I think I need help.

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  1. There's just a lot that's been bothering me lately. I've feel like I've been botteling it all up for to long and I'm about to have a meltdown. I'd just like someone to that'd put in some time for me and talk with me. I would love to get some things off my chest and havd an unbiased individual listen and try to help.
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  2. If you have a story you need to get off your chest, my inbox is always open. And I'm about as unbiased as you can get since I really only know you from the tattoo advice you posted in my thread.

    If you're having dangerous thoughts though, you should probably seek professional help as well. I'm also sure that there are plenty of Iwaku people ready to talk if you aren't comfortable talking to me.
  3. Hey, I'm a good listener, and I'm a lot more open minded than most people I know. There's nothing I love more than helping others out, I'd be more than happy to hear your story; so feel free to send a message my way.
  4. My Inbox is open if you ever need to talk about anything. I'd be glad to help you with whatever the problem is.
  5. My Inbox is also always open when you need it Vio. :)
  6. My inbox is open as well.
  7. *raises hand*

    I'm not much into talking about my problems, and more into bottling them up, so I know that feeling. I am always here to listen if you need a metaphorical ear to do so.

    EDIT: This kinda goes for everyone. I'd rather listen to other people's problems than talk about my own, so I'm here to vent to.
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