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  1. Here's a rundown on my steampunk world. I'll try to keep it brief.

    The Lost Cog Detective Agency:

    This story takes place in an world that's two parts steampunk to one part fantasy. Imperial rule has extended throughout the central continent, and a time of relative peace has encouraged a rapid spurt of growth in both the industrial, and medical fields. Inventors and clockmakers are the celebrities and heroes. On the surface, things seem well in hand.

    The slums of Imperial cities however are rife with crimes and violence, and the local law has neither the man-power nor the funding to intervene. An uneasy truce between crimelords and politicians keep the oppressed oppressed, and the upper crust pleasantly aloof of the anguish beneath their streets. Upstarts and do-gooders are imprisoned for rocking the boat, and upsetting the balance of power. That is until a man with enough political clout not to bend knee comes along.

    Enter Mr. Bowler, and the Lost Cog Detective Agency.

    This story comes complete with a full cast of vivid characters. I've written everything from primary characters, to support roles, to villains that are waiting in the wings for late-game. As broad as my character base is, there is more than enough wiggle-room to create your own, with a full back story. If you'd rather borrow one of mine, you may.
  2. So... What specifically are you wanting? Pm me
  3. Alright, so I think I ought to elaborate on what I'm looking for. It's a large-world Co-GM sort of roleplay, with elaborate descriptions, painstaking detail, and a huge cast of characters for each of us to play with, with one primary character apiece.
Thread Status:
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