I ought to make an introduction

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  1. Greetings to Iwaku Roleplayers!

    I've come to join your ranks -- to find refuge in a steady roleplaying community and to find a suitable outlet for the various stories and character-types that roll around in my head at any given moment.

    The thought of this forum excites me, as I find its structure and mechanics to be expertly tuned to the ways of an avid roleplayer. Well done, administration team!

    Since I've updated my Roleplayer's Resume, please feel free to take a look. If you find something there that strikes your fancy, I'd be glad to plot with you.

    Otherwise, I'll be lurking about until I find the thread that seems best to start in at.

  2. A good day to you. I'm almost as new as you, but allow me to welcome you.
    Since I assume that both of our dance cards are nearly empty yet, and we might as well get used to the site's mechanics together, and seeing that your resume interests me, would you mind if I were to message you?
  3. Of course not! Not at all.

    We certainly don't want any empty dance cards :)
  4. Your prose is unwaffley. I approve.

    Check out Prosperos if you're into epic fantasy.