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  1. Okay, so I have been looking for role play partners for awhile and the usual go look at other people's post thing isn't working. I have a few ideas and parings that I want to do. which I will list below.

    I want my partners to have good grammar, I understand that people make mistakes sometimes, I do, so of course it's cool if you do. No one liners. At most I normally post about a paragraph or two, so I expect the same in return. I can post a few times a day but am not usually on until later in the evening (around 3 or 4).

    The underlined ones is what I would play, if I have a preference.
    foster kids
    Bossxworker - for this one, the only way I will play the boss, is if it is a fxf or mxm.
    arranged marriage
    Alphaxomega (yes this is a werewolf rp, yes I will be dominant for this one)
    All of these are open for any paring. (mxm,fxf,mxf)

    I normally play submissive, and in a malexfemale, I do females.
    I can do dominant, however, I am not a pro at it, so if I do end up being dominant, give me a break.

    I do want more plot than sex.

    Plots that I have in mind.

    Summer home:
    A group of friends decide to rent a summer home, however on the night they are supposed to leave there is a huge storm and only two of the friends end up making it there before the rods are closed. Due to the storm being so bad the roads are closed for two days and the two friends must spend the first weekend together alone. Through these two days, the two realize they have feelings for each other and end up hooking up the day before their friends get there.

    Foster kid:
    A kid has been in and out of foster homes for a long time. This kid was accused of a crime her or she didn't commit. after getting out, the kid is once again put into another foster home of 3 other kids. The kid not anting to et attached, distances them self from everyone. however the eldest takes a liking to the new kid and tries to get on their good side, however again, the eldest is in a relationship. The two end up connecting and even though the eldest is in a relationship, the two become more than friends. But will it last?


    A recently escaped convict is trying to get out of the state. So they try the hitch hiking idea, and hitch a ride with a random civilian who is unaware of the fact that the convict is in fact just that. The civilian is a business owner and has to go out of state for a meeting. the civilian and convict drive together, until they come to a road block of police looking for the convict, as the approach the convict pulls out a gun or knife and tells the civilian to get them out of the state or they will kill them. The civilian finds a way to do so. However the search broadens and they two must stick together longer. This time and secrecy spent together creates a bond between the two. Will the convict become a model citizen or will the two become the new bonnie and clyde?


    worker is given a promotion at her job, however this new job sends her to the city, on the day she moves into her new apartment, she goes to town to buy some things and unknowingly meets her boss who is a huge jerk and the two do not hit it off, the next day they realize they have meet before and they do not get along, however behind this rudeness of the boss is actually a strong lust. The tension reaches a breaking point and the boss and worker cave in and finally hash it out. (this plot, still needs development as to where it goes, which we can work out)

    Pm me or post here if you are interested.

    P.S. I want these to be done over thread, but I will do Pm as well if I really have too.
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  2. If you're still looking for a partner, I'm interested in a few of these- specifically SisterxSister, SisterxBrother, AlphaxOmega, or FriendxFriend. My only condition is, aside from weekends, you can only expect one or two posts from me a day- with finals coming I don't have too much time to devote to extra stuff. PM me if that's okay with you and we can work out specifics.
  3. Would you mind playing the dominant male? If so, I'm thinking we could do either TeacherxStudent, MasterxSlave, NekoxMaster, AlphaxOmega, or Summer Home.

    It's up to you, whichever one you want to do :)
  4. I would be willing to play the dominant one in the alphaXOmega, but If did I would want the dominat one to be Female just to change it up, plus for that one, it is a werewolf fantasy roleplay just to make that clear.
  5. I love the foster kids idea for an FxF
  6. Pm me? We can do our character sheets and talk about if you wanna change anything or not.
  7. I like the Alpha Omega one ^~^ ((If you're still accepting))
  8. I would love to do the boss x worker plot and I was wondering if I could be the worker
    (Perfectly fine with fxf)
  9. I am still accepting. Pm me and we can work out a plot :)

    Okay that's fine Pm me and we can work out the plot and what not.
  10. You still accepting?
  11. Yes. Pm me about the one you are interested in
  12. I wouldn't mind trying out the foster kids idea.
  13. I'm up for any of them just let me know which one.
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