I think I wanna marry you

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  1. This video

    Like it says in the disclaimer, "Guys don't watch with your girlfriends cause your proposal will never be this good"

    What really blew me away was the fact that all the people involved were their family and friends, wow man. Some people are really dedicated to this stuff.


    How would you like to be proposed to, Ladies? And for the dudes, how would you propose to the Women you love?

    Maybe you're already married? Tell us how it happened!

    Are you old school? Think it's the mans job to propose?

  2. I'd throw the ring at them and demand that they marry me.
    I'd then break down on the floor, crying, realising that my loneliness is pretty much the only thing committed to me.


    All right, fine, I'll be serious.
    I hate clichés, so I'd do it somewhere different than the norm.
    Roof of my house at midnight, maybe?
    There'd be the usual banter, a few jokes about married couples, and then asking her to get something out of a container of some sort. She pulls out the ring, hopefully gets the message, I smile awkwardly.

    Somehow, I don't see this happening without something going wrong.
  3. Ok, First of all I don't even know how I want to be proposed but when I do he better have spent money, time, effort, and energy in it.

    I am the type of girl who lovesssssss broadway so, he better do something broadwayish and mindblowing. Don't know what. That is a job for him to find out!
  4. Well, in all honesty... If a guy were to propose to me... I'd want them to do it in an unusual way. I like gothic fashion (i.e gothic lolita or harajuku). All I ask is that they dress in clothing like that and propose to me in Japanese.
  5. When I get proposed to, I want it to be all cute and romantic-like... And public... Like in the middle of a mall.

    Flash-mob sort of thing ^^ I'd freaking love that~ Or he could just propose like this ^^
  6. So I'm a bit old fashion and would like to be proposed to, but despite the fact that I can be out going and flamboyant in public at times I feel like this should be something more private. I guess because all my outgoing nature is shallow. Deep stuff I like keeping private. I suppose I'd just want it to be heartfelt. It could either be all planned out or spontaneous, a ring would not be nessisary but wouldn't object either. So basically a private declaration of love and commitment is what I would want.
  7. To be honest, as long as it's clearly something that he put thought into and tried at, I'd probably be happy with it.
    That said, let's see... ideals... I don't know. Probably more private than public, since I want it to be a more intimate moment.
    I'd love for it to be videotaped or something, though.
    It doesn't have to be super expensive - in fact, I think that the proposal plans that cost lots and lots of money are usually pretty silly.
  8. I want something awesomely fun to have happened before the proposal. It could be anything, really. So as long as it's thoughtful, romantic and badass it doesn't matter how the question is popped. However, I do really hope that the day I'm proposed to, it'll be unique. :) Just like that video.

    That really touched me, by the way. My weekend's kind of sucked and somehow, that video's made it all better.
  9. Man! This and the other video posted months ago where the guy proposed in a public setting with a lot of memes on cards inspire me to want to do something just as awesome! Then I can't think of anything that's as awesome as what they did.

    I definitely want to make my proposal special, unique and wonderful. *is a big mushy romantic at heart*

    Gibs and Diana have a fight.

    Hours later after making up.

    Gibs: "Do you REALLY want to get married that bad?"

    Diana: "Yes. Yes I do."

    Gibs: "Fine. If that will shut you up."

  11. I need to get a date before thinking about proposing or being proposed to ._.

    *flails* Bah, no bringing down such a happy thread D:<

    Anyway, if I were to propose to someone... I'd likely be a nervous, stuttering mess. That or ramble on aimlessly until they either shut me up with their answer. It'd likely be a long time before I asked though, be too nervous to get a no reaction. That's the one thing in life that scares me is rejection... Ok I swear I'm not trying to bring this thread down intentionally D:

    Erm, if I were to be proposed to, it wouldn't matter how it was done. It could be as old fashioned as them dropping to one knee in a comfortable place, or as elaborate as the flash mob proposal posted sometime ago. As long as there was sincerity and emotion behind it, the way it was presented wouldn't matter.
  12. For a person who has relationship-phobias, I'm a die-hard romantic at heart. I love seeing all of these beautiful and well-crafted proposals, and the little girl in me who has been dying to find a Knight in Shining Armor thrives on these stories. However, if and when it comes down to the time when a man proposes to me, I want it to be sincere, and I want him to mean forever, no matter what, through every trial and tribulation. I don't want the money, the costumes, or the attention because even though it looks beautiful, these material things die over time. If a marriage begins with a huge parade and fantastical scenes, it's almost like setting up the relationship to be less grand once financial issues hit and the pains of age and redundancy of routine life leave you striving for something different. I do believe that the man who put on this show for his wife was sincere and is madly in love with her... But when does the fantasy fade away? Will it always stay? lol There goes my phobia again.
  13. o wo
    Is it sad I have my entire wedding, including reception, colors, dresses, people, and music AND food kinda picked out, at least on my side, already? >>
    EVEN the honeymoon and my age of marriage, moving in, and having a first kid all chosen. >___>
    though, I know it cant all be planned. - w- I have had this out for years.. and oddly enough, VERY oddly enough, the color scheme I had thought of reflects a current person. o wo soyeah.

    I think it is AWESOME when a woman proposes. ^^ so cooool and sweeet and SO much pressure taken off from the guy. :D or partner. or whatever.
    buuuut being a shy little monkey, I kind of wouldn't mind being proposed too. >>' I'm very old school, I think.. I watch a lotta old movies still.. <3
    And I am a hopeless romantic.
    Saying this, I do not have a preference for how I am proposed to. That is not my choice. <3
    I believe whatever happens happens, and just because it was thought out and done by that special someone, THAT is what counts THAT is what makes it special. <3 ^^

  14. ohmygodiamsuchahopelessromanticitsnotevenfunnyanymore.

    You have no idea how many times and how many different ways I have gone through on what I think would be the best way to propose to me. Like seriously.

    But, my favorite one so far for it being private would probably be going horseback riding in a field or somewhere nice and private, and after we get off the horses to eat or something then he would propose. This is my favorite private idea but my idea for having a public proposal goes something like this:

    I'd love for it to be in a coffee shop. I have always dreamed of getting proposed to in a coffee shop and I have no idea why. But I just think that it would be the best feeling ever to have the staff know that he was going to propose and have them play my favorite song as he is about to and the feeling of having strangers be witness to the proposal is soo romantic because I have seen someone ask the question in a public place when I was around, and oh my god it was the most happiest moment of my life and I would like to share that feeling with others I guess haha ^^'

    But honestly, I would love to be proposed to in any way, just as long as it was thought out and not in the middle of something super important (like I dunno...somewhere there was an accident or something)

    There. Now you all know how much of a loser I am :D
  15. I have to agree that this was one awesome and original way to propose. However, I have absolutely no idea about how would I propose to somebody, but then again, maybe it is a little too early for me to think about things like that. I would probably do something traditionally romantic, like inviting her to a date, and proposing to my loved one in a relatively secluded place, but it would also depend on her personality. But I would probably not have the patience and the skill to do something like the man in the video.
  16. This was awesome!

    If I do get married, i'll make sure its a memorable one. =D
  17. I want my proposal to be fairy-tale-princess type romantic - down on one knee, and proposed to that way. I have a fantasy of being proposed to on top of the Eiffel Tower at night when all the fireworks are going off - on my birthday possibly.
  18. There will be an airship involved, and it shall be steamy
  19. According to some people I'm afraid of commitment, so I think I'm not supposed to think about this.

    I'd probably just get a band together and do it before the final encore.
  20. I may just laugh at the guy who proposes and ask if he's joking O.o (kidding I wouldn't do that)

    eh never really thought about it. i'll admit I'm a sucker for those cheap RomCom's and shit with all that lovey dovey stuff, but honestly I've never really seen that for me :p The way my life has been in the relationship department I'll probably be the one popping the question. Guess i'd give a guy props for creativity though but doesn't need to be anything extravagant. i'm a simple girl really...