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  1. I've had this idea playing around for a while now-- inspired by two things. The Greek myth of Persephone and an image. I've used the image a lot, really, but I'd like to do a oneXone roleplay.

    The idea I had was: My character, a teenager, has a very strange and scary ability. Your character, whomever it might be, is a part time paranormal investigator for a TV show, or a website or whatever you so have, and they catch wind of a very strange occurrence in a small town. Your character then looks for mine, and they spend quite a lot of time together.

    I was hoping this could be romantic-- anything goes. MxM, FxM, FxF. The picture I have, the character to me looks like they might fit in any gender, let alone a gender at all. It's up to preference.

    The only things I'm looking for in a partner is: Grammar, long replies, QUICK replies, and lots of ideas. I love vocal people, who can't keep to themselves. Please PM me if you're interested!!!
  2. Wow, didn't see this. Whenever you get back, Dip, tell me which two ideas from all the ones I've actually responded to you really want to build up, and let's go for it.

    This idea is very simple, something done tons of times before, but with another path to it. I like.
    I see something peculiar - and adorable - coming from this.

    Edit: I hate typing on my phone.... It makes me suck at grammar. I fixed my typos!
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