I Play The Submissive Role Only...(1x1 Search)!

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    - I roleplay submissive type characters ONLY.
    - I roleplay on site ONLY.
    - I can play male and female characters equally so normally I'm not picky unless I have something specific planned out.
    - I have a job, so I'm not the fastest replier out there; however I do try and at least reply at least once a day. In other words, please have patients with me. I don't shoot out replies like a machine gun.
    - I write in 3rd person paragraph style only.
    - I DO NOT accept premade character crap. I'm sorry but to me it really really hampers the creativity process.
    - I DO NOT do fandoms OF ANY KIND.
    - I DO NOT partake in sexual roleplays.

    + ...Can reply at least once a day.
    + ...Can play male and female characters equally.
    + ...Can play as dominant and cruel and even sadistic type characters at times.
    + ...Writes in 3rd person paragraph style.

    NOTE: Any role in bold is the role that I will play as.
    ~ Vampire & Vampire
    ~ Vampire & Human
    ~ Vampire & Werewolf
    ~ Demon & Human
    ~ Demon & Angel
    ~ Bully & Bullied
    ~ Mermaid & Pirates
    ~ Human-like Alien & Normal Human
    ~ Female & Female OR Male & Male
    ~ Female & Male OR Male & Female
    ~ God OR Goddess & Human
    ~ Werewolf & Werewolf
    ~ Kidnapper & Kidnapped
    ~ Abused & Abuser

    Please send me a private message if you would like to get something started together! I'm always open!
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.