I really need to Rp.

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  1. Hello there!
    If you are like me, i am on the hunt for a partner too. Down below is where i will have my requirements and what i am look to RolePlay.

    1- Frequent replier (More than 4x a day. I am never busy so i want to RP as much as i can)
    2- Replies to be longer than 1 sentence as they are hard to reply to.
    3- Open minded (AUs,Mpreg, Gender swapping,Etc.)
    4- Talking on the side as we Rp
    5- Decent grammer and writing. No abbreviations and What not.

    I usually play females and bottom males,females.
    But i can play top depending on pairing.
    I can double in return!!

    What i am looking to Rp ( Bolded is what i play)

    Loki x OC
    ^Plots Ideas:^
    1) My OC is a royal maid to Loki.
    2) My OC is a warrior that fights alongside Loki and Thor, and his warriors
    3) The combination of 1 and 2

    4) My character works as an intern for Jane Foster. (We can decide from there)
    5) Loki and My OC meet up at a gala/prestigious party. Thinking that their whole fling was going to be a one night thing but They ended up really getting into into each other, ( and things can pursue from there)

    Steven Universe (I have a Highschool AU for this one)
    Peridot x OC
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  2. Sal-u-tations! I am interested in this my young constitute! Mostly on Steven Universe. You only have ideas for Peridot and your oc? Would you care to talk in pm? If so send me a message if you are still interested.
  3. Still looking for willing partners!
  4. I will happily play Loki for you in plot five, though I would be most keen to double up ^_^
  5. Hey there!
    I'd gladly do the Big Hero 6 roleplay with you.
    That is, if you're interested in roleplaying with me.
    Please reply if me if you are.
  7. I am so sorry my notifications didnt do its job. PM me if you are still interested!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.