I r teh back, sorta?



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I think I joined about a year or two ago... For someone reason my old login isn't working. Maybe I forgot it, or maybe <i>someone</i> deleted it...

Anyway, I'm Mizu, for those of you who don't know me. I used to hang around here back when I was 15.

I'm 22 now.

I've been an award-winning, vibrating plushie pervert; co-founder of the infamous SBBHB; lover to many; and featured in old MW cards. :)

So... hello!
I've only been here a year so I don't remember you, but welcome back!
Hello and welcome uhh back I guess to the Iwaku I don't know you at all so yeah you have any new questions just ask

*walks off into the shadows*
I believe you registered on Afta not Iwaku! XD

*throws Mizu back at Diana*

Keep your whelps in line!

First of all, I am not a whelp... I am the infamous Mizu! You betta ask somebody... Run tell dat.

And, yes, Diana, I think it might have been on the Afta one. STOP CHANGING BOARDS, WOMAN!
Mizu, hello! It's good to see you again! Welcome to Iwaku!
Mizu, don't mind the chaff. You know that in Skype, we always love you.
*nudges WMD* who is this person?...my Asupex isn't working properly for some reason.
Who? What? Huh?

Whatever... welcome backs and stuff.