I want to write low/medieval/high fantasy romance/drama RIGHT MEOW.

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  1. Howdy! I am looking to start up another roleplay, but just one - so I'll be picky in trying to find someone I'll mesh well with. You might know as well as I, that not every roleplay gets off to a bangin' start, and not everyone's creative talents blend well together. So I'm looking for that special someone who can tickle my fancy. I would also enjoy tickling theirs. Muhaha.

    A little about me, what I roleplay, and what I'm looking for. If you message me and deviate heavily from this, I can almost guarantee I won't be interested. But if your interests fall within these categories, we're off to a good start!

    1. Fantasy - medieval, low, or high. No futuristic nonsense (though I would be mildly interested in a primitive sort of dystopian future, if that's the case). No guns, no samurai. Think Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, etc. I like the fantasy aspects, but I also like dirty, gritty, realistic spins to such fantastical universes. I enjoy creating worlds with my partners (culture, religions, geography, etc), but I'm not a super planner. I like to make the basics and then we create as we go. If you want a novel on a country and its history, that takes too much fun and intrigue out of it for me.

    2. Romance - but not mushy gushy romance, and no smut-a-thons. One of my main goals in roleplays is to pair couples, duh, but there needs to be plot intrigue, problems, chaos, all that good adventury stuff. I do enjoy a good bit of explicit romance, so this will be posted in the Libertine section. But do not think for a second that there will be lots and lots of it - smut is written when needed, when applicable, when appropriate to the characters and to the scene. We're not writing porn, we're writing art, mmk?

    3. Versatility - I play both male and female characters, and I seem to mesh better with people who do the same. I typically play the male but I really, really enjoy getting to play a female every now and again. So one thing that I prefer in my stories, is that my partner and I set up two couples - so we can play both sexes. I do not like having one character for a story. I like to have two or three main characters that I play, and a cast of secondary roles. It brings more depth to a story. So you need to be able to double up on characters, and preferably play both genders.

    Wow, so I'm not so complicated, right? :P Anyways, here are a list of interesting keywords to get the juices flowing. I'm game for pretty much anything within the realm of my interests. I don't really have any pre-made plots right now, just vague ideas, so let's create something together.

    • Werewolves* (this is a personal favorite but I enjoy a very specific breed of werewolf that I've created - if you're interested in plots revolving around this theme, I can give you more information on what sort of beast I'm interested in.)
    • Adventures for lost treasures (gold or knowledge) with unlikely companions
    • I have a gypsy character with a dark talent for necromancy
    • Arranged marriages between opposites
    • The cliched but oh so fun forbidden romances between warring cultures, between noble and peasant, etc
    • Anything with strong heroines, like warrior women
    • Warring tribesmen of foggy, rolling moors, their common life and their politics
    • A witch who hires a bodyguard in a dangerous world against magic
    • A person who steps into a fae circle and enters the mysterious world of the Fair Folk
    • A maiden sacrificed to a dragon - whose really a powerful changeling con artist
    • Elves.

    This is just a short list of what was on the top of my head. I'm open to more ideas - again, as long as they are within the realm of high, low, or medieval fantasy. I do not like anime or anything remotely resembling anime, so please, avoid that for both our sakes. So if you're interested, shoot me a PM or chat with me on here. :)

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  2. Still open!
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