"I wish that I could be like the cool kids."

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  1. Cass, Pink

    Cassandra Jones | The Girl in Your Dreams | English
    Currently: Humming And Not Paying Attention

    "'Cause, honey, your soul can never grow old. It's evergreen."

    Cassandra Jones, a beautiful girl of eighteen, was currently humming one of her favorite songs, sometimes muttering the lyrics under her breath. She was stuck in English and her teacher, Mr. Castle, was droning on about something that she didn't feel like tuning into. Now, don't get her wrong. English was her absolute favorite subject. Has been since as long as she could remember. But, when it was so early in the morning, she had trouble actually paying attention to whatever the lesson was for the day. Staring out the window that was by her, she could only hope that the teacher didn't call on her. She probably would be able to answer the question or whatever, but she didn't quite feel like participating at such a time. Suddenly, a yawn cut her humming and her thoughts. Blinking away the tears that sprung up in her eyes from the intensity of her yawn, the brunette regretted not going to bed early the night before.

    She, being her, had stayed up the night before, listening to music, reading books, and just thinking about life. In her wake, she had finished a couple books, learned some new songs, made a few mixes, and discovered new things. It was a usual night for one Cassandra Jones. Really, she wasn't one for sleeping when it really mattered, which is why she was like a zombie half the time. But no one truly noticed because she never looked tired, always seemed like she paid attention in class, and was always energetic. It was all thanks to her great endurance, coffee, and music. Without those things, she wouldn't have made it so far into high school with the hours of sleep that she receives.

    "Mrs. Jones, what are your thoughts on Looking For Alaska?"

    Snapping out of her daze, Cassandra turned her gaze to Mr. Castle, who was looking at her expectantly. Straightening up, she cleared her throat and inhaled a deep breath, chest expanding with the sudden amount of air. So much air that her lungs were beginning to burn and she had to exhale, chest contracting. She hoped that her class was ready for some ranting because she had quite a few things to say about said book.

    "Well, first off, I love John Green and his books. I like how his romance novels are different than others. They don't have a happy ending. And you can relate to the characters in the story on more than one level. Looking for Alaska was no different. It was funny and romantic and full of angst all at once. Everything one should expect from John Green. He has a knack for characters who are broken inside, but don't dwell on it. And, in all honesty, that's how a lot of us are. We're not perfect, or whole. We're broken people and jagged puzzle pieces that don't exactly fit right, but, hey, we make it work and cover it up. Try to glue the incorrect pieces together. But it doesn't always work that way. That's when we realize that the pieces don't go together and we fall apart. Sometimes in simple ways and other times in the most destructive. That's what John Green captures in Looking for Alaska, in all of his books. And I love that."

    There was a moment of silence before Mr. Castle cleared his throat. "Well done, now let's...."

    Cassandra had, once again, tuned everything out. She had proven to Mr. Castle that she was paying attention and wasn't likely to get called on again. Humming once more, the brunette stated into space as time passed by in a slow manner.

    [You guys don't have to start in English. You can start in any of the other classes that's apart of the schedule.]

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  2. [​IMG]
    Jaxster Sinclair | Don Juan | History
    C U R R E N T L Y: Listening to the lesson

    The bus stopped off to the side of the streets in front of a bus stop. A male walked out from a small group, moving off to the side with a dog whose leash was latched onto the ring of his pants as he proceeded to walk further and stopped momentarily off to the side, slightly against a wall. He took one bite from the asian pair he had in his hand and looked to the side as the large looking dog had lifted its leg up, peeing freely over dirt under a naked tree. School was about 10 minutes away from where he was at and once he looked down at the dog he chewed on the bits, slightly covering his stuffed mouth with a wrist."Mmf.. Done?" he asked, voice slightly growly and muffled as the dog waited for its master. Jaxster took out his iPhone to check the time before he pocketed it and proceeded to walk to school as the dog willingly followed beside him.

    T I M E S K I P

    It was class time now and Jaxster was sitting in class as he listened to the teacher teaching history. There wasn't much to do, and yes he was in fact bored. However it was the least he could do--He was put in school for a reason and he looked beside his desk to check on his large lion-like dog, Jacques whom immediately raised its head in response to his master's movements before saying its head back down. The immediate response only made the male chuckle and momentarily smile as he looked back up at the teacher to resume learning. He wrote quick and neat in his notebook, taking notes based on the lesson that would come in handy for the future and scratched the side of his head with his pencil in silence before placing the pencil gently over his lips sideways as he furrowed his eyebrows in concentration. Through the slight silence, The large mastiff laid on its side as Jax was working, relaxing while on duty which was perfectly fine in truth. Its black vest was apparent with words like,'SERVICE DOG' 'DO NOT PET' ' along with a collar around its neck and Jaxster sighed.

    Being a student, or person in general with a service dog wasn't as cool as it seemed. There were also many cons and double the unwanted attention due to the fact that the male was also a 'player'. Jax could barely be 'unknown', but ever since the recent death of Bethani, the attention slightly went down to whispers. His streak seemed to die down out of respect and he seemed to be more quieter than usual in a gloomy way. Dazing off into space, Jacques perked his head up and immediately placed its paws over the lap of his master from the side, licking his face as if to say,'Hey! Hello! Real world! Come back buddy!' quietly, which attracted a few attention from students but not the teacher because this was just a minor issue. Nothing overly serious unless the dog begins barking. Soon enough, Jaxster shook his head in response and began to pet Jacques with one hand, focusing back to work."Ah.. thanks Jac....." he whispered as the dog continued licking his face."I'm fine, i'm fine." added the male, before the dog got off Jaxster, sitting straight up and looking more keen.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Ryder Lee | Your Typical teenage rebel | Gym
    C U R R E N T L Y: Getting Changed.

    "And secondly, I need three more boys for this years football team. Ryder, are you in?" The coach shouted over the hustle of guys getting changed. The coach was insistent Ryder did 'more with his talent' in football, but Ryder was solely a 'watersman' as he likes to call it. Only ever will he dedicate his sporting time to the pool. And the ocean. Football was a waste of his time. Ryder ignored the sound of the coach trying to get his voice heard over the sound of testosterone filling the room. He pulled off his green Military jacket and hung it up before sliding out of his tastefully ripped jeans. Once he was out of them, Ryder pulled on the blue shorts and black tank top.

    Once he was getting on his trainers, Ryder tried to stop his eyes from wandering. Even though gym was the only lesson he enjoyed, this was the worst part; keeping his eyes off his classmates. Why did he have to be surrounded by a collection of tough, attractive men who were straighter than what he used to style his hair with. "Fuck my life.." Ryder mumbled as he watched a particularly attractive boy walk past him in his underwear. This was torture.


    "Lee, put your backside into it!" Coach barked at him. Everybody was jogging about, doing their laps. Ryder had given up after two minutes and now was literally rolling around on the grass, "Coach! I'm dying!" He whined, pretending to be out of breath. There was no point bothering in cross-country. Everybody in the class could run, why try to prove it? It was dumb. As Ryder lolled about on the floor, his mind wandered about, considering lunch. Who was he going to sit with? Ryder hadn't made proper friends yet, but there had been some pretty cool people. The first person he actually spoke to was a girl named Cass. She was really beautiful. "Shame I'm not straight." He first thought when he met her. She didn't half have a brain too. After her, he had spoken with Greg. Ryder wasn't lying going to lie to himself, Greg was adorable as fuck. Not to mention constantly on top of the world. He also had conversed with Jaxster and Chris. Jax was so hot, but like, intimidatingly so. Ryder was more drawn to the dog than anything else. Then Chris was super cute, but Ryder had to keep his eyes away from them both - since they were obviously straight as heck. And so was he to the rest of the world. Lastly was Ana, somebody else who made Ryder laugh. She was the most like him in the sense neither of them had respect for much authority.

    Speaking of authority, Ryder was pulled out of his listings as the coach ran over, along with half of the class, "C'mon, up!" Ryder rolled his eyes, "But coach-" He stood up, smoldering as he looked around, "You could run for me, you need it more than I do!" Ryder leaned over to poke the small jiggle on the coaches stomach, creating uproar of laughter of the jocks who were surrounding them.

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    CURRENTLY: Sketching a new drawing

    " The saddest thing in life is wasted talent"-

    Christopher was sitting in the middle of class drowning out the sound of his teacher and the lesson that was being presented in front of him so that he could concentrate on his new sketch. It wasn't that he didn't care for the lesson far from it. It was the simple fact that he already knew the lesson that was going on. His eyes narrowed down on his his recent sketch of Iron Man adding a little shade to some of the armor. Usually in his classes he always found the time to draw or sketch something when he was inspired and the recent avengers movie he had watched on Netflix the night before inspired him. The teacher Mr. Townee began walking around the class to observe the work that he had explained on the board. Not that Chris was playing any attention but he swapped the sketch with his work just as the teacher walked by nodding his head in approval.

    A sigh escaped his lips and he scratched his head before stretching in his seat and then looking at the clock. Just 10 more minutes of class and he'd have time to drop off his recent drawing to the art teacher who was so keen on looking over his work. The lady would always question why he didn't join the art club instead of just using the supplies for his own work but Christopher already knew why just like she did. He was already committed to a sport. Football and that was not going to change. Yes he was talented in drawing as well as he was in music but that was just something that he did in his free time and also to clear his head.

    Tick...Tick....Tick... Christopher eyes the clocked. It always seemed the class was so long when you were ready to leave but when you were enjoying yourself then it was time to go. That whole time goes by when your having fun was true cause time when slow as hell when you were bored. He just began thinking about what he was going to do after school until he remember that there was going to be a late practice in preparation for the upcoming game. Great just my luck.

    The Sketch: [​IMG]
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  5. Gregory, #7c4895
    [ Gregory Matthews - Happy-Go-Lucky - English ]
    Currently: Daydreaming

    As per usual, Gregory was already off in his own little world. There was just something about the English class that just made it impossible to focus, really, so it wasn't his fault that he wasn't paying attention. It probably had a lot to do with Mr. Castle's boring voice. Honestly, how could he expect to keep a bunch of teenagers' attention, when he was always rambling on like a really bored robot? Greg wasn't one to complain about his teachers, but it was really bad in this case. It was boring enough that he couldn't focus, but still too distracting to take a nap! Sighing, he was about to let himself slump down against his desk to get immersed in his daydream when the teacher called on Cassandra to speak. Now, that was how a teacher should speak. With-- Energy. And.. You know.

    The moment the teacher continued on with the lesson, Gregory realized that Cass was paying just as little attention as he was. Probably had her own little daydream going, really. It was kind of a neat realization; he'd always assumed her to be the type to always pay attention in class, since she was always so on point with the questions. When Greg was asked questions, all he could ever do was smile and hope he was let off the hook. Or that someone would whisper the answer... It didn't work out very often, really. He should probably start paying attention in class. Some other time.

    Grinning to himself as he decided what he could do to pass the time, Greg quietly tore a sheet of paper from his notebook and scribbled a message across it. Unsatisfied with traditional note passing, he then began folding the sheet into an origami duck. Once finished, he scribbled 'open me' on the side and tossed it onto Cassandra's desk as subtly as he could manage. He was the master of subtlety, so it was okay.

    The note:
    'If Mr. Castle's voice didn't have that horrible scratchy sound to it, I'd probably be asleep by now.
    How are you holding up, on your end?'

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  6. Cass, Pink


    Cassandra Jones | The Girl in Your Dreams | English
    Thinking about lunch.

    I wonder who I'm going to be sitting with at lunch today. No doubt the other 'cool kids', Cassandra thought as the end of English neared. She was definitely hungry. In all retrospect, she did eat breakfast at, like, seven that morning and was prone to getting hungry quite quickly. People always wondered where all the food went, since she ate a lot, and, sometimes, she wondered herself. But wondering never really got anyone anywhere, especially if there was no definite answer to one's wondering, so she stopped.

    Her rambling in her mind was interrupted when something landed on her desk. Glancing down, she recognized it as a duck--an origami one. The sight made a small smile appear on her face. It had to be one of the cutest things that she's ever seen before. People usually went for the swan when it came to origami. It was nice and unique to see a duck instead. Gently picking it up, she turned it in her dainty fingers. Words flashed by before she looked at the duck more closely. "Open me...," she mumbled as she followed its orders, unfolding it. So it wasn't just a normal origami duck. In fact, it was a note directed towards her. It took her a moment but she was able to figure out who it was from. Really, there was only one person in the whole class who would do such a thing. Smile growing, she whipped out a pencil and scribbled a message back. It wasn't her neatest handwriting, but it was still legible.

    Her reply:
    'I'd probably be right with you, with the whole sleeping thing. But, instead, I'm thinking about lunch.'

    She tried her best to refold the note into its original form. It might not have been as great as Gregory's, but it was still pretty cool. Underlining the words 'open me', she tossed it back to its owner, shooting him a smile before turning back to the clock. Some minutes had gone by and, before they knew it, the end of English class had finally made its appearance. The ringing of the bell echoed throughout the entire school, signaling that it was time for them to hustle to their next class. Gathering her things, the brunette got to her feet, pushing out her seat. She slipped from her desk, pushing in her chair, and made her way to the door with the rest of her classmates. As she passed Greg, she gave him another smile before disappearing into the hall and the massive crowd occupying it.

    T I M E S K I P - L U N C H

    Nothing was better than going to lunch after Gym. Cassandra always had the worst appetite after exercising for a long period of time. As the girls in the changing room switched back to their regular clothes, the brunette was running a hand through her hair as she gathered her things so she could get to the classroom where all of the 'cool kids' met up for lunch. Today, she had brought her lunch from home, deciding not to eat the school's lunch, whatever it was going to be. Exiting out of the changing room, she walked out of the auditorium, where Gym was held, and into the crowded halls. While everyone made their way to the cafeteria, Cassandra was making her way to the Art room. The teacher there always let them borrow the room, as long as it was clean when they left and they didn't touch anything.

    Reaching the empty classroom, she opened the door and peaked her head inside, eyes glancing around. It seemed that she was the first one to the room, which was unusual. Shrugging her shoulders, she opened the door wider and stepped inside, closing it behind her. Making her way across the room, she picked one of the many empty tables to sit at. Placing her lunch down, she pulled up a chair and made herself comfortable before taking her lunch out. It was leftovers from last night's dinner. Pasta along with some snacks and a soda. A simple lunch that would fill her up for a certain period of time. As she began to eat her pasta, she patiently waited for everyone else's arrivals.
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  7. [​IMG]

    Ryder Lee | Your Typical teenage rebel | Lunch
    C U R R E N T L Y: Eating

    Lunch hadn't even started and Ryder was stuffing his face with chocolate. Biology was insanely dull. The teacher was droning on about chlorophyll or whatever, Ryder wasn't interested. Non of his classes interested him. If he wasn't doing sport, he wasn't listening. He chewed on the caramel, looking around the class. He spotted Jax, one of the 'cool kids.' Ryder loved that title, 'cool kid.' Having people treat him specially because he was one was awesome. It was like, being a VIP everyday. And Ryder strived off that title.

    Once he had finished off the last piece of chocolate, he bunched up the wrapper and tried to get it into the bin, "Ryder!" The teacher instantly shouted, giving him a frown. "Sir!" He shouted back, being sarcastic. Half the class rolled their eyes, thinking he wasn't funny. The rest of them, giggled at his boyish humour. "Put it in the bin." The teacher shook his head, going back to talking about plants. With a shrug, he jumped off his stool and strutted over to the bin, picking up the wrapper and placing it in the bin. When he looked up, he noticed a big, fluffy dog. And no matter how hard he tried, Ryder couldn't suppress his inner child, "Hello fluffy wuffy!" He whispered, waving at the dog childishly before looking up to his owner. Yeah, Ryder blinked and hopped back onto his stool. Jax was sort of intimidating. His eyebrows looked like they were constantly glued in a frown.

    Mr.Warwick, the biology teacher, continued to attempt to get Ryder to listen. It wasn't working. Ryder spent the entire lesson ignoring his teacher, eating, and waving at the fluffy dog. Once the bell rung for lunch, Ryder collected his backpack and jumped over the table. It gained him another yell from the teacher, but Ryder just ran off to lunch.

    T I M E S K I P

    "Hey hey hey!" He swung into the empty art class. This had been his sanctuary in school with his other friends. Cass was sitting in there alone. He smiled as he walked over. Ryder jumped onto the table and crossed his legs, putting his bag in front of him to rummage around for more food. "How's it going Cass?" Ryder smiled over to her as he found another bag of chips down at the bottom of his bag. No matter what his coaches said, Ryder wouldn't give up junk food, he was too far gone. He opened the bag and began to eat them loudly, looking around the classroom at the art. It's a shame he wasn't good at this either. "The coach wants me on the football team." He began to mumble, sort of talking to himself, "Bad idea right?"
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  8. Will delete if I couldn't post. I thought it was my turn since Cherie isn't around (well she is but probably won't post since she said she was studying/the SATs)
    Jaxster Sinclair | Don Juan | History
    C U R R E N T L Y: Working while getting annoyed by Ryder
    When Biology came next--Jaxster was actually happy to be in that class. In truth he liked science, and just when he thought he was having a good day as he walked to class,"Hello fluffy wuffy!" he heard. That voice.... It was the dog-pedophile, Ryder whom annoyed him greatly during class hours... Class hours like Bio especially. It wasn't that Jaxster hated Ryder or anything, the guy was nice, Just plain annoying. Thankfully Jaxster at this point found his behavior tolerable and immediately he stared down at Ryder, and eyebrow raised before the male sat back down--To which Jax sat at the center of the class again. Most would say the dog was in the way--But no one seemed to mind Jacques' presence as he laid in the center of the room between desks. People were really careful and keen about the large mastiff.

    During Biology as expected, Ryder occasionally distracted Jaxster. The male was undoubtedly suffering in silence and let out a deep frustrating sigh. If he had balls--He would straight up tell Ryder,"Dude please shut up... Wait till' lunch." But it wasn't as easy as breaking off a booty call with someone and Jaxster was somewhat way to nice. When Mr. Warwick sensed Jax's frustration and concerns, he would reprimand the other male.... But to no avail it was like trying to command a two year old to drive a car. Impossible. And thankfully Jacques wasn't to distracted by Ryder.

    T I M E S K I P: LUNCH

    The bell had finally rang and Jaxster packed up during class and stayed for about three minutes in class as classmates asked to pet Jacques. After the whole petting zoo concept, the male walked into his locker and put his stuff in, before locking it and walking out to the hall to exit the school. At a time like this Jaxster was allowed to walk Jacques, and the male was seriously craving a cigarette as well. Walking down the halls, He encountered one of his close friends--Kian. A male who was rather troubling outside of school sadly but seemed like a good kid."Hey--Got a cancer stick?" Kian approached. Jaxster turned around and the two began to have a conversation while Jacques did his thing before he tossed his cigarette out and the two both said their goodbyes.

    Once Jaxster went back in, He unleashed Jacques from the loop of his jeans and cleared his throat."Go to lunch." he commanded, to which the large Tibetan mastiff quickly trotted into the 'cool kids' lunchroom. An empty and spacious room, to which suddenly, the dog's trotting can be heard and Jacques entered the class, walking around and searching the area before immediately going back to the door where Jaxster appeared. The trick was nothing new, and he chuckled seeing Ryder and Cass so far."Hey." he said, walking to a desk and placing his bag over the table, shuffling for a collapsible bowl and opening it which held the large dog's food. Jaxster bent down whistling for the attention of Jacques who seemed to greet Ryder and Cass before trotting away and proceeding to eat beside the desk.

    The male stood up as he took himself out a parmesan subway which by now was cold and ate it anyways. He paced around the room eating as Jacques occasionally looked up to check on his master in silence, proceeding back to having lunch. Since it was lunch break, it meant that Jacques was also on break in a way being free to petting and Jaxster stared out the window as he ate."So, anything interesting happened? Gossips? News?" he asked as a start.

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  9. Gregory, #7c4895
    [ Gregory Matthews - Happy-Go-Lucky - English ]
    Currently: Pondering what groundhogs chat about

    "Probably having their own holiday..." Greg muttered allowed in reply to his thoughts, idly glancing towards the clock as the English teacher slowed to a halt in his lesson. "I bet they have huge egos..." He mused, though it was inaudible over the bell ringing for them to move along to the next lesson. All too happy to start packing up his stuff, Gregory then slung his bag over his shoulder to scurry off. Noticing the smile Cassandra had sent as she passed, he gave a grin in return.

    Next for Greg was gym. Ugh, gym. Definitely not a favorite. Physical activity: not his thing. Now that he thought about it, if academics weren't his things and physical activity wasn't his thing, what did he have going for him, again...? Oh right, art. Greg liked art. It probably wasn't going to get him far in life, but he could figure out all that other stuff some other time. In the mean time he just had to at least put up with all the things that were not his thing. Like Gym.

    [ T I M E S K I P ]

    LUNCH. That was also something he could enjoy. Especially since he usually had it in the art room with the other 'cool kids.' Twofer, yeah! Or.. Threefer? Whatever the case. Happy to get away from all that dreaded learning, Greg bound into the art room, wrapping the closest person he could get to in a merciless hug. It was a daily routine. Really, it could probably be considered a ritual at this point. The only way to stop it was for someone to hug him, first. In that case, he'd usually freak out and vanish until the next class... Call it a quirk.

    "Hello~! And how are you today, Lovelies?" He spoke to everyone, though still holding his original victim in a hug.

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  10. Ana, #73ebc0

    Anastasia Molotov || The Delinquent || Lunch
    [rainbow]Currently:[/rainbow] Eating lunch


    A loud beeping sound woke Anastasia from her slumber. She lay in bed for a few seconds, her mind empty as she looked up at her blank ceiling. Without noticing, she soon slipped back to dreamland.

    The scent of smoke filled her nostrils as she watched her life burn away. The little white house that she used to call home lay in ashes in front of her. Along with her parents, her hopes and her dreams. She wished that she'd help Papa find Mama. Maybe then they would have all gotten out. Anastasia looked down at her palms and saw that the doll she was clutching to was looking up at her. There was no pity in the doll's eyes, only judgement and disappointment.

    A shadow creeped towards Anastasia. She would've been scared, but she recognized the familiar shape. "Mamushka!" When her mother, or her ghost really, looked down at her, Anastasia saw the dolls look reflect on her mothers eyes. "You did this." Her mother said as she beckoned to the pile of ashes in front of them. Anastasia would have replied, but no matter how hard she tried to pry her mouth open, her body obeyed her no longer. She felt her throat clog up and her eyes beginning to water. Another familiar shape then appeared beside her mother. "It's your fault." She couldn't look up at her Papa, his voice told her enough of his dismay. Her body began to shake as tears streamed down her face.

    Anastasia then began to run. She wanted to get away from that house, from her parents. She let her legs guide her. But as she ran she saw familiar places she knew from her past burning to ashes as her house did. The street suddenly came to a halt with a house at the end of it. Only this one wasn't in flames, but she felt her heart burning when she saw it. She had lived there when her uncle in Siberia had taken her in. She had stopped crying some time ago, but she felt the tears spring to her eyes once again as she entered the house. The memories hit her like a truck. The jokes, the tears, the training. But what she missed most was the love and support she got inside these walls. What was the tipping point for her tears to fall was when she saw her uncle lounging on the sofa while watching some comedy show. It was such a familiar sight that she was almost overwhelmed by the comfort it gave her. was laughing at some scene when he saw her standing there. His face fell and became grim. She wouldn't stand him saying what he was going to say so she turned and ran outside.

    When Anastasia looked back she was completely and utterly alone with ashes and shadows all around her.

    The sudden shrill of her alarm released Anastasia from her stupid ever-recurring dream. "дерьмо́" she swore as she checked her phone for the time. She had missed her first two classes. As she went over her schedule, she decided to just stay at home until lunch. She reached for her laptop on her nightstand and fired it up. For the next several minutes, she spent her time scrolling through Tumblr and soon her dream was forgotten momentarily. After, she took a quick shower. Not feeling like dressing up, she put on some shorts, a monki mimmi tee, a flannel shirt and some converse. She checked her phone for the time again and noted that she just had the right amount of time to get something to eat and get to school. She shoved some things in her backpack and slung it on her back. Grabbing her keys, she hurried downstairs. Before leaving she applied some mascara, eyeliner and lipstick quickly. The bang of the door was the only indication she made that she left the house.

    Anastasia lived about fifteen minutes from school at a walking distance. Luckily for her, restaurants and fast-food chains such as McDonald's were almost on her school walking route. It added five minutes or so of her walking but the food was worth it. She got to Mickey D's with her stomach grumbling and her mouth watering. Thank God the line was short. She ordered the yummiest burger she saw, big sized combo and five other cheeseburgers with fries. She left the place with her face stuffed with fries.

    By the time she reached school grounds, she had finished half her fries and she had to resist digging her hand into the greasy cup to not finish them all. The bell had just rung announcing lunchtime a few minutes ago. She walked down the hallways with her three brown paper bags. She reached the art room and by the voices inside it, some of the others were already there. "I bring a treasure for all of ye!" She said with her best impression of a pirate as she walked inside the room. "I was buying food and I thought it'd be rude not to buy everyone something so." She passed around the burgers and fries "If you don't want something, just put it on the bag and I'll give it to some dude on the street later or eat it myself. Depends on my hunger" Anastasia plopped down beside the others, unwrapped her burger and took a big bite.
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  11. Christopher grunted when the bell finally rung. Boy math was extremely boring when your teacher was old enough to be your grandpa and talked so slow. Gathering his things he headed over to the art room like he had planned and placed one of his sketches in his very own bin near the art teachers desk. She had wanted his drawings for and up coming art show and since she was nice enough to let him and his friends use the room to eat lunch he figured why not. Chris peeked his head out of the room where kids were still lingering in the hallway, he slid out the door and then proceeded down the hall to go to the cafeteria to grab himself a soda.

    The cafeteria was bustling and noisy , not that he was complaining. He saw a handful of his teammates from the football team who shouted his name from across the room causing him to sigh and shoot his hand up in a greeting to them in which they did the same. He used to eat in the cafeteria but it seemed like more of a questionare to him because everyone always came up to him or the other "cool kids". Christopher put his money in the vending machine and grabbed his soda and walked out the caff and back to th art room.

    As Christopher neared the room he heard a few voices none other then the other defined "cool kids" but he called them friends, the title was a bit much in his opinion. Opening the art room door he walked in seeing Cass, Ryder, Jax, Greg, and Ana. He smiled greeting them all and bent down to greet Jax's dog before plopping down with his bright smile. "Yo I'm starving man". Noticing Ana's burgers he instantly reached for one. " Gosh your the best Ana". Christopher smirked lightly before taking a bite out of the burger.

    (Sorry it's not my best but I'm using my phone )
  12. Cass, Pink

    Cassandra Jones | The Girl in Your Dreams | Lunch
    Currently: Eating and Talking

    Cassandra had been deep in thought when no other than Ryder popped up in the once empty art room. At his greeting, the brunette grinned widely, wsving at him as he joined her at the table she occupied, sitting on top of it. Watching him rummage for food out of his bookbag, she almost missed the question directed toward her. "Eh, it's....going, I guess," she responded with a shrug as she focused back on her own food. Chewing and swallowing another mouthful of pasta, she continued, "I mean, nothing interesting enough to share has happened." At the mention of sports, she grimaced. She wasn't exactly one for exercising. "Definitely a bad idea, in my opinion. Football is....a lot of exercise and pain that, in the end, isn't really worth it."

    Her thoughts about the evilness known as exercise were interrupted when she heard the familiar clicking of an animal. The only one who roamed the school was none other than Jacques, dog of Jaxster. As the clicking became louder, she straightened up immediately, eyes trained on the entrance of the art room. The first glimpse of the familiar dog sent the brunette into a fit of squeals, a large grin stretching her face. She waited patiently and watched as Jacques checked the area before disappearing and reappearing with Jaxster, who she grinned and waved at as a greeting. Her focus was back to Jacques as he greeted Ryder and her. She couldn't help cooing and scratching the large mastiff behind his ears, beaming as bright as the Sun above. But, alas, her time with Kacques was cut short as he went to go eat. She didn't mess with him as he ate for she believed this should be his time of peace. Blinking at Jaxster's question, she shook her head. "Not from me, nuh uh." Turning to Ryder, Cassandra asked, "Anything you'd like to share?"

    Before an answer could be given, the ever happy-go-lucky Gregory Matthews had finally made an appearance inside the art room as well. The room was slowly becoming and feeling less empty. "Quite good. I see you're energetic as ever, Greg," she stated with a small smile before she ate some more of her food. After Greg, two more filed in - Ana and Christopher. By that time, everyone that should've been accounted for was accounted for. Her eyes swept around the room and everyone one else.

    "So....anyone have plans after school?" She questioned, glancing around curiously. "I was just wondering if anyone wanted to do something. Go to the movies, or out to eat, or just hang out," she added, opening her can of soda and taking a long swig, awaiting a response. Honestly, she had nothing better to do. And no one else to hang out with except these other five kids. You couldn't blame her for trying.

    [Feel like this is long for no reason.]
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  13. [​IMG]
    Ryder Lee | Your Typical teenage rebel | Lunch
    C U R R E N T L Y: Eating more food.

    "That's what I thought..." Ryder nodded at Cass, football was a bad idea. He chewed on the chips, finishing them quickly. Once he had screwed up the empty packet and attempted to get it into the bin, Ryder decided he was still hungry. He didn't think there really was a time when he wasn't hungry. Then the dog trotted in, "Fluffy wuffy!" Ryder outstretched his arms over to the dog, but didn't bother to get off the table. Instead, he just giggled at the dog, cooing over it as the dog looked at him in a confused manner. Then Jaxster walked in. Ryder smiled at him and put his arms back into his lap.

    "Do you ever wake up on the wrong side of bed?" Ryder smirked as Greg made his adorable entrance. Greg made Ryder smile a lot, he was really cute and had his way of making everybody happy. Before he could get a hug off the boy, Ana waltzed in. Ryder really did like Ana, she was super cool and always brought food for him. Just like today, "Queeeen!" Ryder chirped as he lunged over for a cheeseburger, ripping into it like a ravenous wolf. "I swear I owe you like, nine burgers..." Ryder said, halfway through a bite.

    When Chris came in, Ryder quickly swallowed his food, "Mm, Chris-" Ryder swallowed again to clear his throat, "Is coach lying to me or do you actually need me for the football team?" He looked at the guy. Chris was hot. Hot, but very, very straight. And to everybody else in this room, so was Ryder. But it was so hard to keep it up, Ryder reckoned it was a matter of time before somebody recognized he batted for the other team, "I don't mind being a reserve or somethin' but I reckon coach just wants to see me in tighter pants." Ryder joked, smirking at Chris.

    "Uh, yeah." Ryder said to Cass, like he just assumed they were going to go out. "My vote is on going swimming, or if nobody wants to, then how about we go for a meal." Typical of Ryder to put foreword food and spot. He quickly finished the burger and pouted, realizing that was all the food he had.

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  14. [​IMG]
    Jaxster Sinclair | Don Juan | History
    C U R R E N T L Y: Finishing his last bite of the sub // Thinking of activities.
    As Jaxster was finishing up his lunch, he saw Gregory and immediately backed away from the other male's hug keenly and deliberately."I smell like cigarettes.." He warned politely, stuffing the small piece of sub in his mouth before wiping the edge of his lips with his thumb. Anastasia and Christopher came afterwards and he greeted chris before grabbing a burger being offered to him. His face really brightened up seeing more food as well--but he ate moderately."Thanks Anastasia." He chuckled, deciding to put it in his backpack for later. The sub really got him full and soon Jacques stood and went over to his master, collapsible bowl hanging out his mouth."Oh, water?" He asked taking it and walking out the room momentarily to go to the water dispenser to rinse it a bit then fill it before coming back and placing it on the ground.

    Jaxster looked over at Cassandra, who seemed to want to do something after school and he blinked."Oh, Plan on doing something after?" He asked rhetorically before helping her with suggestions."Theres roller skating..." He started off."I mean I'm not much of a movie theatre fan--You know.. The whole sit there, do nothing quietly. Thats not even hanging out really." he shrugged, but that was just his opinion and he proceeded to ponder."The playground... Talk, sit around, work out or something.... I'm all out of ideas." he grinned momentarily before walking towards the dog bowl and folding it to put it away. Jacques was no longer busy and proceeded to calmly greet everyone, whoever wanted to play with him--so be it. Therefore he sat at the center of the crew. It was funny, he was a service dog in public but at home when that vest was snatched off--He was more active. Similar to a human being professional and then just lazing around at home. He then looked at Ryder.

    "Maybe we can all have dinner together later?" He suggested."Wherever we go to--We gotta figure out who lives closer to that place first. That way, we can drop our stuff off at one of our places, and just go hang out. Then go to dinner and then get our stuff. Or get our stuff then go to dinner." he commented."I don't mind holding my book bag though." Added Jaxster as he sat over a desk ever so slightly, mostly just leaning over it with his arms crossed.

    After a few seconds, Jaxster looked down at Jacques who sat infront of his feet and squatted slowly, deciding to play with him while listening. Doing basic tricks like paw, High five, jump, and hug, But in a different language, which was French. The reason why Jaxster spoke french to Jacques was simple--so that no one else would command Jacques or be ignorant about him. There were also people who would try to command Jacques 'Oh, sit! stay!', and the dog slightly wouldn't listen or would be confused. Especially if a small crowd was huddling around the two--It would be hard to distinctively tell what his master is saying, so Jax taught the dog French and Spanish to avoid further confusion. Jaxster then told the dog to sit and stay before backing away to the other end of the class and whistling for Jacques' attention as he slightly leaned forward and chuckled."Jac--C'mere! Hug!" He encouraged only in french as 'Venir ici, etreinte'. Jaxster would say these commands in English--But he feared Ryder might try in amazement so didn't bother. Like said, he was just concerned, not being mean. The very large mastiff responded by running over to Jaxster and jumping on his leg before hugging his master and slightly licking his face. Jaxster laughed fairly surprised--He didn't think Jacques would remember the command since he only did it to him as a tiny puppy and stopped when he grew this big. The male then approached back to the group as he held onto Jac like a baby over his shoulder "Well--Whatever you guys agree on, I'm down for it." He concluded for himself as he gently put the dog on the ground.

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  15. Ana, #73ebdc
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Anastasia Molotov || The Delinquent || Lunch
    [rainbow]Currently:[/rainbow] Finishing her food.

    Anastasia smirked back at Chris " Yes I am " She said as she popped a fry inside her mouth. She giggled at Ryder pouncing on the food. " You know I kind of feel bad for your stomach. Once you're done with puberty you'll be bigger than a misha bear before winter " As she nearly stuffed her face with food and nodded at Jaxter as to acknowledge his thanks.

    Anastasia was nearly done with her burger when she heard the talk about football. " I always wondered something about the players " She said as she took a sip of her soda. " Does the football workout involve squats? 'cause the team's got some serious ass game "

    " As long as there's food involved I'm fine with whatever you guys are up to " She said as she finished her fries " I offer my house, my aunt and uncle are travelling today around 1pm, so nobody will be home. Plus I can get my uncle's car keys and drive us wherever you guys decide to go. " She grabbed the last burger from the bag and passed it along to Ryder " Since Cassandra's already eating, you owe me ten now " She said with an easy grin.
  16. Christopher finished the last of his burger before reaching for his soda. He turned his attention towards Ryder and then nodded his head gulping some of his soda. " yeah man coach was looking for a kicker and possibly a Running back , I mean you have agility and speed so I think you'd be good for the spot" Chris answered truthfully before continuing to chug down his soda.

    At Anastasia's comment Chris laughed and then put his soda down before the rest ended up on the table . " I mean there are times when we do squats it helps our legs." He threw his trash in the garbage before Cass spoke about what they should do after school and soon after Jax and Ana were tossing in their ideas around.

    " I don't mind I mean we can go out to eat and then turn up at Ana's house afterwards. I have practice after school but I'm pretty sure I can fake a sickness and get out of having to go." Christopher leaned back in the chair and ran his hands through his hair before glancing up at the art room door.

    The bell rang and the sound of kids beginng to swarm the hall got louder and louder. " whatever you guys choose is completely fine by me". Christopher spoke as he stood up and streached his muscles walking over the door.
  17. Gregory
    [ Gregory Matthews - Happy-Go-Lucky - Lunch ]
    Currently: Devouring that burger

    Greg squealed as he was handed the burger and released his hug victim, which had in fact been the big fluffy Jacques, seeing as Jaxter had avoided it. Though it didn't show, it did irk him for his hugs to be avoided. He didn't care if you smelled like a garbage dump, he wanted his hug, damn it. Bouncing to his feet with burger in hand, he felt the need to wrap Anastasia in a thank-you-hug before collapsing into his own seat like a lazy puddle and beginning to unwrap his burger. "Mmm, delicious , unhealthy substance..~" He purred before taking a large bite and turning his mostly undivided attention to the groups conversation as he chewed.

    At the mention of doing something after school, he nodded excitedly, forcing himself to finish the large bite so that he could actually speak. "Lets..! Let's... Ah man, I totally had an idea... I think I swallowed it... Um." Sitting puzzled for a moment as he tried to remember what he was so excited to suggest, Greg inevitably just shook his head and waved it off as he continued eating. It was only as he was giggling at Ana's joke that the idea returned and he quite literally jumped up in his chair to announce it.

    "Water park! Did you guys know there's a water park in our town?!" He spoke loudly, still baffled by his own previous ignorance. Greg didn't really get out much outside of school and group outings such as the one being planned. "Well, there's a water park, and I don't care if it's not Summer Vacation, yet, you're going with me!" He informed, grinning. "--Er... Pretty please~?"

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