I was told to say hello.

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  1. So this is me saying hello. :D For reals though, how you all doing tonight? Or today depends on where you live. It's nighttime here for me. In case that wasn't obvious.
    So a bit about me.... um, this is me coming back after a long time of not doing anything related to roleplaying or going on sites like these for a looong time. I am excited to be here though and glad that my friend introduced me to this place. :TT: <--- I don't know what that is, but I like him.
    Ummm.... something else; well I love to roleplay and that's why I am here so if you think that we could come up with something feel free to... I guess hit me up? I don't know, do the kids say that anymore? Probably not.

    TTYL, ta-ta for now! :D
  2. Hiya, Cap (sorry, had to call you that once to get it out of my system). Nice to meet'cha. And it's evening by me too (9:05PM while typing). Well, by normal human standards...By my standards, it's about noon. I'm a night owl.

    Hrm...You seem interesting. I like that. Also, I don't know who told you to say hello, but whoever they are lied. You don't have to- it's just better to. And people here don't bite you when you do, so it's pretty nice that way. But either way...Glad you did!

    Hope you get along well here~ What do you like to be called, normally?
  3. Hello there! Welcome to Iwaku where people with piratey names are automatically assumed AWESOME. And with that being said, you can check out the Jump In forum to get right into RP'ing if you want! Or the Creative Challenges forum to do some fun posting or even the Roleplay Academy to get some challenges out the way. Whatever it is, make sure you have fun doing it...or else! >:@!
  4. I just realized that this was put here. o.O Awk. Haha!

    And you can call me Cap. I go by lots of different things. Even "Hey you" works. ^_^

    Oh they didn't say that, but I thought I would be different and say that they told me. Or I could blame my friend who said I needed to say hello. So I did. :D
    And I have no idea what time it was when I wrote that. I barely remember... anything actually.
  5. ACK! D: Runnnnn. The Cosmos are coming for youuuuu. I shall fight you with my AWESOME. And you have assumed correctly by the way. :D I am awesome. At least I tell myself that. Who knows if it was right. o.O
  6. It's ALWAYS right to assume that. >=D
  7. Well you know what then... I lyke you. :D And yes I spelled that wrong on purpose. It's a more awesome way of spelling it and since we are both so awesome, I figured you could handle it. O:
  8. But of course, I don't often judge on spelling :P!
  9. Thank goodness because I have this terrible habit of "bringing work home with me" and that includes spelling how I say it. Bad, I know, but when you work in a small coffee shop you pick up on these things.
  10. 'Ello Poppet. :D
  12. I myself prefer tea and crumpets...
  13. Hello! I'm new here too! :P I know the feeling of not roleplaying for a while! Hope everything goes well for you! Who knows, maybe we can rp sometime.
    By the way, I like your sig!
  14. That's my lover. Uhh. I mean errr.... yeah no. He's my lover. If I could find him and marry him, I would. I would bear his children and he would talk with an accent. -Drool-