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    [size=+1]What's one technology from a science fiction show, movie, or book that you wish you could have for personal gain? Why?[/size]
  2. >_> The popular TIME MACHINE! You know why? DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHY?!??!! I'll tell you WHY! Because...because it's MIND BLOWING! I want to see dinosaurs! And Pocahontas! Or go back to the moment in life that I was happy the most! Yeah! THAT"S WHY!

    So I could go where I wanted to go in a matter of seconds. 8D
  4. This
  5. The Enterprise !
    'cause it's the damn Enterprise. No explanation needed.


    Or a Mind Control Gadget ! :D
    ...Well honestly I'd use it in both good and bad ways.
    I would get my revenge on some people whereas I would help those who have helped me. Thus my plan for WORLD DOMINATION

  6. The neuralyzer from Men in Black.


    Did Iliana just trip over that stack of newspapers. NOPE. *flash*
  7. An unlimited supply of Bullets from "The Exam" in every caliber and type

    Seriously.....fucking life bullets. LIFE BULLETS!
  8. I'd want my very own mobile suit. It would be cool, I'd be feared by all things tinier than the gundam, I could travel faster... And, and the weapons... c___c

  9. um i dont know if this counts but
    from the movie repo man the genitic opera
    blind mags eyes

    because their are people that have passed on that i want to see again and just being able to see them again would be a dream for me...
  10. Sonic Screwdriver. Yup.
  11. Either Bardiche Assault or Laevatein from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha because they're just that awsome.
  12. I agree with Nightingale! Blind Mag's eyes would be awesome.