rules are in place:
1) The butterfly effect does not necessarily apply, unless you really need it to.
2) You may not significantly alter history, i.e. winning the Vietnam war or killing Hitler.
3) You may not intentionally cause such common problems as the grandfather paradox.
4) You may not do anything that is clearly cheating to make yourself or someone else rich, famous, or better in school (like giving yourself the answers). Cheating death or injury by forewarning is the exception.

Now, for my first one:

I would abuse time travel to go back in time to when the American Whose Line Is It Anyway was still recording, and find some way to be in the studio audience for a few shows.
I would abuse time travel to go back in time to see real vikings, just because their awesome :D
I would abuse time travel to make Xindaris make a thread with no rules instead.
I would abuse time travel by going backwards in time to where I got my ability to travel through time and tell him to go backwards to time to a certain time period then tell him to go backwards in time to tell my other time me to do the same, continuing until there was a me at every point in time ever. ETERNAL WITNESS