I r teh back, sorta?

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  1. I think I joined about a year or two ago... For someone reason my old login isn't working. Maybe I forgot it, or maybe <i>someone</i> deleted it...

    Anyway, I'm Mizu, for those of you who don't know me. I used to hang around here back when I was 15.

    I'm 22 now.

    I've been an award-winning, vibrating plushie pervert; co-founder of the infamous SBBHB; lover to many; and featured in old MW cards. :)

    So... hello!
  2. I've only been here a year so I don't remember you, but welcome back!
  3. Hello and welcome uhh back I guess to the Iwaku I don't know you at all so yeah you have any new questions just ask

    *walks off into the shadows*
  4. I believe you registered on Afta not Iwaku! XD

  5. *throws Mizu back at Diana*

    Keep your whelps in line!
  6. WHO ARE YOU!?
  7. why must you always beat me to the punch Asmo?
  8. Hey!

    First of all, I am not a whelp... I am the infamous Mizu! You betta ask somebody... Run tell dat.

    And, yes, Diana, I think it might have been on the Afta one. STOP CHANGING BOARDS, WOMAN!
  9. Mizu, hello! It's good to see you again! Welcome to Iwaku!
  10. *nudges ala*

  11. Mizu, don't mind the chaff. You know that in Skype, we always love you.
  12. *nudges WMD* who is this person?...my Asupex isn't working properly for some reason.
  13. Get out.

    Though seriously. Welcome to Iwaku.
  14. Welcome back broseph! :DD
  15. Who? What? Huh?

    Whatever... welcome backs and stuff.