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    K e e p I n M i n d
    Adult/Sexual Content | Profane/Vulgar Language | R-Rated Material

    They call days like this the "Great Ceremony". The days in which you put on your mask and hope for the best at your new found age of 18 years old. As any human being on earth, you've known for a long while that you would eventually marry. Maybe not at such a young age, maybe not with a huge city ceremony, but you knew that you would. What you didn't expect from Marriage was how one kept the line going, territories strong. The person of your parents choosing is said to be strong and valiant. An excellent match. But aren’t they all?

    You probably never thought that it would end up this way. That you would be forced into giving your hand in marriage to a complete and utter stranger - or worse - someone you knew, someone you hated. Sure, this Ceremony would work out a a selective few, but not everyone. Not you.

    As for keeping the line going and territories strong, you will be matched with whoever it is that your parents see best fit for their grand-children's sake. Not yours. You could end up with anyone. What happens when you end up with that anyone that you completely dreaded seeing, that someone that doesn't love you back? Or that someone who's madly in love with you, but you sadly can not return such a strong affection?

    Lines will be crossed, dangerous risks will be taken and lips will be tarnished by those of another. The question is, are you able to remain faithful to law or will this all just be "temporary"?

    S U M M A R Y

    You're 18 years old, your parents are now eligible to hand you off to whoever they see fit. No matter what you think of them or what they think of you. After all you're just a young adult - what do you know about marriage? Once you are handed off, things will become rocky. Brothers could be torn apart, best friends become backstabbers, lovers begin ruining each other piece by piece until the one entirely true goal is successfully reached.

    True love. Is there such a thing in a society ruled by law which says you must be with who your parents desire and nothing more? Whether you're okay with your selection or not, you'll do your best to make things right - no matter who it hurts in the process.

    (This means if you end up with someones brother but really need to end up with the other brother, shits about to go down, etc.){/td}
    {td=bottom} {/td}
  2. **Even genders is a must!**


    ✘ M a l e - 1 -Open
    ✘ M a l e - 2 - Open
    ✘ M a l e - 3 - Open
    ✘ M a l e - 4 - Open

    ✘ F e m a l e - 1 - Reserved for Electra Heart
    ✘ F e m a l e - 2 - Open
    ✘ F e m a l e - 3 - Open
    ✘ F e m a l e - 4 - Open

    *Inbox me to reserve a spot*
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    T H Ξ P A I R I N G
    [ These will be the forced pairs. You choose your real pairing once the Role-Play goes on. ]

    M a l e [ 1 ] F e m a l e [ 3 ]
    M a l e [ 3 ]
    F e m a l e [ 1 ]
    M a l e [ 4 ] F e m a l e [ 2 ]
    M a l e [ 2 ] F e m a l e [ 4 ]

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    C H A R A C T Ξ R S K Ξ L Ξ T O N

    F u l l N a m e
    » [ First, Middle, Last ]
    N i c k n a m e (s)
    P r e f e r r e d N a m e
    G e n d e r
    A g e
    » [ 18 ]
    P e r s o n a l i t y
    » [ Song (or) Description ]
    H a i r C o l o r
    E y e C o l o r
    A p p e a r a n c e
    » [ Realistic Images only; Hyperlinked! ]
    R o l e
    » [ M/F 1 or 2, etc ]
    P a i r i n g P a r t n e r
    » [ Your match? ]
    S i b l i n g (s)
    F r i e n d (s)
    E n e m y (s)
    O t h e r
  5. R u l e s

    Be active and post with frequency.
    Be organized and neat. Try to make the least mistakes possible.
    Be semi-literate as is do at least 1 or 2 paragraphs
    No god-modding
    Be respective towards each other
    Have fun
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