I received a strange alert

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Jorick, Jun 30, 2015.

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  1. After reporting a spambot post in the Roleplay Institute I received the following alert.


    I'm pretty sure that's not supposed to happen, especially since it wasn't my thread and I wasn't watching it. No idea if it's a bug or something goofy done by whoever dealt with the thread, but I figured it was worth bringing up since it's an oddity.
  2. I've had that happen too. I'm guessing it is when more than one report is given on a thread, they are merged to keep things neat behind the scenes. I'll await an official answer since I am curious.
  3. When staff merges threads there is an option to either tell the people who has made the thread that it's happening or not to tell them. The tell them option is always on, so we need to un-check it every time we merge something when the person having done the thread doesn't need to know about it. Some times a miss happens and a message is sent out even though it shouldn't.

    So not a bug, just human error. :p

    Also, yes, we do merge reports that are about the same thing into one another. Otherwise it is really hard to keep track of everything o_o
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  4. Wasn't past of the OP that it was in fact, not their thread? Would it still apply?
  5. If you report something, then you do create a new thread in our invisible report section. :9 So it was Jorick's thread, it's just that he can't see that thread since only staff can see the report section.
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  6. I still don't understand why that option is checked by default!
  7. Cause Diana is a sadist who likes to torture mods with an extra click and members with weird alerts? :D
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  8. So I've made a bunch of monty python threads then from whenever I reported spam, which I cannot post more Monty Python in?
  9. It just shows a link and that gets thrown into the pile with the rest of the spam reports.
  10. A Monty Python link. :P
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