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    Oh, Hai There!
    Welcome to my forever searching thread! Thanks for checking it out! I'm a devoted vampire enthusiast (call it an obsession,) proud Ravenclaw, mum, wife, soldier, and nerd. I've been roleplaying since I was 13 or so, which puts it at a little over eleven years. Holy shit how the time flies. I enjoy making friends with those I roleplay with, and building a plot together. I don't much care how often you post (I have one where my partner posts multiple times a day, and one where my partner posts once a week,) but I would greatly appreciate it if you could post often. Whenever I have to leave, like for drill, I'll let you know. I'd appreciate it if you did the same for me.


    What I will Do:
    Time Skips for Overly-Mature Scenes (This means X rated stuff is a no-no for me.)
    Create Twists
    Roleplay in Threads
    Roleplay in PM's

    What I Won't Do:
    Werewolves, Zombies, Ghosts, Ghouls
    Monster Girl Encyclopedia
    Anime Pictures

    These are literally just a couple ideas. Throw some more at me if you have them! I'm always up for discussing plots!!

    The Lion and the Lamb
    Every rockstar has a gimmick, something to make them stand out from the crowd. Whether it be a strange sense of fashion, a stand-out voice, or something they claim to be true. Vampires have always found their way into our nightmares, into every little story we've managed to imagine. In most, they're dark creatures, feeding off the life force of the innocent, killing for their own enjoyment. In modern times, one band arises with the claim that the lead singer is in fact a creature of shadows. While most believe that this man is simply a phony, the few who know the truth either try and silence him, or stray far away. The world's last fae finds herself at the concert one night, pulled backstage by a friend. What her friend doesn't realize is that faery blood is irresistible to vampires. What happens when the two finally meet?
    Wands And Fangs
    A new year is starting at Hogwarts. Students come bustling into the castle, groups of first years finally being sorted. Rumors of new students seemed to be false, but as the last of the first years get seated, a group walks in. They seem like your every day witch or wizard, but what the other students don't realize is that the new students are a part of an experiment. Can vampires contain their thirst and be civilized, or will they prove everyone else correct? (I would love to play the vampire in this one.)
    Into The Woods
    A young girl and her group of friends go out for a camping trip in the middle of the summer in between classes at the university. They spend the night partying, having fun, and doing whatever. But when the group wakes up in the morning, they realize one of their friend's is gone. After spending hours looking for her, they find she is nowhere to be found. What they don't realize is they soon after they all passed out, someone came into the camp and took their friend. Now, as she wakes, the girl realizes what has happened.
    Boy With A Coin
    A girl is in a time crunch. Too involved in work, almost no social life, but with her sister's upcoming wedding, a lack of a boyfriend, she must either find a date or be forced into a marriage with a man of her family's choosing. The girl gets a call late one night from a coworker. Without much details, she meets up with her friend. As they enter into an antique shop, she points out the lifelike doll sitting covered in dust in the corner. The doll was magic, according to the shop owner. After getting the doll home and activating it, she realizes he's so much more than a doll. But where did he come from, and how did he get to be this way?
    The Crimson War

    In 1740's England a war was in full swing. Vampires and werewolves had been fighting for what seemed like centuries, keeping to the shadows, a world long forgotten. No one knows how the war started, but for every vampire or werewolf, they know their orders; find and kill the enemy. Through the years, the war died down slowly. Neither side had made any progress in centuries, just lost thousands of their kind. They needed something else, something to help them gain an advantage over their opponents. Every species knew about the legends, about the secrets that tried to remain hidden. A small group of humans were their only hope to win the war. But for centuries, neither side knew how to find these humans, or even how they were special. They were both determined to find them, though. Werewolves needed their blood to make them stronger, and the vampires wanted to turn them, to use their powers, which would be enhanced by the vampiric transformation, to destroy the werewolves once and for all. In modern times, a young girl is special in every way. Very bright and holds a special ability, one that, if discovered by either vampires or werewolves, would help decide who wins the war.
    [In this story, I would like to play the human.]

    College Mix Up

    (This idea is based off another that I saw on here.)
    A young man and his three friends live together in a roomy dorm. With just a couple years to go for three, but the eldest is getting ready to graduate. And so, the three others get a 'wanted ad' set up and get ready for their friend to move out. The start of the new year rolls around, and as they come back to their dorm from the end of vacation, they come to find the spot has been filled.... by a girl. A girl who has more than one secret of her own. Now the four must figure out how to juggle school, friends, and living with members of the opposite sex.

    Guard Me, Guide Me

    When she was little, she lost her family to a vampire attack. He didn't know why, but he found her and saved her from his own kind, suddenly taking the role of her protector. He watched her grow, and slowly the love he felt for the young girl turned into more as she grew up. She was in her twenties now, and he knew it was time for the girl to have her own life. He leaves, which leaves her open to the attacks his kind had been planning for her. But they don't want to kill. The king of vampires wants her, and her magic, for himself, and is determined to claim her for himself.
    Random Pairings
    Vampire Diaries
    (Damon Salvatore x OC, Klaus Nikelson x OC)
    Anything Vampire Related
    Harry Potter Universe
    (Draco x OC)
    Penny Dreadful

    Please note that if the title has a strike through it, I'm currently either involved in a roleplay with that theme or it does not interest me at the moment.

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  2. I'm still searching!!​
  3. I would enjoy the Vampire/Wizard plot. Our do's and do not's align quite well and I have no issue playing a male to your female I do it all the time. So long as you are comfortable with a female playing a male. Let me know.
  4. No issues with that at all! Message me and we can discuss it further! :)
  5. Hello dear love to rp with you still
  6. Awesome! Shoot me a pm and we can discuss a plot! :)
  7. I'm still looking!
  8. Still searching for partners!
  9. any interest in an Overwatch 1x1 RP?
  10. Unfortunately I have literally no idea what that even is... I apologize.

    I'll come back to this.~
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  12. Still searching!! If you have an idea for a plot, please let me know! I want to hear your ideas, too!
  13. Vampire/human plot sounds interesting.
    I can pretty much write novels on vampires alone. :)
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  14. Message me and wr can discuss the plot further! :)
  15. XIII, would you like to continue our old Hogwarts rp?
  16. Plots updated!
  17. Hey, you. Would you like to start a new one? PM me for deets. :)
  18. Still searching!
  19. Still searching!
  20. I'm always searching for new partners! Premise added!
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