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    There have been many criminals over the years, but this won't take place in our present time. We are going back into the golden age of piracy. Belleville used to be a name thatwas rarely spoken, but it soon became the name on everyone's lips and written on every wanted poster. The only problem? No one except the crew of The Black Divine knew what or who Captain Belleville was. You know how myths go, right? This Captain was really a ghost, was a witch, couldn't be found because it lived underwater. No one was even sure of the gender. It was just assumed the infamous captain Belleville was a male because no female could have a ship under her control, slip in and out of port without being caught, and escape the grasp of the best Navy commodore.

    How does the commodore catch this renowned captain? What happens when he finds the secrets behind Captain Belleville? Does the commodore live on with the honor of killing the pirate? Will Belleville live at all?


    Here is what I need from one you!

    - Someone who is comfortable with playing a strong male character in order to take over the role of the
    - Someone who enjoys romance
    - Someone who posts two or more good paragraphs
    - Someone who is patient with me because I only post about once a week

    - Someone who enjoys regular communication in order to plot
    - Someone who isn't scared to try out their own plot twists
  2. I accept your challenge! Tell me what I must do!