I wish hell's rainbow was a real rp

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  1. That banner looks too bad ass lol
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  2. Why don't you make it! >:3

    Then I can put up a new silly title fake rp banner. 8D
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  3. Noo lol I'm too lazy to xD
  4. Well, that got resolve quickly.
  5. Hell's Rainbow

    Option 1: Hell's Angels (an american motorcycle gang) Slash-Fic

    Option 2: Lucifer, scorned by Yahweh for wanting more attention and affection than the miniature-Yahweh prototype A.D.A.M. (who is distant and has no emotions beyond primal, animalistic instincts, as real men should be), takes up arms in rebellion by gathering all the angels closest to him and storming the pearled palace. But, because Yahweh is basically god, it doesn't end well and all who oppose his whim are sent to the fire-pit, only to awaken on a fiery plane full of jagged rocks and magma, with their wings blackened and their halos gone. Still immortal to the effects of age, disease, and air pressure, but not quite immortal where injury and food intake are concerned, the fallen ones must stake a claim in their new realm. (Slash-fic optional)

    Option 3: Protagonist is sick of society imposing rules that favor a certain majority, and despite equality being a goal for the minorities for the past century or two, it has only been sought up to this point using non-violent means, which allows those in power to take their time and make excuses for the lack of change, often blaming tradition for the slow pace of progress. Protagonist (the GM) wants to see results in his/her lifetime, so s/he gathers a bunch of people (those who are participating in the roleplay) and starts committing violent acts to disrupt the complacence of those in power. The initial blow is sudden, but it makes for a great rallying cry. However, the protagonist must go into hiding, lest s/he be given personal blame for everything that might follow in his/her wake. While still the face of this movement, it is ultimately up to the protagonist's allies to make Hell's Rainbow successful. (Edit to fit a preferred setting)

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  6. I was thinking the same thing, it seriously does look badass.

    Here's another idea, though; may seem a little cliché, but some form of demon, or perhaps the devil himself, or some other form of damned entity in general, probably the first or last, though, living out their own personal hell rather than being trapped in the pits, finding someone who gradually begins to change their perspective and renew their faith in their own existence? My mind tends to be libertine oriented except for on the occasions when it's directed towards overly graphic combat, so naturally a libertine rp would be my suggestion.
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  7. Am I the only one that hasn't seen Hell;s Rainbow banner?
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  8. Plot
    ... Beezleboss is trying to make all the rainbows are belong to him with his evil hardcore metal and his "fucking tasty riffs" because "He's the devil he can do what he wants" and because "Whatever he's got he's gonna flaunt."

    Can YOU Defeat him and stop his ploy?!
    Find out next time on the next action packed episode of Hell's Rainbow.​
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  9. The leprechauns are returning. Loyal servants to Mammon, the Prince of Greed himself, these diminutive figures have been luring humans to their "pots of gold" with flamboyant rainbows and promises of great riches.

    In reality, these rainbows promise naught but a one-way ticket to Hell.

    You control a team of specialized angels, sent by the Lord himself to hunt down these leprechauns. The search will be difficult, and the enemy deadly, but for the sake of humanity, it must be done. As you track and dispose of the wretches, you will slowly come to understand the depth and cunning of Mammon's plan—and perhaps that he is not alone.

    The seven Princes of Hell are rising again, and it is up to you few angelic Powers to uncover their machinations.

    It all starts where fire and water connect.

    It starts at the Hell's Rainbow.
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  10. Oh great, it's Glowing Tree all over again.
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  11. The Glowing Tree is sustained by the light of Hell's Rainbow and the waters of Kitten Lake.

    Red waters... that pour...
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  12. No.


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  13. Too late, Grumpy! I'm going to attempt a comedy roleplay with people who have zero appreciation of timing, nuance and thematic continu--

    -- oh wait.
  14. God I love your avatar.

    Dat ass.

    Dat cartoon anime ayuss.

    Shit diggity dawwugg.
  15. Lolol thank you ^^
  16. We should make it a real RP.

    That ass I mean.

  17. I'll stop.

    I'm just a horrible person.

    I'll stop.

    Pinky promise <3 :>
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  18. We can try o.o;
  19. What's the glowing tree? :o