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  1. [​IMG]Name: Nathaniel "Nate" Craven
    Age: 23
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 142Ibs

    How do I end up in such shitty situations? Here I am sitting in a chair barley sturdy enough to support my ass and I'm tied up, and for what? I gave Marco the transaction and I was supposed to get my money and leave. Heh, I guess shit is never that simple. My hands sting from the rope being so tight around my hands but I managed to free up some space while Marco and his men were discussing business. I watched the four men move around the dirty warehouse looking agitated as they scanned the broken windows, no doubt waiting for their ride to come. " Look guys I gave you what you need so how about that money and I'll be well on my way". Marco merely clicked his tongue between his teeth and stared me up and down for a mere seconds before turning away from me. " I don't have time for this, as if I trust you Craven. You fooled me once and I don't like to be fooled. You two idiots just deal with him while I call the ride again".

    The two men both in equal height and size walked over to me with narrowed eyes as if it were to scare me. When they got close enough one of the men whom I soon found out name was Otis grabbed my shirt lifting me up slightly since I was still tied to the chair. " Looks like we get to have fun". The second man, Troy cut the ropes that tied my hands together with his blade. As soon as he did adrenaline kicked in. I slammed my foot down on Otis's foot causing him to scream out as he released my shirt. Not wasting anytime my right fist connected with him jaw sending him stumbling a few feet back. I could hear Troy moving behind me and I side stepped and let me elbow fall back into his face.

    "You know I would love to stay and hang out with you too but I have other plans". With that said I took off running faster then I ever have. Near death experiences will do that to you. As I turned the corner down one of the narrow halls I could hear their footsteps not to far behind. I knew that if I kept running they'd catch up eventually. Looking left and right I slid into a semi-open room and closed the door behind me panting as I tried to catch my breath. Otis and Troy's footsteps stopped outside the door before I here Troy saw " This way" and the footsteps take off until they were barley audible.

    " God damn that was a close one". The only problem now was getting out without getting caught. Otis and Troy were indeed dumb but they were like dogs so they'd figure out where he was hiding eventually.
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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Hadley Fletcher
    Age: 25 years old
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 124lbs

    "Alright all, let's load up. Fletch, van 1. Let's see how well you do running perimeter." The chief called out, and then began giving everyone else more adequate assignments. Hadley was new to the field, but not to the force. She was third generation FBI, and the majority of people were aware of that. It didn't really give her the leg up you would think it would, generally it meant that she was left with grunt work, more often than not away from any actual action or suspects.

    Perimeter basically meant, 'stay out of the way, kid.' She'd grown used to it, but she still was strapped up in kevlar vest with the striking bold lettering of the FBI, and her wire was taped up her spine. She would be making sure no one got out the back door while the majority of the team went in from the front and side entrances. She knew who she'd be working with well, the three had all graduated from the academy together not so long ago. "We aren't entirely sure how many people are in the building, but it's for sure less than ten. We're thinking the boss and his grunts, no big guns here. Was s'posed to be a simple transaction." The voice came through over the system, and she was sure to take that into account.

    The vans were soon moving in the direction of the warehouse they were supposed to be raiding today. "My friends, remember the end goal here is to take all of the suspects into custody. We can't let the boss get away here, we need him. All hands on deck, ladies and gents. We're here." The voice could only belong to the chief, but Hadley winced slightly at how his voice made the system crackle. All his years here and he still had no idea how to address them properly through their earpieces. "Alright boys, let's go do, well, nothing." Hadley threw the words back over her shoulder with a grin.

    They broke up into five teams, Hadley's already heading to the back of the building. There were more exits than there were teams, but chances were they'd already secured the doors in some fashion. Preparedness was half the battle, but none of the fun. She drew her handgun and took a crouched stance under a windowpane, waiting for their cue.
  3. I looked around the small room for any signs of escape. There was a window that was held together by a thin string wrapped around it. The window had just enough space that he needed to squeeze through it. Well I mean it's better than staying here and dying. There was little choices and to be quite honest I didn't care, as long as I was as far away from Marco and his men as possible. Pushing the rusted desk in front of the door I walked over to the window preparing my escape.

    The window wouldn't cause much noise but a mere creak here and there. I reached up moving the string that kept the window in tact which caused the window to creak. Taking a few steps back I lightly jogged up to the window and jumped up pulling my weight up. Using my hands to push the window open , the sound made me cringe and I quickly pushed myself through before landing on the ground.

    The fall didn't hurt as much as I had expected it to and looking up I realized why. When I pushed myself out my body had slightly grazed the person who had been on the other side. I didn't necessarily fall on top of that person but it was enough so that I didn't feel the full impact of the fall.

    " Damn I should have looked out the window first, now its time to-". My voice caught my throat as I looked at the person I hit. I immediately looked at the vest labeled FBI and I cursed mentally in my head. As I stood I got a full look of the person who was actually a woman.

    The gun was the next thing that caught my attention and I bit down on my lip in thought. I could take her, I knew that much but I needed help getting out more than anything else. "Listen sweetheart, how about you put the gun down and you help me out of here. I have information that's to die for if you do". A smirk formed on my lips.
  4. She was the one who’d drawn the short straw, and when the others had filed down, she’d been left to pick up the slack and watch an exit. Pretty easy, she supposed, but she wasn’t thrilled with crouch duty. It wasn’t like she was fresh out of the academy, she did know what she was doing. Hadley watched as a the last of her men disappeared into the building, but then she heard the window creak. She looked up and saw nothing, so she chalked it up to age and the wind.

    That is, until she was caught off guard when someone brushed her as they jumped out, knocking her off balance. She righted herself rather quickly, and she looked at him when he spoke, more to himself than to her. Was it even worth wasting her breath to tell him to stop, or would he notice? He noticed her, that was for sure. He even broke off mid-sentence. She righted her gun and leveled it on him, pushing from her crouch to a full stand. Yeah, it was time for him to stay very, very still. Getting shot hurt like a bitch, and she really didn’t like having to fire her gun.

    “Definitely should have looked out the window.” She agreed, doing a once over of him. He was a solid ten inches taller than her, and he had more weight to throw around consequently. He appeared to be in decent shape, but there was just one thing. He appeared to be unarmed, and she not only had a gun, but a pair of handcuffs on her belt.

    Hadley did listen to him talk with interest. “Um, listen here, sweetheart,” She nearly spat the word out. Why did men insist on playing that kind of card? It wasn’t like she was going to fall at his feet because of a misplaced term of endearment. “Why would I get you out of here? If you have information I want, you belong in custody. That’s kind of how the justice system works around here.” She informed him, the gun still leveled on him with care. Her finger wasn’t on the trigger, but it would only take a second to get it there. It was just common sense to keep him around. He was fleeing the scene for a reason, after all. He'd already made himself look guilty.
  5. Why would I get you out of here? If you have information I want, you belong in custody. That’s kind of how the justice system works around here.”

    Well damn she was one tough cookie that was for sure. I looked around and weight my options. The woman's finger wasn't on the trigger but there was nothing stopping her from changing that. The woman was much shorter than he was, she looked like a midget compared to him. "Well for starters I know that the guy that your looking for will be back in a matter of minutes with his men and I think we'd all like to get out of this alive okay?".

    I continued to eye the gun and then at her. She was determined I'd give her that. " Look I know you think I had something to do with this but if you could help me then I'd help you. I know how this ends, you take me in and I give you what you guys need to know and I end up in jail. You already think i'm guilty so do you really think i'm going to stick around and wait for your friends to prove me right?".

    I released a breath before my next move. In four steps I moved towards the woman and then a quick step to the side placing my hand on her free arm and pulling it behind her back. My other hand stilled firmly on her gun hand. I released her free hand quickly enough to grab the gun without knocking her over.

    Taking a few steps back I gave a weak smile and then unloaded the gun and placing it under my shirt. Putting my hands up I chuckled slightly. " Look I'm not going to hurt you.. let's just say I'm confiscating the gun until you help me get away. Once you help me you get your gun back and the information hows that.".

    In the distance I could hear a few cars no doubt Marco's men here to take care of the intruders and find him. " Time is ticking, unless you wanna stay here and die".
  6. Hadley really didn’t like that she was forced to look up at the man to address him. It kind of irritated her that he had nearly a foot on her. Oh, the life of being born into a family without height on their side. She really was average for a woman, but that didn’t really mean anything when she was standing next to the individual that she was. “So he’s already gone?” She tried to verify, a little confused. No one could have left at this point, that just didn’t make any sense.

    She couldn’t just drop the gun and let the guy go. It was against protocol and by default could get her ass kicked by the director and associates. As in, lifetime of perimeter sweeps if this was wrong. And following a criminal off to god-knows-where? That’s like asking if she has a death wish anyhow. “Not necessarily. Sometimes we make deals.” She informed him. Very, very rarely, and normally not with guys who got to see people this high up firsthand. It didn’t exactly set the example they were hoping for when it came to future criminals.

    Before she knew what he was doing, she was disarmed. She cursed under her breath. Disarmed by a suspect? She was never going to live this one down. That is, if anyone were to find out. In her defense, he was at a significant advantage. He took a few steps back and Hadley watched him carefully as he disarmed the weapon. He had skill with this, and yet hadn’t really professed his guilt here.

    “And what do I get out of this? No one is going to believe I just conjured up information, and it’s my ass if you disappear. And don’t say my life, because that’s not worth much if my career gets flushed down the drain.” A little melodramatic, yes, but it was true for the most part. A social life was one thing Hadley didn’t really have a chance to master in her adult life. As they say, all work and no play makes Hadley a dull girl.

    He needed an answer and she couldn’t really give him one. This was basically as bad as going MIA when there was something big about to go down. She finally sighed, not waiting for him to answer her question. She pushed the button for her mic. “Suspect fleeing, I’m going to pursue on foot.” She spoke clearly, knowing that it wouldn’t have him off the hook, but it bought them both time.
  7. If this wasn't the worse thing that could have happened today then I didn't know what was. First I was running away from a drug lord/ killer and now I'm here trying to negotiate my escape ( which I was trying to do in the first place) from an FBI Agent who thinks that I could be a killer or a culprit in whatever was planned to go down today.

    The night air hit my bare skin since I had only put on a gray t- shirt but then again I didn't plan to be out this long either. When the woman talked into her mic I sighed in relief. She wasn't necessarily agreeing to help but it was better than nothing. I looked over watching the cars pull to the front of the warehouse and side. As the men got out a plan sparked my interest.

    " Okay this is kinda crazy but it's better than nothing. We're going to sneak over to the cars and steal one. Just stay behind me and If anything happens I'll handle it. Don't try anything heroic".

    I moved slowly behind the trees and out of sight checking back every once and awhile to make sure the woman was behind him. When I neared one of the cars I froze looking at the man whose back faced me. Motioning for the woman to stay silent I stood and swiftly took the man out putting him into a sleeper hold(choke hold if you prefer).

    Climbing into the car I checked around to make sure no one else was around and then opened the door for the woman signaling for her to hurry up.
  8. She didn’t really think that she was making a good choice here, but it wasn’t like she could just let the guy disappear. She’d take him to a safe house or something once she learned what she had to. That would be the only real choice, she was going to eventually be out of range of the mics. He seemed relieved in what she’d opted to do, but she hoped he realized that this wasn’t over. He wasn’t going to be able to walk away.

    She let him plan, unable to assist in the escaping from the cops part. It’s not like everyone drove themselves. When he told her his plan she bit her lip, weighing this in her head. How much trouble was she about to get herself into? A lot, more than likely. Somehow this wasn’t helping, so she just decided to own it and agree. “Heroism is something I save for my supervisor. She’s off today.” She said dryly, and then followed him silently. He was at an advantage, she hadn’t had access to the full scale of the operation and therefore had very little idea of what was going on in the warehouse.

    They were nearing a car, and she watched him as he subdued a man silently. He was in the car, checked that they were clear and then gave Hadley an obvious signal that she was to hurry up and get into the car. She followed his orders, climbing in carefully. “Stick to back roads. They’ve got my phone on a GPS. No highways.” She really hoped that wouldn’t throw him off, she’d be extremely concerned if he had actually wanted to go on a highway.

    “And what am I supposed to call you? I don’t really want to come up with something unsavory.”
  9. Once the woman was in the car I slowly pulled out making sure that no one had saw them. I listened taking the back roads and I glanced over at her while I drove. " There's a small cabin out here a couple miles away. Once we get there we can talk". As they drove the woman spoke causing him to raise his brow. " Well if you must know they call me Craven, I'll fill you in on full names later on".

    The cabin was still neatly since I hadn't been there in a couple months. I pulled the car to a stop and reached over slowly taking the mic from the woman's vest and breaking it. My hands roamed over her without touching her too much until I found her phone. I opened the back and stared at it momentarily before shoving the phone in my pocket.

    " I need to cut all connection off that you have tied to the FBI until your done with your little interrogation and I wanna make sure you don't tell them to tag along". Precautions were best especially because of the situation. I climbed out the car and then quickly moved over and opened the car door for the woman.

    " Sorry about the whole touchy thing, just needed the phone". I walked over to the cabin door and opened it slowly before turning on the light inside. There were two pictures on the wall, one of them was a kid smiling with someone who looked like his older brother and the next picture was of a small family.

    Glancing at the photos I moved on to the table and place my hands on top of it. " You can cuff me if that will satisfy you". I smiled only slightly as my fingers tapped against the table.
  10. She figured it was only right to give him a name in return for his. “I’m Agent Fletcher.” Yeah, not going on a first name basis with this one.

    He was careful to seem unnoticed as they pulled away, which made Hadley wonder how many times he’d had to do things like this. As well as what it was that this guy did, if he was the one trying to escape from Marco rather than assist him in the mess that the warehouse probably was now. “Alright, I can agree to that.” She said, figuring that it wasn’t worth trying to push it. Stubborn as she was, they were going to be spending a little bit of time together and it would be much simpler to do this when she could gage the honesty in his responses.

    When they arrived at their destination, he broke her mic. She mentally made up an excuse for that, should she have to result to lies to her supervisor, who she would inevitably answer to for going off the grid for any amount of time. She fell, obviously. Tripping on the terrain that they had been running through before subduing the man.

    He did the standard check, taking her phone from her after a second of his hands roaming her. It wasn’t like it was the first time she’d experienced something like this, and really thought nothing of it. “No worries, I do understand. Though I don’t understand why if you’re not guilty, we had to come all this way rather than going to HQ and doing this the old fashioned way.” She added the last sentence as more of an afterthought.

    She shrugged. “I figure you probably have enough mental capacity to tell I don’t really want you feeling me up, so I knew it was standard procedure.” She really didn’t get shook up easily, and didn’t read too far into things. It was just best for her that way. He offered to let her cuff him, something she appreciated but figured wasn’t really necessary. “We can pass on that, provided I have nothing to worry about. And I’d like my gun back, please.”
  11. I sighed looking off to one one the pictures again before meeting Agent Fletcher in the eye. Once she was seated down I ran my hands through my hair. " Well for starters you can have your gun just not the clip. Not yet anyway". I retrieved the gun that rested on my skin under my shirt. Sliding the gun slowly across the table I toyed with the clip between my fingertips. " Well for starters the man your looking for is Marco Tavares. A major drug lord which i'm sure you and your team know about anyway".

    I paused for a slight moment. Never would he have thought to give information so freely but then again the woman didn't know him. Giving information was the easy part, it was getting away and back to where he needed to be was the hard part especially with this agent on his ass. " Look I was given a small case to give to Marco. It was supposed to be a simple transaction, ya know? I give him his case and he pays me. Only that didn't turn out as planned cause I ended up tired up and looking death right in the eye.

    Okay so maybe I was exaggerating the whole death right in the eye thing but who cares. I knew I wouldn't have went down without a fight and because of my background those two oafs wouldn't stand a chance, including Marco. I figured he must have known that to and that's why he wanted me killed. " Look Marco knows any and everyone and he knows how to get what he wants including this". I reached into my left hand pocket pulling out a flash drive with the letters MVT on it". I slide the flash drive over to the woman before folding my arms.

    " The one in the case was a fake..kinda. I extracted most of the information that he had onto this one here so without this he's pretty much fucked".
  12. She sat down across from him, taking the gun she was given. He really didn’t miss any of the precautionary things, did he? He couldn’t have been a grunt in the operation, he was far too smart for that. She did hope he’d cover how he’d gotten this close to the mess that would yield enough paperwork to bury Hadley and her colleagues for weeks. She watched the clip in his hand, listening while he talked. She wouldn’t ask questions until he was done.

    She noted his pause, but he picked up again shortly so she didn’t think much of it. He gave up the information so willingly that there was a question of how truthful this was. It just seemed a little far-fetched to make all this stuff up offhand, and what he’d said so far corresponded rather well with what she’d been briefed with the day before. He made sure he mentioned looking death in the eye, causing a bemused expression to cross her face. He certainly looked like he was doing fine until he’d run into a minor blip. Her.

    When he pulled out a flash drive, she reached out to take it when he slid it over to her. She flipped it over in her fingers, a little uncertain what it was. There’d certainly be some research going into this when she got back to headquarters. Tech was going to be cursing her under their breath, that much was certain. No one liked additional work, but if what was on the drive was good, she could be looking at a decent bonus at the end of the year.

    She let a brow quirk upward. He informed her of what he’d done to retrieve the information on the flash, which was enough to make her curious beyond reason. “Alright Craven. Humor me. What kind of history do you have? That’s not just run of the mill information, you were important to someone in all of this.”
  13. It wasn't like I was trying to be secretive but I also didn't like to give to much , especially about myself but what the hell. I re- adjusted myself in the chair and chuckled so lightly that it was barley even audible. "Me? Well lets just say I have some type of military background along with other things. I mean looks are one thing that are my strong points but its also whats up here". I motioned bringing my pointer finger to my forehead along with a small smirk that appeared on my lips. " Some people say I'm a genius, some call me a snake, but honestly I think I have just a good amount of everything to make me deadly".

    I leaned a bit closer and slid over the clip to Agent Fletcher. " The reason why I'm so important it because I get the job done one way or another and the things that I know make me a target,especially for Marco. You think I went to that warehouse my force? I went willingly so that I can see the man who wanted me dead and get exactly what I needed right from under his nose".

    " Look whether you like or not sweetheart you need me just as much as I need you. I can lead you to your glory of bringing down one of the largest king pins and you can keep the feds off my ass while I help you in the process".
  14. (I'm sincerely sorry for my absence. It wasn't something I had planned upon.)

    Fletcher looked at him curiously as he very carefully informed her of his past in the most roundabout, impersonal kind of way. He gave no hints for her to make assumptions by, which was vaguely problematic for her as she didn't really like being left in the dark. He owed her virtually nothing though, so she couldn't really press him for that kind of information. It wasn't really what she was here for.

    When he slid her the clip she picked it up well before he could change his mind. She put it into the gun, but she didn't do anything with it. She simply set it aside and listened as he continued to speak to her. His role was the part she truly needed to know. If she couldn't tell what the point of him being involved was, she couldn't verify that he was actually going to be of use to her. Hadley needed to know his value.

    "So what you're telling me is you've essentially undermined a kingpin and you're willing to give him to me. All I have to do is make sure you aren't pursued by the FBI or whoever else wants your ass? Why do you need protection for the government?" That was the only thing he hadn't actually explained. What was former military doing here? Of course, it wasn't uncommon for Hadley to hear about it, but she was always a little confused as to why you'd switch to the other side of the law when you were done serving.
  15. "So what you're telling me is you've essentially undermined a kingpin and you're willing to give him to me. All I have to do is make sure you aren't pursued by the FBI or whoever else wants your ass? Why do you need protection for the government?"

    I clicked my tongue under my teeth and smiled an actual smile that didn't last longer than a few seconds. This woman sure did want to know everything before accepting his offer but the thing was, he wasn't willing to tell her everything just yet. In my eyes I just saw myself as Robin Hood, the man who looked like a criminal yet helped those in need. I noticed that Fletcher did nothing with the gun but simply place it to the side which was rather a relieving sight to see. " Its not that I need protection from the government necessarily its just that I have some unorthodox methods that you will soon find out later".

    It was bad enough that he had taken an FBI agent hostage to help her help him, if that made any sense. I stretched my arms and then stood up walking up to the window and looked outside. They couldn't stay for long, Fletcher's agents would find the place eventually and when they did he wasn't going to be there. Of course the woman was coming with him, and eye for an eye. " Look I know you have a billion and one questions but I answered all that I'm willing to reveal okay? Look right now I'm the best thing you got and without me Marco would just vanish and leave a dead trail like he always does, leaving you chumps like dogs trying to put the pieces back together".

    Turning to face Agent Fletcher I looked at her long and hard. " Marco is not as dumb as you think. You find him him he wants to be found, not because you and your men did a good job of tracking him. And when he's finished toying around he's gone before you and even blink. Now we can stay here for the night there's some fresh food surprisingly and the bedroom is down to the right. I'll take the floor and tomorrow I can help with Marco but we will need to get a computer. Don't worry about that for now but get some rest. I walked down the hall and turned into the bedroom where the door was already opened. The bed was made and everything was neat and I smirked. Thanks a lot man.

    Grabbing two of the many pillows that were on the bed I placed them on the floor right next to the bed and then reached under the bed for the small blanket before laying on the floor and getting comfortable. " If you get antsy sweetheart feel free to use the cuffs". I chuckled before laying my head back on the pillow and drifting off.
  16. The smile that crossed his face actually looked real, which somewhat surprised her. Perhaps the man had a sense of humor. Not that it really would matter, seeing as this was entirely a business arrangement, and would likely not end well for either of them. Fletcher had lost a significant amount of confidence now that the adrenaline had completely disappeared from her system. “I really hope that wasn’t supposed to be reassuring, because believe me it wasn’t.” She informed him with a smirk, mentally kicking herself for everything she was doing right now. Why was she going along with this? Oh right. No perimeter duties ever again. Desperate times…

    He spoke again, addressing the fact that she had questions, and immediately destroying any hope of getting answers to them in one breath. He also assured her of his value in the whole situation, and Fletcher realized just how stuck she was in all of this. Too late to go running back to the warehouse at this point, but right now she was probably on every list from here to there. She was missing by all definitions, and she had no way of relaying that she was truly safe when it came down to it. He told her to get some rest and she was silently thankful that she was the one who’d landed the bed. Once he’d returned with his two pillows and a blanket, she headed toward the bedroom, slipping the gun into the back of her jeans at the small of her back.

    She heard his words and laughed aloud. “Nah, too much effort. If you run though, I’m going to be pissed.” She told him over her shoulder before closing the bedroom door behind her. She removed the vest and slipped the gun under the bed, within easy reach if she were to need it. Only rookies actually thought it’d be a good idea to keep it under a pillow. She was a pillow smasher and accidentally firing off a round was not something she needed to do.
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