I really want to do an FxF. (Fluff. Romance. Slice-Of-Life. Always Looking!)

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  1. About me: I'm 19, and I'm more than willing to make friends :)

    I'd rather rp with someone who can reply very soon, since I have nothing to do!

    What I like in an Rp:
    Smut when its relevant
    Long term
    Speed-of-light replies
    A paragraph or couple sentences as replies

    Twin/Twin (Really want to do this)
    Popular Girl/Outcast girl (I'd play the outcast)
    Girl from UK/Girl from US (I come from the UK, haha)
    Married couple
    Holidays in the form of people (Like...Halloween/Christmas, or any other holidays you can think of!)

    What my character will look like (She's not exactly your generic 'female', more gender-less): http://40.media.tumblr.com/229e47b269c1e1d360ba7ef8b2cfd6dc/tumblr_nfx8wtCGpC1snca1ho1_500.jpg

    Either pm me or post here if interested! I Rp over PM, email or Kik.
  2. I'm willing to do twins
  3. Cool - pm me?
  4. I tried to PM you, but it says your inbox is full.

    I'm interested in doing girl from UK/girl from US with you.
  5. Ok! Try and PM me again, as I've fixed that.
  6. Hello there! I would be up for trying the popular girl x outcast in a roleplay. :)

    I also tried to PM you but it said your inbox was full.
  7. Oh sorry! :3

    Sounds good! PM me again?
  8. Don't be I just felt like you ought to know. :)
  9. - Still looking
  10. - Still looking!
  11. Holidays in the form of people seems like an interesting idea. :)
    I also like the Alpha/Omega idea as well.
  12. Sorry - I appreciate the interest but we had a couple rps which died and I don't think we should start another :/
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.