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No, really, I want to die and then come back as a ghost type person thing.
I haven't really gotten used to modern stories because I always want to be something I'm not. But I believe it's time for me to insert some real thoughts and comments into the stories. Basically, a view of the real Tenebrae.

In order to do that, however, I have to die. I don't accident or crash or something? Some odd freak of nature thing. I think it'd be fun, traveling the streets of normality as a ghost. But i do need someone I could talk to. A lady friend, perhaps? (Poor Tene...being dead and lonely.)
It would also be awesome if the girl were...i don't know, blind or something. Maybe she has a bad job or a rough boyfriend or something special about her. I don't know why I just considered blind being special...but work with me here.

Well, if you're interested, who ever you may be, lady friend, just respond. In some sort of way. And then I'll close this app thing.

~crosses his fingers and hopes his pleas worked~

*wanders in curiously*

....8D Ghost you say?
Indeed, Miss Harpy.
Does it not seem fun? I don't want to be one of those transparent-all-the-time-Casper-type ghosts. But you see where I'm going with this, right? In a normal world as a 24 year old man. Who happens to be dead.
What I am curious about is how it would work out in the end if he is dead, which makes me really want to play. So are you thinking like in a modern city or maybe out in the country, like in a farming town?
Nah. Just a normal town city type setting. Maybe he worked in a firm or business (lawyer?) and he met this client, but then died in a incident (car accident?) and now he just happens to be wandering around as a ghost, but feels really bad about not finishing the case with the client.
Maybe because she was the last person to be with him before he left means that she is the only who notices him?, is it not?
Hmm, sounds good, maybe the case he was working on was a divorce case and he was helping the woman get out of a bad relationship?
Wonderful! then we should probably go into a bit more detail before we get started, wouldn't want to get confused in the middle of it all, am I right?
Hold it Hold it Hold it... want to do this with me? ~cant see the obvious~
...Yes Tene, it sounds fun! And I couuld do with a bit of a challenge.
Well then we should definitely think of plots and all of that jazz.
Thank you, by the way.
It is no problem Tene, it's a good idea in my opinion. Now for some plot ideas, maybe the woman is finally getting a divorde from a violent husband and plans on getting as far away as she can from him. Your guy would have been her lawer but because of his death her case has been put on hold until they can find her a lawer to take his place.