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    "He left me nothing but a kiss and a bloody cloak..."

    Oh, Game of Thrones. A Song of Ice and Fire. This series has always ruined me, but most of all, there's this pairing that haunts me. Sansa Stark and Sandor Clegane are basically meant to be. I've been CRAVING a roleplay with them--I can never seem to find a partner who will stick with me when I'm wanting a long-term story. Or multiple stories. I really can't get enough of them. I'd prefer it if you'd read the books as well as watched the show, but if you've only done one of those, I won't mind explaining some things. I'm just a poor Sansa Stark lookin' for some love.

    Annoying list of things I ask for:
    • YOU MUST be 16 years or older. Libertine optional for 18+.
    • YOU MUST be dedicated. Don't reply here if you think you'll lose interest in our story, and if you do lose interest, please tell me!
    • YOU MUST put forth considerable effort into plot-building. Don't make me do most of the work. It should be 50/50.
    • PLEASE be advanced or above in writing level. Bonus points if you send me a writing sample.
    • YOU MUST reply once a week at least, unless you notify me stating otherwise.
    • UNDERSTAND that I am a college student and may not reply for days at a time. Be patient. If I've lost interest, I will tell you.
    • YOU SHOULD give multiple paragraphs per response, more or less, depending on the scene.
    • YOU MUST have excellent grammar and spelling. Give this post a rating if you read these requirements.

    What I Offer:

    Of course, it's not fair to ask so many things of you without telling you what I can offer in return. That would be ridiculous. Below I've compiled a list of things I can bring to the table, should you choose to roleplay with me.
    • Friendliness. I'm very easy to get along with.
    • Plot cooperation. Plotting is my FAVORITE.
    • Advanced/Prestige writing level.
    • Solid, strong replies. I write 3-8 paragraphs per response, usually.
    • Hard work. I'll dedicate myself to our story.
    • Devotion. I won't want to just drop, unless I lose interest. But that rarely happens.
    • Excellent grammar and spelling, and good flow in my writing.
    • Photoshop skills. Ohhh yes, I love making things for my stories.


    Potential Plots:

    • GRAVEDIGGER - Sansa Stark is Queen in the North. After recuperating at the Quiet Isles, Sandor goes to her to offer himself as her sworn shield. We can go into a war with the Freys, the White Walkers, the Boltons or otherwise, but this is a nice place to start.
    • BLACKWATER - Sansa and Sandor flee together during the Battle of the Blackwater. Alternately, he could choose to stay in King's Landing instead of leaving.
    • VALE OF FIRE - Sansa hosts a tourney in the Eyrie, still under the disguise of Alayne Stone. Sandor attends after hearing a rumor of a familiar maiden from his memories.
    • LADY OF WINTERFELL - This plot is strictly show-based, with as many elements from the books as we desire. Sansa, after reuniting with Jon at the Wall, decides to take back the North from the Boltons with his help. Sandor comes from the south to join her army.
    • CLOAK THE BRIDE - Joffrey thinks giving Sansa to the Hound in marriage is a fitting punishment for Robb's advances in war. He is poorly mistaken.
    • THE LAUGHING TREE - Sansa is a struggling college student, working at her late aunt Lyanna's bookshop while taking care of her siblings. Sandor is a drunk who stumbles into her shop late at night, and she gives him a place to stay in exchange for work.​
    • WHISKEY AND TEA - Sandor is a bartender at a place he owns. Sansa wanders in, and when he discovers that she has used a fake ID and pressured to attend by her abusive boyfriend, he lets her stay and takes her home when the time is right. The two stay in contact and become friends, leading to lovers over time.​
    • HAND OF THE KING - This is a modern-alternative to the whole plot of Game of Thrones, with different European countries representing each of the Seven Kingdoms. This would need to be discussed more in-depth.​
    • BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - Fleeing for her life, Sansa comes across a dark castle in the forest. A great evil lurks within, and in exchange for her safety and shelter, she promises to work as the beast's maid. Over time, things change, and what was once a terrible beast promises to give revenge on those who harmed her.​
    • PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - Sansa is the most popular singer at the opera house, her talent coming forth from the teaching of a masked monster who lurks in the shadows. Their mutual fascination with each other takes dark roots when blood and suspicion flow through the theater's halls.​
    Thank you for reading! Leave a comment or PM me if you're interested.

  2. Ah. I know it's pretty much a long-shot hoping for someone on here to play the Hound for me, but I'll give this another bump before I give up entirely.
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