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  1. YES a Harry Potter rp. Why? Because I have watched the movies this weekend and now I kinda wanted to do a HP rp. Yet I didn't want to focus on Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermoine Granger, so what is this rp gonna focus on?


    Yes! Also, forget about the whole Voldemort catastrophe for a moment, since I don't want that to be the focus either. No, we are gonna use Canon characters, but I am totally up for giving them a personal twist! We are gonna give our own feeling to this story, so maybe Lilly will not end up with James at all. Maybe there shall not be a Harry Potter... we will see!

    So the plot;
    Hogwarts is on a complete lock down (the reason for this is unknown, since I am not having an idea for that either). This means the students have to stay on Hogwarts grounds for the entire Summer Vacation, instead of going home. There won't be any lessons, though the teachers will be available and might give some summer courses, since they are on lock down now anyway. The Library is still open for those who wish to read some. There shall be a special summer Quiddich Tournament and of course a Summer House Cup. Everything intended to make the stay for the students as pleasant as possible.

    Additional Info;
    - This will be after the sixth year for the Marauders (so they should be around 17-18)
    - This rp will most likely focus on the Gryffindor - Slytherin rivalry
    - Though there will be no focus on Voldemort, I am okay with Death Eaters and them being started up.
    - Please answer this question if you wish to join: Do you want it to be Libertine?
    - It will be a small group rp (meaning I will not allow more than 10 players)
    - OC's are welcome, but only as secondary characters (meaning you are allowed to double up)
    - I am not a HP geek/nerd/whatever, so if I most likely will make mistakes. You are allowed to correct me
    - More detail will be planned out (or is being planned) when this will recieve more interest
    - You are free to reserve a character, but only if you are 110% sure you will join when I am going to make the thread
    - This is suppose to be relaxing, fun rp, so I am gonna say posts will be no longer than 2 or 3 paragraphs.
    - I am gonna throw a bit around with ages, just to make it more interesting with characters. (So, YES, I would allow Lucius Malfoy even if hedidn't go to school at the same time as the others. LIKE I SAID THIS IS GONNA BE WITH A BIT OF A TWIST. Just ask if you have a character in mind)

    - Remus Lupos ~ Reserved by Wicked
    - Peter Petigrew ~ Reserved by Maggie



    - Regulus Black ~ Reserved by me
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  2. Hi I'm totally interested in this! I love the Idea. I don't know if you would like a teenager in your Roleplay but I'd love to join. Also since I'm a teen I prefer not to do libertine but liberteen
  3. I wasn't going to. I swear, I wasn't.

    But then I found the perfect teenage Remus Lupin pic by total accident.

    God help me. I already have so much on my plate. Fuck. Sign me up. I want Remus. I mean, look at this fella.

  5. Can I reserve Peter or Lucius?
  6. Yeah sure, any preference?
  7. O HE IS CUTE~! *tempted to take the other Black as well*
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  8. Oh, I'd happen to know a good face claim for Sirius as well. Just putting that out there.

    I also know good ones for Regulus.
  9. No I am gonna stay with Reggie. He is mostly so underapreciated! Besides cross house relationship.... hmmmhmmm
  10. Yeah I agree, Regulus is under appreciated. He's my favorite Slytherin, and I also recognize myself as a Slytherin. #Slytherin Pride

    But Gryffindor isn't that bad either. I have an active HP RP and I have one Slytherin and two Gryffindors, so these houses are the easiest for me to play. I love Hufflepuffs tho, I just really don't share any of their traits so they're hard for me to play.

    Oh ya, and you know me. I don't care if the RP is gonna be in libertine or not. Still not giving two shits. Just point me to the thread and I'll be there.
  11. #SlytherinBump

    Though I do like Ravenclaw too XD Slytherin is the easiest for me to play, becuase I just like sly characters.

    And yes I know. But since we have a teen in our mid, libertine was out of the question anyway XD
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  12. I would like Peter
  13. His last name is Petigrew
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  14. I am sorry, but seen the lack of interest I have decided to not make this into a roleplay
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