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  1. I suppose I should introduce myself. Most people call me Story. I'm clearly new here but have been role playing online for nearly fifteen years. I stumbled upon it during the aol chat tavern days and happily moved onto forums from there.

    Before I discovered role playing I wrote stories and created my own worlds and characters, still do to this day. Lately however I've been focusing on my art. I recently graduated with a bachelors in media arts and animation so that took much of my time. Now I'm testing the waters at various forums to find a place to enjoy writing again.

    Hopefully I can play here between the few games I hold with my friends.

    If you are curious as to the types of roleplays I enjoy. I like games with multiple people as long as it isn't too busy and becomes hard to manage. As far as post length goes I enjoy writing in the sweet middle spot. A paragraph or two on average. I don't particularly like to write too little but I also don't like reading 4 or more paragraphs from every person. I personally think it takes away the intrigue of the interaction and encourages people to play too much by themselves. Its not that I'm lazy or don't like to read. It just tends to change the dynamics of the game to something I don't particularly enjoy.
    Also as far as genres go I enjoy playing all sorts but my real love is put into Fantasy and science fiction.

    I don't have much else to say and I probably babbled on to long so if you have any questions ask.
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  2. Welcome to Iwaku.

    I'm sure you'll fit in famously here.
  3. Thanks for the welcome!
    I hope so. I really am looking forward to getting involved in some games.
  4. welcome to Iwaku! what kind of stories do you like?
  5. Welcome! I'm looking forward to seeing you around: you seem like you would enjoy the goings-on of the United Guild of Worldbuilding, check it out sometime!

  6. Thank you for the welcome. I'm happy to be here. So far the place seems great.
    As for the stories I like, I enjoy all sorts. Mainly scifi and fantasy. Movies, novels, games, TV shows.
    Just a few stories I've enjoyed off the top of my head.

    Portal 1 and 2 - games
    a few of the FF games
    I'm currently reading The Wheel of Time series.
    I really enjoy the Discworld series of books.
    The Hobbit is a staple
    I grew up along with the Harry Potter books.
    When I was really young I read all of Animorphs.
    I'm fond of star trek TNG and DS9
    I'm currently watching Wilfred and am liking that.
    Avatar the last air bender is my favorite cartoon
    Beauty and the beast is my favorite Disney movie
    Toy story and Ratatouille are my favorite pixar films
    I have watched Game of Thrones as well as Breaking Bad and have liked both of them but am not caught up.

    Er... and lot more films, books, and shows, some older, some newer. I'll just leave it at this. I tend to have an eclectic taste and I could go on for forever.

  7. That does sound up my ally. I'll make sure to see what that is about. Thank you.
  8. Welcome to Iwaku! You're going to have a grand time here! :D