I was, then I wasnt.

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  1. Hey.
    I was here before as a Member and then the American Gov't decided I was good so I disappeared.
    I am Tenebrae, Iliana's younger brother.
    That's about it. I should start rping again but I like the thought of being sneaky so I'll be in the shadows.
    Things I want to see.
  2. Great way to ask for my laptop. -_-
  3. That's so mysterious I may shit myself.
  4. Hey, Javan.

    The shadows are the best place to be.
    Use them...Use them well.
  5. Javan? Now Jarvan.
  6. Stay in the shadows. Hide about, learn what you can.

    Then fly like a bat out of hell and take over this place!!

    Or become the symbol that this city needs... (Hope you get the reference.)
  7. I love me some shadows