I Resent that!

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How do you deal with resentful people?

I was in the Cbox this morning and someone was talking about how their Co-workers resented them JUST because they were the new person. Undeserved and unwarranted!

Eerr, it's actually a really awkward situation for me. I don't handle other people's resentment very well. I feel really guilty for making them feel bad, even when it's totally out of my control. x_____x

...I also don't handle my OWN resentment very well. XD I'm very resentful towards some people on my side of the family, because they have this perfect middle-class life that I never got growing up. And I always feel snubbed by them because my family was too low class for them. e.e;;

So resentment and Diana is a terrible mix... D:
It depends on what I did to make them resent me. If it seems like something completely irrational and out of my control, it won't bother me that much, but if they have a good reason or are someone who is close to me I'll feel bad about it and try to make things right.
If it's an elder or superior, I will apologize to them for whatever I did to make them resent me.

If it's not, I will tell them to fuck off. That's about all there is to it.