I suddenly crave to be a fairy.

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  1. Edit: This is not intended to be smutty. This can involve friends, siblings, cousins, yada yada.
    Female protagonists!
    That stuff.
    I'm not weird.

    As the title above declares I have this NEED to become a fairy/fae/whatchamakallit.

    Getting down straight to business, I would like to first declare that I am in the midst of completely changing my housing space, and the chore of moving boxes after boxes will likely leave me wiped out for the day and crashed on the couch, so my posting may be slow (When isn't it?) and I implore patience.

    Secondly, I would prefer to keep the range of age above 17, more or less as to prevent potential problems and issues, and open up more details and scenes.
    I swear!

    Thirdly, because I have yet to experiment with this and I still want to try it.

    Translation: Females.

    I'm strange, I'm proud of this fact.

    More or less I've watched too many animes lately and all of them, for some reason, had strange, awkward scenes which led to a large amount of owl-blinking and other things which I am too lazy to type about.

    And fourth!
    I broke the letter 'I' key on my laptop, so I may miss that letter once or twice, please forgive me.

    I would much prefer you, the reader, to start a conversation with me if you are interested in whatever way, or just looking for more info.
    Whatever floats your boat.

    I have a small plot already planned, and I would like to build off this if possible.

    In ties with the whole 'Fairy' thing, I would like to keep this as close to a Fantasy-based world as possible, though due to my availability, avoiding to create a super-massive dialog and map.

    I find character sheets a very useful thing to have, and I'm not apposed of having two separate conversations meant for OOC talk and the actual Roleplay, so I ask of you to apply this as well!

    Nevertheless, I eagerly await a reply, silently twiddling my thumbs as I rage at my lack of ability to play an MMO.
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  2. Hello, Im kind of new to the site and I have more experience with Yaoi that I do Yuri but Ive been curious to try it so.. Hello
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