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  1. The town of Glendale, Pennsylvania always seemed like a small happy town. Everyone would grab their boats and motor homes to head out camping in the nature covered town. Trees and lakes cover most of the area. Even known it may be out of main road range, the place attracts visitors from around the state and even out of it. The Prince Glitizen Park is the most popular area in Glendale. It has a fishing lake, camping spots, and a stage for events that go on almost every night. Everyone normally enjoys there time here at Glendale- well not some people.

    A little bit ago there was a group of mass murders. Well, they were not exactly murders. Everyone thought the teenagers were dead, but they were not. There was a murderer on the loose, and he crawled around at night to the houses of many pulling his knife from his pocket to draw blood from the sleeping humans. Glendale was the victim of this disaster. It was not all the citizens that were harmed, but just 13 unlucky teens. Why would the man pick 13? That is your question to answer. He seemed to have 'killed' the teens and took the bodies with him, his truck filled with the stench of blood. However, the teens were not dead. The man was going to take the bodies to his house and use the organs for sick and gross purposes. Upon reaching his house, he found one of the teens still moving his/her arm. Being confused, he threw the body onto the steel table in his basement and started changing the people one by one. With some he sew extra body parts on, some he cut them to change body parts and even changed many parts of the teens until they seemed like a totally different species. Yes, I said totally different species.

    When the parents of the teenagers heard about the 'death' to their children, they questioned their abilities of being a parent. They kept themselves in some sort of sadness and wished they would have been there for the death of their own children. They wouldn't move on with their lives. They continued to mourn, and they still do to this day.

    Now the children roam the streets at night, but during the day they hide in the shadows of this cruel world, watching over who might have saved them. Some of them hate the parents for not saving them, and others just feel sorry for their parents about losing their child. They almost feel forced during the day, and at night they are free: able to run around the streets showing off their special features with each other. Some wings, some claws, some extra ears, all different. Since the murders, the town of Glendale has never been the same.

    Being the same doesn't matter: It is how you can change it after the one who ruined you is gone.

    1) Follow basic rules (No GMing, no Mary Sues, etc.)
    2) Character death can happen, but it will be rare.
    3) You can play as a 'zombie' teen, or a normal one. Please don't just be non-normal teens!
    4) I want 1-6 paragraphs her post. Don't write novels.
    5) If you are mentioning another player's character, bold/color the name and tag them at the end of the post.
    6) Use description. Don't write 5 paragraphs of your character doing 25 different actions.
    7) Don't change the plot.
    8) I have the right to accept or not approve your character. You are allowed to edit.
    9) Don't have your character be evil and try to fill EVERYONE. They can try to kill humans.

    Character Sheet

    General Information
    Name Meaning:
    Zodiac Sign:

    Persona Information
    General Persona:

    Appearance Information
    Hair Color:
    Hair Style:
    Body Type:
    Special Features (things the guy added):
    Other Appearance Factors:

    Other Information


    Modified Humans:
    Sileas Caley (C r o m i c a l)
    Coralie May Dunn (FangirlingSinceBirth)
    Einar Doran (DJae Writer Chick)

    Regular Humans:
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  2. General Information
    Name: Sileas Caley.
    Name Meaning: Blind Brave Warrior. (( First and last name. ))
    Age: 17.
    Gender: Female.
    Birthday: July 2nd, 1997.
    Zodiac Sign: Cancer.

    Persona Information
    General Persona: Sileas, is normally a rather sweet person. But she has a problem talking to people, or.. Who she could possibly talk to. If by any chance people hear her speak, she's normally very quiet. No, she's not shy, she's.. A mute, she can't hear. People made fun of her, so she doesn't talk much anymore. She has a short-temper though, and won't be afraid to pull the first punch. At times she's optimistic, and others, she's depressed. As a child, she was diagnosed with Chronic Bipolar Disorder, so her moods come and go.
    Likes: Sweets, jokes, books, music, silence.
    Dislikes: Annoyances, Bullying, Bright Rooms, Tight spaces.
    Talents: Drawing, and reading quite fluently.
    Flaws: Verbally speaking, Twitching.

    Appearance Information
    Hair Color: Whitish Blonde
    Hair Style: Dreadlocks.
    Height: 5'0.
    Body Type:
    Short and curvy.
    Special Features (things the guy added): Ram Antlers to both sides of her head, small spikes at the corner of her shoulders and forehead, one Red 'Cat' eye, and a black sheep tail.
    Other Appearance Factors: One Gold eye. A small but pointy nose. High cheekbones.

    Sileas Caley. (open)
    Sheep Tail:
    (( I could.. Not find a good picture.. This is so embarrassing. * ^ * ))

    Other Information
    Birthplace: Ullapool, Scotland.
    Sexuality: Demisexuality
    Phobias: Claustrophobia, Achluophobia, Atychiphobia, Brontophobia, Merinthophobia.

    (( This is my Character Sheet, and I'm sorry if it's not as good as you want it to be. I tried to make it to your standards though ^^', so I hope you enjoy.

    Phobia Meanings:
    Claustrophobia: Closed or tight spaces.
    Achluophobia: Darkness.
    Atychiphobia: Failure or mistakes.
    Brontophobia: Thunder or Lightning.
    Merinthophobia: Being bound, or tied up.

    Other: So, the first picture in my Spoiler is Sileas's face. She has the piercings, horns, spikes, and eyes. But she doesn't have the pointy ears. ))
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  3. Accepted :3
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  4. [​IMG]

    Color Ref: 185880

    Coralie May Dunn

    Name Meaning:



    February 19

    Zodiac Sign:

    General Persona:
    Coralie's persona changed after the attack. Before the attack, Coralie was more of a reserved person who kept her thoughts to herself. She was not shy, just was afraid that others might steal her ideas because thoughts rushed in her head. She was thinking a lot, but in the end her thoughts made no sense at all. She was not the loyalist person on this planet, but she tried. After the attack she became a rebel who lashed out quite frankly at anyone who would bother her in any way. She brakes a lot of rules and wants to get revenge on the man who ruined her. She also randomly says quotes and lyrics.

    +Braking rules
    +Energy drinks/sugary drinks
    +Vegan foods
    +Video games
    +Heavy metal bands
    +Some anime

    -High heels
    -The man who ruined her
    -Social events
    -Formal fonts
    -Stupid people
    -Quirky people

    +Staying calm around gore
    +Playing video games
    +Reciting lyrics/quotes
    +Fast runner (is a cyborg)

    -Can let anger take control
    -Little brute strength in leg range
    -Can't play an instrument
    -Fear of cheerleaders

    Hair Color:
    Light brown w/ fading blue highlights

    Hair Style:
    -Little past chest
    -No bangs
    -Right part

    6' 2"

    Body Type:
    Her upper body is mostly robotic, but the rest is rather chubby but not fat.

    Special Features:
    A wire runs from her lower back, to the side of her face with claws reaching into it. Her left eye is a blue robot eye, along with a spot in her cheek. Her one arm is robotic, along with chunks of her chest area. The man also cut her feet off, so she replaced then with makeshift robot feet made of scrap metal.

    Other Appearance Factors:
    Her eye color is a golden brown, and her eyebrows are very faint. Her outfit is a orange scarf, a ratty Pierce The Veil shirt, and a pair of ripped jeans.

    Ontario, Canada


    Fear of cheerleaders.

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  5. I added a small photo to my Sheet just so you, and whoever else joins, gets the Gist of it. ^^'.
  6. General Information
    Name: Einar (ee-yah-nar) Doran
    Goes by 'Ein' (ee-aye-n) For short
    Name Meaning: Lone Warrior Stranger
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: October 23, 1998
    Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

    Persona Information
    General Persona: He likes people, extremely dependent on the social factor. He is fairly friendly, unless he feels like someone is dangerous and harmful, then he completely avoids them. He feels bad for his parents, and wishes he could help them. He could be a great leader, but he would rather follow.
    Likes: Helping people, friends
    Dislikes: Pain, Mean/Evil people, sadness/anger
    Talents: Persuasive, Writing
    Flaws: Dependent on others, clingy.

    Appearance Information
    Hair Color: Pure snow white
    Hair Style: Usually fairly messy, combed through with fingers, short His basic hair style:[​IMG]
    Height: 5'7''
    Body Type: Athletic, slightly toned from biking, hiking, and swimming
    Special Features (things the guy added): Wolf ears, red robotic eye (right), two canines from a wolf that make it look like he has 'vampire' teeth, two metal claws replace his pointer and middle finger on his left hand.
    Red eye: [​IMG]

    Other Appearance Factors: Black streaks on his face and a black ring around his neck made from black tattoo ink.
    Black streaks and ears: [​IMG]

    Other Information
    Birthplace: Broome, Australia
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Other: Phobia of abandonment or being alone


    Are multiple characters allowed or not? Just curious ^^"
    I hope my CS is alright! If not I'll edit anything I need to~
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  7. Oh my, nice Character~. ^^'
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  8. Great character!
    However, I will not accept. The man would not have added those many RANDOM things. If he was going to add that many things, they would be related. So, decrease the amount or change it.

    And you may have up to 2 characters.
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  9. I edited some of it, took away the wings and some claws, changed a little other stuff.
    I hope it's okay now ^~^
  10. Good :D
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  15. Okie dokes~ I'll probably get the ideas to you on Sunday, I have to leave in a few minutes to go to my mom's (no internet there) and I won't be back until Sunday.~
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